Vrindavan Dasa – USA: If you read his article on Dandavats, you’ll see that Bhurijan das is certainly busy writing sweet innocent words for the devotional community. Yet to many of us those words are like milk that has been touch by the forked tongue of a serpent.

That dear Vaisnava mataji was carrying sticks, not wood! I was wondering how old that photo was? Maybe those sticks were for his disciple Braj Bihari and his chela Gauri, or even he himself? None of those guys would ever admit that they used ‘sticks’ as corporal punishment! None of them would admit that they had no idea what it meant to look after, let alone teach children! They beat kids like us because they were frustrated and way over their heads.

Yet they have the nerve to represent teachers and Brahmans! If you never went to one of our schools you don’t really know these guys, so please listen and don’t defend them for you don’t really know what you are talking about.

Out of the three, Bhurijan makes me the most nauseous. He is like the sickly sweet smooth talking snake in the grass that hides in the shadows and only comes out to say a few words that have nothing to do with who he really is. But we know what he stands for and what he has done.

Bhurijan is the one who wrote the manual on how a teacher should teach. Ha! What a joke! He was there through all the abuse in our gurukulas. He attended every meeting of the early educators. He was friends with and supported most of the child abusers in ISKCON’s history and he has the nerve to now write as if he did nothing wrong?

He may have escaped the eyes of most of you but he has not escaped our eyes. We know who he is and what he is hiding. Through the years that I struggled with drugs I began to know what a ‘user’ is and what a ‘manipulator’ is. He uses emotional torture to get his way or make his point. Just see how he has used ISKCON for his and his family’s livelihood.

I am sorry to speak like this, but it burns me. I can still hear his whining, pleading voice as he tried to manipulate us. He still uses that same voice when he tries his best to make everyone think that to speak like that means he is really advanced and has realized what he is talking about.

How come we have never heard one single word from him in our support? How come he has never said that he was sorry for letting the perverts get away with what they did to us? Has he ever spoken up against any of them since this has all come out? NO! He is silent on this. Not one single word. He knows why and we know why. He is totally guilty of “Sins of Omission.”

Now his chela Gauri is basking in the limelight of glory for his violent crimes against children and this Bhurijan is silent. Just as silent as Tamohara / Just as silent as Braja Bihari!

In the backrooms they fight to protect one of their own and in the front they are silent and act as if burfi would not melt in their mouths. ‘O they are busy helping the movement prabhu! What are you doing? They are good – you, are a bad, bad, bad boy! You must be silent!’

Sorry! Try as I may I cannot be silent. My heart aches to know that these guys are getting away with what they have done and what they have not done. I want to be able to read Dandavats but it makes it so hard to see him right up there, promoted as if he is something special.

Thank God for The Sampradaya Sun!

Vrindavan Das