Jaya Kesava Dasa: I found Jagadeesh prabhu’s letter and quotes from Braja Bihari’s letters very interesting indeed. We have all heard about this Braja Bihari and not all that we hear is good. He appears to be everywhere in corporate ISKCON but he has always had a clean record. Now these letters seem to tell another picture. The truth always has a way of coming to the surface. As for Rohini dd, well what can I say? There will always be ‘The Cheaters and the Cheated’. She is a classic case of ‘The Cheated’! She attends two lectures and she thinks she knows. I wonder who she has spoken to? More of ‘The Cheated’, I suppose.

Anyone can work hard. You can see people working hard all over the world. Just because someone is working for ISKCON or any religious organisation does not make them and what they do automatically good and right. You must see ‘what’ they are actually doing, not that they are simply working hard. It is obvious that Braja Bihari, by his own admission, is condoning corporal punishment of children and we know that he is ambitious. This we can see from all the positions that he holds. We can also see that he is working in the area of making ISKCON into a corporate bureaucracy. Is this good or bad? By Braja Bihari’s standards it is good (and of course Rohini dd thinks it is, as well) but I wonder what his Guru thinks? Especially when his disciple is going against his own Guru, who happens to be Srila Prabhupada. And we all know that Srila Prabhupada was against turning his movement into a corporation. But these guys think that they known better.

Their Guru’s shrug their shoulders and say that if they tried to correct their disciples, their disciples may not listen and therefore commit Guru Aparadha. No one wants to do the right thing. It is easier be in denial, “Chose to see only, what may loosely be described as ‘good’ in a person, and just get on with your life. Chant Hare Krsna and forget the problems. Don’t worry, Krishna has a plan…” No! Devotees like this Braja Bihari are the problem and they need to be corrected.

Krishna and Srila Prabhupada wanted us to use the intelligence they have given us to fix the problems. Nothing will change so long as we have a fairytale outlook on our spiritual life. We all have to change. We must be bold and speak up and out and we have to see what we really want out of life. Is it a career or a Spiritual life that we seek? Braja Bihari has obviously chosen ‘career’. It is not too late. He can change. But Rohini dd is doing him no favours by enabling him to maintain his present path.

Jaya Kesava Dasa