Vrindavan Dasa – USA: Sorry, Mahavidya Prabhu, for my very late reply on your reply to my letter.

I am sorry if I have disturbed you prabhu, please forgive me. I try and read many of the articles posted around ISKCON websites and like many devotees, I try and follow what is going on. I fully agree that it is good that the general devotee gets into these discussions and it is wonderful that a website such as Sampradaya Sun exists and many thanks to Rocana prabhu for his wonderful service to Vaisnavas.

The point being that the GBC makes the real decisions. Decisions are not made on websites such as these and by devotees such as us. What and who is guru is not up to us. It has already been decided by the GBC. We can talk and bring points up till the cows come home and we may even be absolutely right but it makes no difference, does it?

You questioned who I am very hotly prabhu, but you did not answer my point about the missing evidence? We can try and understand Shastra and give our opinions, but surely on such an important issue we must have clear and precise instructions from Srila Prabhupada. If we did have them there would not be the question of this ongoing circular debate. But we don’t and so it begs the question why??? Whatever happened to his instructions on this??

There is a process that the GBC follows and so long as we don’t use that process and so long as we are not united in petitioning the GBC, then how will things change? We will have devotees who either follow you or who follow the devotees who challenge your view discussing like this. Sure the process that the GBC uses leaves much to be desired but it is still the only process that we have. It is also the one that Srila Prabhupada wanted.

My service is a lowly one. I mainly listen and do some research and running around for devotees who are my seniors and who are looking at addressing these issues from an internal perspective. Sure I have had my say on even this website if you care to look, but one thing I have learnt is that the most effective way is to put pressure on the GBC directly and to do that effectively we need to be united with one voice.

As for my name, well my parents gave me my name, sorry… I have not taken initiation yet. Most of my friends have left Krishna Consciousness and are into drugs and sex and the ones that stayed have taken shelter outside of ISKCON. I want to hang on here to Srila Prabhupada with all my heart. That is all I have. Without Srila Prabhupada, my life in Gurukula and my life now would have been only torture and useless.

I won’t address the issue that you think I am a Kali Chela for I can understand that you are very attached to your service and I made you upset. Sorry again.

Prabhu maybe I am wrong but I do sincerely believe that we must address the issue of the Secularization of ISKCON now. I know devotees such as Braja Bihari very well indeed and I know now what he and other devotees like him are doing to Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON. I have done my research and it is clear to me that while we debate, they are changing everything. I am not sure if you know this Braja Bihari and what he is involved in, but if you did you would understand what I am saying here.

Again please forgive me for my offensive behavior and I pray that you and anyone else that I have offended by my rash words will look kindly upon me.

Your puffed up and stupid servant,

Vrindavan Das