Jaya Kesava Dasa: The fact that Braja Bihari has now been totally uncovered and his crimes and techniques in both protecting and promoting criminals within ISKCON are revealed, we need to see the GBC act to bring charges against him as per ISKCON Law.

The GBC have no shame or decency to speak of, for if they did they would force him to resign and prosecute him to the full extent of ISKCON Law. But to this date nothing but silence emanates from them. How can we expect appropriate adjudication when Sesa das the “ISKCON Justice Minister,” is sleeping in the same bed of the ISKCON DISSOLVE program with Braja Bihari dasa?

It is reasonable to expect that a sincere GBC man would be incensed at seeing how Braja Bihari single-handedly pulled the wool over their eyes and became the sinister implement behind bringing the Turley Lawsuit onto ISKCON, when as a Steering Committee Chairman, Braja Bihari successfully influenced the GBC to reinstate Dhanurdhara Swami back in Vrindavan gurukula, knowing that the abused children were serious with the Lawsuit, thus causing so many innocent devotees to have to raise money to pay for the abuses caused by either them or their so-called Godbrothers. But no, they still remain silent. Why?

I wonder if they feel guilt or shame? Or maybe they feel remorse? Or are they sociopaths who feel nothing? Who knows? For as usual, they remain silent…hoping that the storm, as many times before, will blow away. NOT THIS TIME !!!

I am aware that certain so-called devotees would want us to shut up, for they think that it is we who bring shame on ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada. But in reality, it is the GBC that is absolutely to blame for shaming ISKCON and Srila Prabhupada, by protecting and keeping the same abusive/criminal megalomaniacs on the top at any cost.

Braja Bihari is simply doing what is in his nature to do, that is, destroy spirituality, and the GBC are using him to protect their wicked ways. Once you have tasted the absolute power and intoxication that comes with total control, there is no turning back.

The most important role that Braja Bihari holds is ISKCON Resolve. Here he can control all aspects of damage control and protect all the deviations and crimes that his fellow criminals are committing in ISKCON. ISKCON Resolve is the most powerful tool that the GBC has to thwart any problems or complaints from the members of the ISKCON society. That is the reason why the ISKCON DISSOLVE program is fully supported and financed by the GBC.

Braja Bihari knows this. The GBC knows this. All the members of the various departments that he controls know this. We don’t know this, but it is vital that we do.

ISKCON Resolve is Braja Bihari’s brainchild and his most potent and effective tool. But it is not a tool that is used to protect rank and file devotees. It is, in fact, a tool to protect the institution, its criminals and philosophical deviants, and to confuse, manipulate and control the victims and the innocent.

No longer do we need Sadhu, Guru and Shastra when we have ISKCON Resolve. Here Braja Bihari and his bureaucrats decide what is best for the corporation and its white-collar criminals, and not for the individuals/victims.

This is the “NEW ISKCON” order that their shyster Gupta das is talking about. With a big problem, the very same corrupted, compromised, criminal leaders are on the top, just as before…in the form of a new ISKCON mask/face… just another shell corporation.

This simply has to end here. Braja Bihari has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that he does not have the best interests of the devotees, Srila Prabhupada nor ISKCON at heart. He is only interested in making Srila Prabhupada’s mission fail. If we let him get away with it because we are too weak, apathetic or ignorant, then we only have ourselves to blame.

Braja Bihari must be censured (excommunicated) with extreme prejudice. He must never be allowed to resign or step down, like Gauri das has done.


Let me remind you all of some of his sins…


1. Corrupted ISKCON Education – adult and child, by bringing in mundane academics

2. Protected and promoted child abusers and spiritual deviants

3. Created a bureaucratic oligarchy to control and subvert accountability within ISKCON

4. Failed to provide our children with a future within ISKCON – while making sure abusing teachers and fellow bureaucrats have fat salaries and job security

5. Brought about the Turley Lawsuit against ISKCON as a Chairman of the Steering Committee

6. Promoting Liberalism/Latitudinarian ideals within ISKCON

The list goes on and on…

We cannot rest until both the GBC and the general devotees act with integrity and censure Braja Bihari. Then and then only can we begin the healing process by removing the rest of the infected devotees, so that Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON can heal, and so can we…

Please speak up and be counted in this vital issue. Call for the censure of Braja Bihari.

Jaya Kesava Dasa