Govinda Dasa – USA: What is happening in ISKCON today has its roots in its past. It is well beyond doubt the ISKCON Srila Prabhupad inaugurated only exists in the minds and hearts of devotees who know the difference between ISKCON and FISKCON and have separated themselves from FISKCON. The devotees who have chosen to exist within FISKCON are either naïve, ignorant or criminals; let us not be mistaken here.

The so called devotees who have seized control of ISKCON and have been converting it to FISKCON are well known and so are their activities. Those of us who witnessed the infamous Zonal Acharyas; desperately trying to squeeze their opulent Vyasasanas into the Krishna Balaram Temple, in Vrindavan, soon after Srila Prabhupada left, know only too well! Imagine 11 of these crammed in front of our Lords and Srila Prabhupad!? Some of those impudent Vyasasanas are still around, well, except for the ones that were smashed to pieces and hurled from the top of the Gurukul Building. One can only imagine how those lusty dogs were so eager to get Srila Prabhupad out of the way so they could lay claim to his movement!

We, on the other hand have failed to recognize that what has happened historically has been a well organized and planned scheme to systematically dismantle everything that connects us to the true ISKCON and to Srila Prabhupad.

Why we have not been able to see this is due to the fact that we do not think like these people. They are cut from a different cloth than us. They saw the opportunity to gain wealth, power, position and control in the form of a guru in a religious organization and ruthlessly seized it from our Srila Prabhupad.

Whether they have done this due to ambition or malicious intent will be decided as history unfolds before us. But one thing is for sure, they have relentlessly pursued the task of ruining Srila Prabhupad’s movement and his true followers as if possessed by demons ever since he entered into Samadhi.

The stories that some devotees have locked in their hearts may never be spoken for they are so terrible. Exactly what these people were willing to do to seize the position of Diksa Acharya from Srila Prabhupad and thus gain control of his movement, is very difficult to take in. To them Diksa meant to have complete control, they would not settle for anything less and they went to incredulous lengths to obtain it.

How they were able to get away with it never ceases to amaze me. This is especially so when they used a simple, but, effective technique that is used in Hollywood, called acting. So long as they acted as if they were gurus then we accepted them as such. So long as they proclaimed that they followed Srila Prabhupad we accepted them at their word.

To accept words for deeds is our weakness and they used this weakness of ours very effectively for many, many years. But, “The times are a changing.” Our eyes are beginning to open and we are beginning to realize that we have been unsuspectingly a part of an elaborate and very devious plan.

Let’s face it, FISKCON is a facade and everything they do is a promotional campaign to have us believe that they are sincere in serving us and Srila Prabhupad. They use these techniques to indoctrinate their disciples, who go on to propagate the deception. Many of their God Brothers and senior disciples buy into this and so, like the Catholic Church they have ‘apologists’ who are either trained by them, naive or ignorant devotees who provide buffers to hide the true intent of the FISKCON elite. We hear from them on our various websites as they attempt to steer devotees back to the illusion FISKCON has created.

Yet we are firm in our belief that there is no ‘conspiracy’ in ISKCON. We believe the term conspiracy is only used by people who are paranoid and delusional and must not be applied to what is occurring in ISKCON. Conspiracies are things that happen in movies and not the real world and certainly not in ISKCON.

All the same we are at a loss to explain what is happening within ISKCON any other way. What is happening cannot be explained away by naivety, inexperience or ambitious power plays on their part, for we would never do what they have done and are still doing, if we were in their place. Maybe one or two would do like this to get position, power and influence over a group of people but what they did and are doing is more than the greed of a few. Much, much more…

To this very day the GBC meets every year in Mayapur and around the world and plans how it will better convert ISKCON into FISKCON thus rendering it bereft of its spiritual connection with Srila Prabhupad. They will proclaim complete surrender and obedience to Srila Prabhupad, but, what we have seen over the years by their actual deeds proves the exact opposite.

The GBC’s smiling face to the ISKCON world is presently via the website Dandavats. This website will only publish articles that support them and their plans. They will never allow the majority of true ISKCON followers to publish on their site for this would be counterproductive to their aims and objectives. The GBC have cleverly provided Ananda Tirth as a very nice facade for the GBC on this site. Ananda Tirtha an ex Gurukuli ‘apologist’ who was both a student and later a teacher through the whole time that Bhaktividyapurna Swami was making sure that the boys, under his care in the Gurukul in Mayapur, were being nicely but violently beaten, tortured and raped. This is very slick indeed for the GBC, to have such a traitorous person as their link with the devotee world on Dandvats.

Let us never forget what happened in Mayapur with the Gurukuls, for I am sure, that the Mayapur old boy’s pedophile club, have never forgotten the enjoyment they had with the little children under their care in Mayapur.

Now with Ambarish in control of the construction of the new Temple we have all the criminals and homosexual pedophiles together again in the Mayapur campus! Satyadhanya and Bhavananda are promenading around the ‘camp’-us like old times. Bhava, a dear friend and mentor of BVP Swami is walking and talking again like a King along the streets of Mayapur Dham and many devotees are giving him all the respects of a senior Vaisnava. I wonder if BVP is sending him boys again to make his stay in the Holy Dham more comfortable and suitable for his particular sexual proclivity. I wonder if the local hospital is ready for any boys who come into Satyadhanya’s perverted hands.

From Ananda Tirtha’s latest article it seems like all is wonderful with the GBC! They seem very positive and really concerned for our spiritual wellbeing and for Srila Prabhupad.

Strange though… It seems that since the early seventies the Mayapur meetings have been very strongly attended by the FISKCON elite but this year somehow or another, this was not the case. That happy photo of the GBC and GBC minions Ananda Tirtha provided showed a drastic drop in attendance. Was it almost one third less this year? I wonder why?

Maybe some of them are beginning to fear a backlash from the devotees they claim to represent? Devotees, who the GBC desire: “to draw out spontaneous loving spirit of sacrificing some energy for Krishna”. As if they have not already taken our spontaneous loving spirit and used and abused it for over three decades! And they still have the cheek to ask for more? No thanks I will continue to serve Srila Prabhupada as he wanted and not as these criminals want.

In the photo I did see a new face standing there looking way too young to be a real GBC. Isn’t that Chandrasekhar who also hails from BVP Swami’s Gurukul? Yes of course it is. I wonder how much perverted and criminal activity he had to see and cover up, in both Mayapur as a child and now in China, in order to get to stand there amongst this rogues gallery.

The GBC meetings seem to be over emphasizing how much the FISKCON gurus do in fact support Srila Prabhupada and have him as their most effective advertizing gimmick / spiritual master. As if we believe them just because they are saying it!

The newest level of their plan is to turn the Mayapur GBC meetings into Strategic Planning seminars and workshops as if ISKCON was a huge corporate entity. But this is only a front. This Strategic Planning Committee is really the ISKCON Dismantling Committee. The main decision making meetings are conducted in Mumbai and North America etc as the GBC is well aware that the Mayapur meetings are way too public for their own good. Slowly but surely they are moving all the ‘real’ meetings to Mumbai. Even the rascal BBT is now having their meetings in Mumbai on the pretence that it was Srila Prabhupad’s Office. Yeah, sure! It would be more honest to say that it provides them with privacy so they can conduct their illicit planning in seclusion and away from prying eyes.

Too many leaks have sprung from their closed meetings. The truth always has the ability to get out in the end. To this end we have the GBC Duty Officer Kavicandra running around freaking out trying to find these leaks and attempt to stop them. This is especially so as Braja Bihari and Radhanath are desperate to stop devotees from finding out more about their nefarious activities and are applying tremendous pressure on this poor little spook minion of theirs.

Gopal Bhatta and his Strategic Planning Committee this year again thanks his colleagues but is keeping his dear friend and mentor Braja Bihari well clear of the limelight so as not to incense the angry Gurukulis who want his blood and so did not mention Braja Bihari’s crooked influence over the ISKCON Dismantling Committee this year. But give Gopal Bhatta his dues, he must be sincere in his efforts to destroy ISKCON, as he is using some of his own “MONEY” and expertise to; take the lead in and be the front man for Braja Bihari, now that he is in hiding. Hiding is the operative word. Although he claims to be ill and no longer holds any position within ISKCON he has taken ‘leave of absence’ from some of his positions and is on a ‘Sabbatical’, but he, like Gauri in the Manor is fully active from behind the scenes.

We all know that he is hiding from taking responsibility for protecting the Child Abusers and Pedophiles in ISKCON. These people work under the principal that given enough time we will forget their sins and crimes and welcome them back. Just like Jagadish and Dhanudhar have been welcomed back with open loving arms so will Braja Bihari be allowed to move into the open – if we let him! I see he has finally made the PADA Blacklist. Congratulations Braja Bihari for a job well done! Not that I fully support this website but I am very happy to see him there.  Please feel free to peruse his listing on the ISKCON Hall of Infamy.

In the photo I also see good ole Radhanath is standing there, not too close, to the guy in the wheelchair. Both of them have very nice track records of supporting the criminal, pedophile and homosexual activities that went on in their zones. JP in Mayapur nicely protected BVP while the gay pedophiles had their wicked way with the boys for so many years. Even to this day he ‘sits’ in full knowledge and support of them and ‘speaks not one single word’ of it. Nor have we ever seen him ‘stand up’ for the children that have been raped and tortured by the Pedophiles and Sadists who operated in his zones!

Please don’t be shocked at my use of the word Pedophile for this is what they are. Take Murlivadika for instance. He was a scout leader before he hid from the Law in ISKCON, and we know what he did in the capacity of a member of the FISKCON elite. This man is a Pedophile, a sexual predator. Make no mistake in this.

Radhanath, well his story will make a nice book one day… Oh I see he is publishing a book of self glorification! Nice one Radhanath! I hope you mentioned your many, many years outside of ISKCON in the Philosophically and criminally deviant Kiritananda’s Camp acting as his second in command and how you really trulyruly believed that he was a pure devotee, (We must remember that Radhanath was in fact for many years outside ISKCON and preached actively against us). How much criminal, pedophile and homosexual activity you oversaw and covered up? What about Sri Galima your dear friend who even up three years ago, you still glorified and protected, did you mention his sordid and perverted sexual history with boys in your book and how much of a good devotee you believe he is?

You didn’t mention a word of this did you? So it is not really your story is it Radhanath old boy. It is really only a nice little glossed over fairytale. No mention how your gangster (Jewish Mafia) family helped you out so many times with the police cases that you were involved with. Giving states evidence is really easy when you have such a nice family to support you. You have no shame, no remorse and no truthfulness…

But what is worse is how many devotees around the world accept this criminal as a pure devotee? The fact that someone like this can be touted as a pure devotee in our community is our biggest shame of all. How sentimental does a person have to be to not want to know of this man’s sordid and criminal past???

What to speak of anyone choosing to believe the fairytale the FISKCON elite promote that he is completely innocent of all charges, since he gave states evidence and was not charged in the multiple murders that happened in New Vrindavan when he was Kiritananda’s right hand man. Yeah, like no one has seen a gangster movie? But then I suppose if a person can be fooled by this swooning sham artist’s dramatic act, what can be done?

Nice one Ravindra. I cannot wait till your essay comes out! But we already know what position you and the GBC has for Srila Prabhupad. I believe it is “left right out.” No matter how much you proclaim how people like you believe in Srila Prabhupad we will never believe you anymore, so forget about it.

You may as well come right out and say that he was wrong, for you know perfectly well that the fools who follow your type will always want and need to be cheated. You guys can come right out and say the same as Narayan says, that Srila Prabhupad did not know shastra and you know better. Give up living the lie. Narayan has thousands of followers and so will you lot, so let us go and start your own movement!

But you cannot can you? You guys are too gutless and bereft of any true spiritual shakti or realization to start your own movement so you want to totally and utterly convert Srila Prabhupad’s ISKCON to your FISKCON.

Now you believe you have arrived at the age where you need to retire so you now plan for your retirement at ISKCON’s expense. To this end you form the GBC Succession Committee which will attempt to make sure that FISKCON will carry on into the future, well past the time that you criminals will be placed, stiff as a board, into your Samadhis in Mayapur. To this end the GBC is launching its North American management indoctrination program to create clones to hopefully make sure that their retirement plans are not interfered with and they can retire to the retirement villages (Ex ISKCON farming communities) that they intend to build for their old age.

But the good news is the GBC is daily losing their grip on the management of the movement as they begin to feel the pinch from the rank and file devotee who is more informed on how the GBC is more interested in their own plans and ventures as opposed to what is best for the rank and file devotees and Srila Prabhupad.

As time goes by they are seeing how we are not going to sit idle and let the GBC totally destroy Srila Prabhupad’s mission, our lives and our future.

We have all experienced how they usurped Srila Prabhupada and seized the titles and position of Acharya Diksa Gurus and transformed themselves into Zonal Acharyas and Initiating (imitating) Spiritual Masters.

We now know how Srila Prabhupada’s God Brothers supported their false claims and self appointed titles and we are beginning to question the “living guru scam” which has been introduced into ISKCON by these Gaudiya Math gurus.

Both the GBC and the Rubber Stamp gurus jumped on this line of thought and so have used this idea to make us believe that “Srila Prabhupad is dead and gone” and that it is imperative that you have a living ‘diksa’ guru, (irrelevant of whether this diksa guru is qualified, a pervert or a criminal) in order for us to go back to Godhead.

The Gaudiya Math gurus used the living diksa guru scam to give credence to their Math Franchise System and it proved extremely lucrative and helped launch their careers. We must never forget that they did not achieve this on their own esteem but only with the help of traitors from ISKCON who crawled over to their camps in droves and began filling these guru’s pockets with money that belonged to Srila Prabhupad and ISKCON!

If it was not for Srila Prabhupad and the ISKCON he created, these Gaudiya Math Gurus will be completely unknown at the very best. Yet they grew fat on the hard work and great risks that Srila Prabhupad took to train the traitors and rascals who made them rich and famous.

Many of these traitors, who have been infected by this concept, now fill the ranks of the FISKCON elite. These people who; when their living guru died, was imprisoned, or will not support them, came crawling back with their traitorous and offensive anti Srila Prabhupad ideologies and mixed loyalties, to suckle off the benevolence of Srila Prabhupad.

Traitors like the ones in our movement that in the early days went over to the Sridhar or Narayan Camps and were polluted by the living guru concept. Ones that were in the Kiritananda’s Camp; like Radhanath, Devamrita and Malati who have now basically taken over the movement and spread their infected fabricated ideologies and anti Prabhupad views widely over the unsuspecting devotees in ISKCON.

Maybe the term traitor is far too narrow a concept for these FISKCON hijackers. To understand what theses rascals did to ISKCON by riding on the back of this ‘living guru’ idea was to initially create what may be termed a Pedophile Syndicate as opposed to a Spiritual organization. When taking over ISKCON they systematically began to breakup and separate families and give the wives to lusty men and sent the children to their gurukul sex slave camps.

Let us not mistake what happened! FISKCON was systematically breaking up families and separating mothers from their children by putting their children into our Gurukuls and getting their parents to go and collect for them. This ultimately meant that the divided parents were powerless to stop the sadistic rape, torture and abuse inflicted upon their children and the children were in a very powerless and frightening situation and totally at the mercy of the numerous pedophiles and sadists who were sent to do ‘seva’ in the Gurukuls.

Please don’t mistake what happened in those days. Just cast your mind back and remember. I don’t want you to gloss over it as if it was not that bad or start thinking that it was years ago… We must call a spade a spade here. This was a conscious and deliberate procedure. It was not simply poor planning and naivety on their part.  The only naivety here is ours. We trusted people who should never ever be trusted with our devotional lives or our children.

Do you seriously believe that Radhanath, Braja Bihari, Devamrita, Gopal Krsna, Jayapataka, Bhaktividyapurna, Jagadish, Bhurijan, Danurdhar, Badrinarayan, Hansaduta, Hari Sauri, Ravindra Svarupa, Satsvarup, Laxsmimoni, Urmila, Malati and the whole Gopi Bhava Club Members etc were not fully aware and co conspirators in what happened???  REALITY CHECK!

These guys made a bunch of money off us suckers, became famous, grabbed loads of disciples, grand positions, power, influence and enjoyed the good life at the expense of our children, our Grhastha ashram, Srila Prabhupad and ISKCON.

Remember how we were so poor and these Sannyasis & gurus were so rich? These criminals are still the richest people in our movement! How well off are you? How many properties do these Sannyasi gurus own all over the world? Compare their expense account budget to yours? How many undisclosed bank accounts both private and in the name of ISKCON do they have access to? How many do you have?

Please remember how the children of our movement were tortured and raped. Remember this and do not forget this, my dear god brothers and sisters!

How many children were tortured, abused and raped, in the name of Srila Prabhupad / ISKCON & Krishna? When devotees or parents complained they were beaten, kicked out or murdered. Ask Radhanath and Malati what happened in New Vrindavan! Ask them how many children were victims of the Pedophile Homosexual Kiritananda? How many boys did he ruin with his perverted filthy sexual habit? Demand this of them and see what response you will get. This is history folks! Our history. Your History. Our children’s history and present reality. How many of our children have committed suicide due to these criminals? How much pain anguish and suffering have they caused our children and parents?

Another angle of vision as to why we as a movement are so reluctant to see things as they really are is due to a condition known as ‘denial.’ For those of you who are not familiar with this term it is a term used to describe a person who in unable to face the truth. The truth to them is a fearful thing. It means above all, change. A change of everything that a person has used to protect themselves from someone or something… It also means facing the fact that the truth of the situation means confrontation of the object of fear. This is an extremely difficult thing to do; if the person does not have the life skills, personal fortitude or the right association.

The abused wife feels trapped and overwhelmed by the violence and aggression of her husband and fearing his wrath she lies; firstly to herself, her family, friends, health professionals or police, cleans up after a violent episode so as not to remind her husband that she had angered him previously. This action on her part is compounded over the months and years to become a high wall of lies, anguish and suffering that she builds around herself in order to not disappear into insanity and nothingness. She sees no way out and has even developed a rationale why she does what she does to the extent that she explains away her husband’s violence. Very often blaming herself… It is my fault I am not Krishna Conscious. He is trying his best. He is a qualified husband. I married him so I have to live with that decision; and so on…

This is a very pitiful situation indeed and one that no one should ever have to face, but, women, men and children face this every single day of their lives for years and years until they are murdered, commit suicide, runaway and hide or the police are brought in to protect them.

This is certainly no way for a women or a child to live their lives. For most people the pain and suffering never stops once the object of fear is removed. Only through the love and care of loved ones and wise people does anyone fully recover from such a ruined life.

But the person must face their fears and demons and deal with this in no uncertain terms. Once done; the person gains a certain mastery over their lives and with loving association they can recover and move ahead very quickly. But the state of denial must be removed. The truth revealed. The fears abolished by nescience. The walls taken down. Then and only then can a person move on.

Let’s not mistake what happened and who these people are. This must be told over and over again as it is far too easy to forget what happened and go on as if there is nothing wrong. Just chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

This is the perfect Pedophile Syndicate system. It cannot be anything else! What system could be better? A religious system, that takes a person and makes them surrender everything to the authorities of that system. A Religious system where external and internal accountability does not exist. A closed system. A system which believes its activities are above the law of the state. A system that has rarely if ever had a pedophile charged or interviewed by the police. A system whose leaders and members have no qualms in using violence, blackmail, murder to cover up its crimes and protect its criminals.

A total system that uses its schools to make sure that children are in constant supply and parents are powerless to do one single thing against the Pedophiles and Sannyasi guru businessmen who run the Syndicate. A system where the gurus made the money from the parents collecting on the streets and the children were farmed in the gurukuls for the Pedophiles.

Just ask the CPO how many abusers or teachers / Principals have been charged by the police. Is this the perfect pedophile system or what?

Term it whatever you like or think of it in whatever terms you like but these people are the scum of the earth, please don’t mistake this. We must not believe one word that comes from their dirty mouths!

As the bogus ‘living guru’ Gurus outside of ISKCON die, more and more of these infected people will come and feed off Srila Prabhupad’s ISKCON. The Narayan Camp will soon have no living guru to run after, so we must brace ourselves for when this offensive person dies, and we will see them run to feed off Mother ISKCON in droves as they will have nothing.

Many of the Sridhar, Kiritananda and the Gopi Bhava Camp traitors have very nice positions in FISKCON and so will these traitors be given nice big positions and status. Soon we will see another apology letter from the GBC to both Narayan (postmortem) and his disciples; begging them for forgiveness and inviting them back inside to fill the FISKCON ranks. As, this GBC has done repeatedly, for every single corrupt leader in their camp, great souls like Dhanurdhar.

We have all suffered through the bogus zonal guru system gurus who went to these Guadiya Math gurus and babaji`s for their bona fides and we are now being tortured by the Rubber Stamp Guru System of the living guru adherents. Out of the frying pan and into the fire! One subversive system was over thrown by fools and rascals and replaced with another bogus system which only served to increase the numbers of bogus gurus under another banner!

We can all thank the ambitious duo Bhurijan (the mastermind) and Ravindra Svarupa (the PHD Walla) for making sure the big bucks Guru Franchise System was shared around and they both got their greedy share by their ‘guru reform’ movement. Both of them were granted guruship!

Now Kripamoya via ISKCON News is attempting to open up yet another bogus living guru system which the GBC will probably rubber stamp and use as a replacement for the bogus rubber stamp system. They know that most of the Brahmans have left ISKCON, and so no one will understand or go against what they are doing. They know most of us will think that they know best and others will simply accept this new system, thinking that a change is as good as a holiday.

To date they have milked the concept of a ‘living guru’ to the max and we are all suitably frustrated and confused. Even the older devotees are not sure if we need a living guru. We won’t accept a god brother for we can see how no one is up to the job and we are probably too envious to accept one after all… Many of us are desperately looking outside of ISKCON for a living guru but the ones that everyone is running to are not really doing it for us and by the way, are quickly disappearing.

Most of us that stay believe since we have a pure devotee as a diksa guru (Srila Prabhupad) we don’t need a living guru only the newer devotees need one and therefore we are ok. Maybe we believe that since we took initiation from a living Diksa Guru means that after he left us we don’t need anyone else? Well Srila Prabhupad was here over 32 years ago… 32 years… Wow does that still count as a living guru??? Did we advance enough to not need one now or in the next life?

We are not sure are we? We still hear that everyone needs a living breathing diksa guru to get back to Krsna and if there is no one in ISKCON… If there is no one in ISKCON, then we will have to go in search of this illusive living pure devotee… Or we will have to take birth in this miserable world yet again…

Meanwhile the GBC keep pushing on the ignorant and unsuspecting neophyte devotees to have this charlatan Radhanath anointed as the ‘latest’ Rubber Stamped Savior / Messiah / Acharya of their FISKCON. They have for many years given Radhanath the rare distinction of having the whole wide world as his preaching field “Carte Blanche” when all others have their zones!  But the “ubiquitous facade guru” is also losing impetuous as more and more of us see him for the cheater and ambitious swooning rascal that he is. He may be able to fool the neophyte but not the seasoned veteran devotee.

The facts are: the GBC and the Rubber Stamped Gurus are losing their grip on ISKCON. Even they themselves are resigning from as many positions as their criminal elite will allow them to. Many are beginning to distance themselves from devotees such as Braja Bihari who have been shown up as the most traitorous to Srila Prabhupada’s true followers.

I know if I was one of them and I was only in the FISKCON institution for ambition or position then I would certainly distance myself from these people and their plans as if they had the BIRD FLU. Don’t be surprised who leaves, be surprised who stays… The ones that stay in FISKCON from now on are simply the worst of the worst. Or they are the biggest fools around.

Many devotees who took up positions in the GBC only to make sure that Srila Prabhupad had representation on that rogues gallery have long gone.

Many FISKCON elite have retracted into the background to run the show from the dark. Hrdayananda, Bhurijan, Braja Bihari amongst others, are main players who are behind the scenes. They do not show their faces anymore as they know they can more effectively work this system of theirs from behind the scenes as opposed to being in the limelight or line of fire whichever one they feel suits them. They foolishly believe that if they don’t hold any official positions we won’t see them. But oh yes we do. We see you clearly!

More and more rank and file devotees are choosing the option to opt out of ISKCON. This is a shame but a natural consequence of what the GBC and gurus have done to ISKCON.

What do we expect them to do? Stay? Why should they?

Some naive devotees think that Maya has won if someone leaves ISKCON. A true Brahman will never stay where they are not being listened to and they would never work or serve FISKCON. So how many Brahmans has FISKCON lost over the years?

How can we expect lesser devotees to stay when there are so many sentimental devotees who pretend that there is nothing really wrong with the system, the GBC and gurus? The GBC apologists would have us believe that what is really happening is the FISKCON elite are trying their very best and only need our support to do better? When and only when we work with them instead of complaining everything will be nice and dandy.

How many older devotees write volumes on sites like this trying to encourage devotees to stay? Yet they give them no hope whatsoever for change only to accept the inevitable.

What they are really saying is; stay and lend your support to the criminals who have taken over ISKCON. Stay, your gurus are not bona fide, dirty and corrupt but “pure”, just hang on to them no matter how dirty they are for they are living guru! Don’t worry at all, your Diksa initiation is bona fide, even though your guru is not. Even though the Rubber Stamp Diksa Guru system is a fraud and these gurus are imposters, stay and correct yourself for it is really you that are the problem!

No it is ‘they’ that are part of the problem! Our problem is devotees who give us this false advice and use emotional blackmail to coerce someone stay and be tortured and cheated some more. All the devotees who have listened to this advice have left in the bitter end. Left in despair, grief and disheartened. This kind of advice is more damaging than what FISKCON is doing. This destroys a person’s will and resolve.

No! Maya has won if you stay and let this GBC and Rubber Stamp gurus have their way.

The devotees who claim – that to leave ISKCON is wrong – should show the devotees who wish to leave that there is real hope. If the house is on fire what is the use of chanting Hare Krsna only to save yourself? What is the use of building an extension or bringing new devotees into a burning house? Put the damn fire out! Save the house save others and save yourself at the same time!

We must stand up to these criminals and fight them. Hard questions must be asked of them and hard changes must be made in order to put this fire out! More importantly very hard questions must be asked of the senior apologist devotees who are staying and supporting this corrupt regime with their sentimental mentality.

This regime is weak now. Weak and very fearful… The devotees who are not too frightened to stand up for Srila Prabhupad must now stand up and push the weak ones within the FISKCON system to the point that they will distance themselves further from the main culprits. The devotees who are ignorant must educate themselves on exactly what is going on and if they write in on these websites they need to offer a practical way in which a devotee can stay inside ISKCON and help rid it from the infection the parasitic FISKCON devotees have inflicted upon ISKCON.

The Brahminically inclined devotees must do the same. If they have left they must come back and help with this fight. We must not let Maya win inside the true ISKCON.


To any devotee in a position in Institutional FISKCON’s corporate structure / GBC or a Rubber Stamped Guru; I have this to say. If any of you are beginning to see that you have backed the wrong party with supporting FISKCON please do the right thing and step down from your position and join with us.

The ‘us’ I speak about is the vast majority of devotees who do not support FISKCON and practice their Krishna Consciousness on their own rather than via a position in institutional FISKCON. This includes devotees who falsely believe that they have left ISKCON but cannot forget Srila Prabhupad or the true ISKCON.

There is no shame in separating oneself from FISKCON and only blessings for you. We will support you one hundred percent if you do this. You need to make a stand against FISKCON by removing your support by resigning from your positions and titles and going public. Give the devotees under your care, your undivided support and attention and help them to take true shelter of Srila Prabhupad.

ISKCON shall not fall if you do this. ISKCON will remain stronger than ever. We don’t need buildings / committees / boards / ministries / GBC deputies / Mundane Academic Institutions / bureaucracy or the Hindu Dollar, etc; to maintain our movement or our spiritual life. All we need is good ISKCON association / direct access to Srila Prabhupad / good bhajan and all the rest will automatically come together.

This FISKCON is crumbling as I write this article. We need to be together to help dismantle FISKCON instead of aiding and abetting them continue to dismantle ISKCON. Make a stand now. Make a stand for yourself and Srila Prabhupad. Make a stand for us.

Govinda das

(revised by author)