Jaya Kesava Dasa: Dear HH. B. Radha-Govinda Swami, I was not going to say another word in this matter but I wanted to say thank you for your fast reply.

I also pray every day that Lord Narasingha Dev works His magic. But I have also one more point to make. It is not as if the devotees that I speak of are in such a position. This is a matter of everyday honesty and integrity

ISKCON is no longer a hard hitting, heavy handed fascist organization of the seventies and eighties. Devotees can speak now without the same recriminations as in the past. Yet they still remain silent.

This is not a complicated disrobing of Draupadi, this is simple, small time criminals and take-over merchants. Small time.

Devotees such as Braja Bihari and Gauri simply cheat the ones that want to be cheated. Braja Bihari seems to have a plan to destroy the Religiosity of ISKCON and simple-minded devotees feed on his materialistic temptations and do his bidding.

Gauri is no different. He is a simple fool. He is only interested in a career as a devotee and Braja Bihari offers him protection for both his mistakes and his career. He takes it, along with a salary.

Braja Bihari is no devotee. You can tell this by the way he operates and what he supports. He is following some other system, not ours. What that is, only history will tell. But he has no spiritual support. He only has material, and so why are devotees afraid to speak up?

Lets get this right folks: just because a person is in ISKCON, he can still be demoniac. So many criminals have posed as clergy and religious adherents and committed crimes or cheated people. So when we look at this Braja Bihari we can see where his loyalties lie, and they are certainly not with the true ISKCON or Srila Prabhupada.

There is no offence in speaking up and protecting innocents, is there? I often wondered if in a devotee’s daily life they come across some child abuse or crime, will they speak up?

Just as in the karmi world everyone lives in fear of the criminal, as the liberal minded person or solicitor pushed for softer punishments. So everyone is in fear. Here too, devotees live in fear. Why? Why should this happen here in Srila Prabhupada’s family?

If I had children I would die for them. I see so many people fighting for the rights of children, but where in ISKCON do we see this? The CPT is filthy with corruption. How come we only come up with a handful of devotees who will speak the truth and fight for what is right?

I am sorry Maharani, the ‘leave it up to Krishna’ is not sound advice. I was having darshan the other day and wondering about what would happen if a terror attack happened in the temple? Would Krishna protect me?

But when I wondered what would happen to the Deities of Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subadra, a hot flush swept up my body. It is not that They should protect me, it is that I should protect Them! In a fit of passion I imagined flinging myself in front of the bomb so that not one delicate strand of hair is touched by that blast.

I am not sure if I would do that, but I think I would.

Just the same, it is not that we pray that Krishna will solve all our problems. I had to solve mine, so we should all try and not be so selfish and help others. Krishna will see this and help us get closer to Him.

Lastly, for some reason, the Sun made the mistake of signing me off as Kesava. My name is not Kesava, although people do call me that all the time. My full name is Jaya Kesava Dasa.