Vrindavan Dasa – USA: The Mayapur Temple is sending out an appeal for URGENT help to ‘protect’ the Sri Mayapur International School. Why would the International school require protection if it is situated in the Holy Dham and is strictly following the instructions of Srila Prabhupada? Surely Lord Caitanya would provide all the help needed for their protection? When looking closer at the request we see that they need students and donations. Both students and donations mean money. Why would a project sanctioned by the spiritual authority of not only the GBC but also the Mayapur Administrative Council need money? Surely Krishna will provide them with the much needed funds and send His children to their school if they were sincere?

Bhakti Purosottama Maharaja is promoting Mayapur Dham as a wonderful place of spiritual culture and education but he is not promoting spiritual education his is promoting western secular academic education for the Holy Dham. What is disturbing about this is that he is a Sannyasi who has the most influential management position in Mayapur Dham. A Sannyasi advocating secular humanist education for the children of ISKCON and more importantly the children of grhasthas residing in the Holy Dham, is claiming that they are creating a ‘spiritual’ atmosphere? I wonder if he remembers going to school himself. You learn nothing spiritual by using a western Cambridge secular education package. It’s a ‘secular’ curriculum, DUH!

Both Vrindavan and Mayapur Gurukuls have used the term ‘International School’ to appease the government who are led to believe that the schools are non sectarian. For ISKCON the term applies to the idea that their schools are for the world wide devotee community. In India the term denotes a government accredited school which has the English language as its base language and not Hindi. It is also a clever way of slipping in a justification for only promoting a Secular Academic Curriculum to the devotee who challenges them for using secular education as their curriculum and not one that Srila Prabhupada instructed them to do.  ‘We don’t say we are a Gurukul prabhuji…’ Is the sickening justification you get from them if you ask them to explain why they are choosing to ignore Srila Prabhupada instructions of the education of his children.

So what the heck are they doing asking for money and support and using Srila Prabhupada properties and buildings when they offer what all other government and non government schools are offering? This is their preaching program cum private family business. Not ISKCON’s and definitely not Srila Prabhupada’s!

The parent sending their kids to get a secular education be it the Holy Dham or way out in the Boon Docks can be understood, for parents who have sent their children to ISKCON schools have for years been either callous and neglectful of their children’s needs or they don’t care what education their children have so long as they can get a job, become financially independent and leave home as soon as they can. But a Sannyasi? He should be making sure that parents, teachers and students are educated themselves to desire a spiritual education for their children and a future service in Mayapur Dham and not shunt the kids off to the karmi world.

The fact is they have all sold out to the Secular Humanistic Educational Curriculum like the Vrindavan Gurukul and all the other so called ISKCON schools headed by the Ministry for Educational Development.

They openly and shamelessly advertize that they are following the Cambridge Curriculum. “immersing youngsters in a blend of traditional, eternal spiritual values and contemporary academics, providing Cambridge University scholarship standards and diplomas” and the general devotee gobbles it up like those terms were ambrosia. Wow – Cambridge… Oooh – University… Diplomas whee!

Take note how they say ‘traditional eternal spiritual values’ and ‘contemporary academics.’ The key terms here are ‘values’ and ‘contemporary academics.’

They immerse the children in ‘traditional, eternal spiritual values’. What the hell does this mean? The only thing spiritual that they teach is traditional eternal spiritual values? What happened to sastra? What about Srila Prabhupada and his instructions?

Apart from immersing the youngsters in values, the only thing they ‘teach’ is ‘contemporary academics?’ The main and most dangerous ‘value’ that the teachers and leaders of Mayapur Dham immerse the youngsters in, is to ‘value’ karmi academics and employment.

Bhakti Purosottama Maharaj should know better than this if he pretends to be the Spiritual Leader of Mayapur Dham. He displays only his lack of Krishna Consciousness and lack of faith in Srila Prabhupada when he is promoting Secular Education in Mayapur Dham. If the idiots are ever going to build a Temple there it will need a community of devotees who are trained and educated in the Spiritual culture of Vaisnavaism not western academia. The Mayapur project can easily provide service for all our children and give them a spiritual future and life in the Holy Dham. Yet these clowns and rascals are so ignorant of spiritual values and education that they think that the materialist has the best system for training our devotees.

The Mayapur project has the unique opportunity of creating a spiritual Vedic culture yet ISKCON leaves the development of this incredible Vaisnava community in the hands of these fools.

Sure that sounds like something that Srila Prabhupada wanted so I will definitely send my kids there (when I have some) and I will give some of my hard earned money so they can pay for the Cambridge Officials to come and inspect the school and give it their rubber stamp of approval and accreditation.

Wow, send my kids to learn Contemporary Academics in the Holy Dham! What a novel idea!

What is the state of this ISKCON of ours! It sickens me to think that the education of our children in both the Holy Dhams of Mayapur and Vrindavan are in the hands of Racitambra and Anandavrindavan Mataji’s!

Both of them have steered their respective schools into humanistic academia and accreditation and both have plunged their schools into serious debt.

You would think after so many years living and serving in the Holy Dham with the full support of the GBC they would have flourishing schools. But no, both their schools are in debt as both of them have betrayed their so called Spiritual Master Srila Prabhupada.

They are a disgrace to Srila Prabhupada and no one in their right mind should support them by either sending their precious children or give them their hard earned money. It does not matter that they are situated in the Holy Dhams they are sinful deviants and must be ignored if we as a movement are too apathetic and spineless to close them down.

Both our Holy Dhams have schools and education systems that have terrible histories of extensive child abuse. Both the Dhams still have the same leaders in education resident. In Mayapur you still have Bhaktividya Purna Swami (JBD), Satyadhanya(JBD), Bhavananda(JBD wannabe) and Racitambra dd. In Vrindavan you have Bhurijan (JBD) and Braja Bihari (JBD) and wife and that ghoul Dhanudhar (JBD) still haunts the place.

Give these schools more money after all we know about the educators in the Holy Dhams? NO WAY!

Vrindavan das