Ananta Dasa – USA: After spending some time in Govardhana, Narayana Maharaja is now back in Delhi undergoing more therapy. His mobility is improving but the cancer is still spreading. The reports suggest that the cancers have not yet affected any vital organs. There are no plans to have him go back to Govardhana but to take him to Jagannatha Puri.

It is evident Narayana Maharaja’s body is definitely riddled with an aggressive cancer and in the final stages of leaving his body. The reports are mixed with regards to his actual status. It has been reported he is not as debilitated as he and his close disciples are making out. The Video feeds from his room when he was in Govardhana were perhaps to some extent a sham as he was reported to have been up and walking around while the feed was displaying him in bed debilitated.

Funny hey…? What could he hope to achieve from this trickery?  Are they trying to milk what they can as far as donations go to fill their coffers after his demise? The senior disciples are fighting over his Trust, properties, bank accounts, temples and last but not least his hapless disciples and followers. Soon after he dies they will most probably divide in two factions, on the one hand the Western followers and on the other hand the Indians.

The traitorous senior Western disciples will surely come back to ISKCON after trying their best to turn Maharaja’s Math into a mini corporate structure as their counterparts in ISKCON have done. They know very well what to do in order to destroy anything even remotely Religious, turning it into a quagmire of deceit and corruption. So they will surely be welcomed back with open loving arms into ISKCON when the time is ripe.

As for Maharaja, I remember the Tantric Astrologer Raganatha Pandit of Mathura and Radhakunda (a God brother of Narayana Maharaja), telling me back in the mid nineties that he has been repeatedly warning Maharaja to stop going overseas but Maharaja refused to heed his dire warnings. Not that a Sannyasi should not travel over water but that it is predicted in his chart that if he continues to travel O/S that his final destination would be Svargaloka. Svargaloka is the higher dimensional domain of the Demi Gods or the region that can be loosely translated as ‘the celestial region’. No place for a Vaisnava.

Of course Maharaja did not listen to the advice of his God Brother and so one has to wonder what will be his final destination, what to speak of the destination of those true followers of his. Even though he openly talks as if he is with Krishna and the Gopis, maybe he is simply a very good story teller. Like many of the illegal gurus of ISKCON.

Narayana Maharaja will leave his body sooner or later so perhaps he is better advised to stay put in the Holy Dham of Vrindavan and hope and pray that Krishna is merciful.

For the better part of his life he has rode on the back of Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON preying on not only the unchaste but also the innocent followers of Srila Prabhupada to defect to him. Certainly his activity has not been honorable in the least. Of course he is getting people to chant Hare Krishna and that is good, but what else is in his mind?  If Srila Prabhupada did not advent on this world to deliver the fallen conditioned souls, who would know or care for this old man? Probably no one would have even heard of him.

He owes all of his apparent success to Srila Prabhupada. I sincerely pray this unfortunate wretch of a man repents in these his last few days in this human form of life and sincerely begs forgiveness for not only the great offences he has perpetrated against the Pure Devotee Srila Prabhupada, but also to those hapless fools who have been suckered into his snare.

Let’s hope that his naïve, greedy and bickering disciples will have the sense at least to get him back to A holy dham in time for his departure for Svargaloka. Or perhaps this prediction of Raganatha Pandit has changed now and maybe his destination is somewhere darker? For I am sure there is some kind of hell for Vaisanava Aparahis like him?

Ananta Das

New York USA