Rabbi Isaacs Schorr – USA: “Following is the first reply to my article “The Judaic Vaisnava” by Puranjana dasa. I decided to reply to his letter and send that reply to everyone on my mailing list as its import may assist you in obtaining a deeper understanding of my involvement.”   –  Rabbi Schorr.


Thanks Rabbi, but the trouble in ISKCON is when it says their gurus are “like Jesus,” and meanwhile many of the so-called Jewish brotherhood of ISKCON gurus like Jayadvaita swami aka Jay Israel says that their gurus and in sum “Krishna’s guru successors” are often found to be “engaged in illicit sex with men, women and possibly (OK REALLY!) children as well.” I am not sure why the idea that folks like Jesus are “engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children” is such a progressive idea?


Meanwhile, those of us who say folks like Jesus are not engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children, are banned, beaten and assassinated. This is the real problem from my experience.

At the same time to their credit some of the Jewish devotees have been my best helpers proving that Srila Prabhupada was poisoned to death, ummm, again not looking very progressive here either? Anyway, please read some of our web sites below and see what we are dealing with is not some problems with a few progressive ideals, we have had masss child molesting, mass exodus of followers, mass beleif the founder was poisoned, mass insult to Jesus and other pure persons by linking them to “gurus” engaged in pedophilia, and unfortunately you are correct, the fingerprints of many of the orchestrators looks to be like many folks from a particular origin. So please see the wider issue, and if I were you I’d back off from promoting these folks and ask them to correct themselves and their deviant theology that we call “the child molester messiahs program.” Thanks greatly for your interest, I think people like you should get involved in helping getting this fixed,

ys puranjana dasa


Shalom Puranjana dasa

Thank you for your prompt reply.

The issue of our involvement in your movement is to aid you in moving away from the archaic guru based epistemology and for you to embrace the modern (progressive) diacritical theological epistemological approach. In this way ISKCON adherents will be better prepared for the societal changes that will occur as history unfolds itself before them.

We understand that it is impossible for a non Jewish origin person to attain true spiritual enlightenment however at the very least one may be able to attain a certain cognitive appreciation and compliance for the new world ahead of us.

You mention Rabbi Jesus, as you are aware he was a Jew. His message was non-different to ours. It is all a matter of perception. If you are a Jew you can understand his message very well. He did not assign anthropomorphic attributes to G-d or assert that G-d was a person or possessed human form and characteristics. Ultimately he accepts the Old Testament understanding that G-d is unknowable, formless and manifests as light and force.

The so called Biblical times were not exactly as they have been described in history. The Christian, Islamists and the Judaic people are not necessarily distinct faiths. To understand this statement in a simple manner would be to see us all as brothers of the same father. Theologically speaking we are non-different. A narrative of this would read something like – G-d arranged that we brothers originally went our separate ways only to be reunited again in the future Messianic time.

The early Jews disassociated themselves from the theology of the Old Testament as did the Jews who followed the New Testament of Rabbi Jesus as did the Muslims who follow the teachings of Rabbi Muhammad. We are all brothers in the final conclusion. We all follow the same G-d. We Rabbis are always engaged in challenging each other but in the end we have the same father and what gentiles witness as fighting is really the squabbling of siblings.

As the future unfolds you will slowly get the correct perspective on this and realize the prophecy of my words.

As for the behavior of some of our members within your organization is concerned, we have no control over them nor will we interfere. Perhaps you need to perceive what they have done and are doing as a lesson on the influential power of our people.

We see many of your people struggling with trying to rationalize why things are the way they are in ISKCON. This is typical of the gentile races that do not possess the higher cognitive faculties to be able to discern subtle and conceptual process. The perception of what are appropriate activities and procedures in spiritual or material matters is not developed in the gentile races. Only our Jewish race has this G-d given essence.

Although I empathize with your struggle I cannot help you unless you are of course Jewish. If you are, then careful study of the Torah will greatly assist you in making the necessary shifts in consciousness that will afford you the understanding that all forms of behavior and attitudes are acceptable and are neither good nor bad when concerning Jewish interactions with the gentile races.

For the gentile it is best that they do not overly concern themselves with subject matter that is not of their kin and begin a study of the Noahide Laws and make the necessary changes in order to meet the new world that is rapidly forming around them.

There will soon be a one world government, a one world defense force, a one world financial institution and a one world religion (Judaism). The gentile races will very soon have to follow the Laws of Noah and so the sooner that your members understand and accept this, the sooner you will find peace.

Rabbi Schorr



This is a copy of an email that was sent to me to have posted on PrabhupadaVision.com. I was informed by the sender (name withheld) that it was sent to an ISKCON Devotee (name withheld) who had written a comment on the ISKCON’s PAMHO Com – Open Forum where the “Judaic Vaisnava” paper was originally posted.


My dear (name withheld) I know that you are one of our people and you know very well that I am a Rabbi for there is no doubting the words of our Torah in my article and sentiments. You may be taken aback at my audacity to speak the truth and that is why you seek to protect our people in the Hare Krishna Movement. Thank you for asking your members to read my article carefully for it is in the words of G-d that we shall find salvation and peace.

My son our purpose is well defined and so is the reason why our people are in the Hare Krishna Movement. Many of the non Jewish devotees rejoice when they see their kind in other groups and working to convert or influence the ways of other faiths. Same with our Jewish people, we too rejoice in seeing our children in other faiths.

My son you know we always speak the truth. This is our curse. We are heavy with this burden that G-d has thrust upon us. I do not hold back on my words for they are the words of G-d and it is now time that we reveal ourselves and begin the work to repair human society.

We do not denigrate Swami Prabhupada; on the contrary we elevate him for bringing the level of spiritual consciousness up to a higher platform. Many of our people have been lost to atheism and so to bring them back to theism is a very great achievement. We must all learn to work together to bring about world peace and rejuvenation under the teaching of the Torah. Each one of us plays their part in the service of G-d.

You will eventually come back into our ways again my son as you cannot break free of your past, your birth right. You are a child of G-d, this is in your blood, in your spirit, your heart. The blood that flows in your veins belongs to G-d.

You know this in your heart of hearts. You know how you feel when you are with your own people, how we feel such strong bonding and love for each other. In this G-d given bond the gentile cannot compete. This is why our people work together and stay close even in your Hare Krishna Movement you see how we always remain dear friends even though we may compete with each other or argue with each other. This has always been our way my son. We are always arguing and fighting with each other yet in the end we are always united. For we understand this world and G-d’s hand in it in an entirely different way than the gentile.

Now we are in the times when our consciousness must be raised in preparation for the future. Please my son study the term “asher yihye”   for it is a very important level of consciousness that our people must begin to achieve. When you do you will understand the full import of my involvement with you in the Hare Krishna Movement. We must now seek to work together in order to fully bring G-d’s will here on earth. We must live now as if our future is here with us at every step and breath. Our Jewish Renewal movement is in full swing and we are reaching out to all our people who have left their faith to come now and begin to work together to bring about world peace harmony and repair.

So please search your heart and you will find in it; our ways, our hope, our desires, our ancient search…  You know this cannot be stopped as our mission cannot be checked by the gentile and only by G-d and his people can true peace on earth be fully accomplished.

Shalom my son

Rabbi Isaacs Schorr