Blanket warmth pervades our sense of being

Eyes opened, glazed with lust, but not seeing

Pain, fear and impotence rage within

Future plans afford no gain

Outsiders walk by on other paths

Never connecting with each other’s hearts

Façade transparent yet no one see’s

Walk on by pay no fees

Matter adjusted for our needs

Never finding perfection, vein bleeds

Ever searching we beseech

Transcendence of corporeal bonds we can never reach

Worm in stool we struggle for an eternity

Of this life, there is no certainty

Death comes swiftly, with no meaning

Bereft of this body we go screaming

Eternity beckons as we flow on through

Desperately seeking, something new

Form ever changing we struggle anew

To find what we hunger for, that primordial clue

Ever searching never finding

Happiness fleeting, soul destroying

Digging deeply we find no answer

Looking closely we see no further

Raising our heads we look skyward

Stars beckon, something to go forward

Transport our minds to further lands

Same old problems different sands

Matter becomes like the husk of wheat

Dry in our mouths, hands and feet

Chewing what has been chewed is all we do

Matter is no longer the comforter we pursue

By degrees the conception of purpose is manifest

Yet the answers are unclear and something we detest

Eternal search for self satisfaction through external matter

No longer satisfies our internal clatter

So purpose outside our sense perception is what is missing

Yet to seek this knowledge we find so perplexing

Thoughts arriving from external sources

Yet where does truth reside if not through our own resources

Dialectical truth both relative and absolute

Makes one most irresolute

Yet absolute is what we desire

Justification of existence burns like a fire

What is mine is mine and not yours

What is yours is not mine

Thus we are different yet still the same

You and I both playing the game

If existence individual and reality duality

So where is that truth of pure clarity

Truth that is beyond our material conception

In transcendence of our worldly ambitions

Truth that binds, animates and directs

Reality so virtual that it begs to connect

Connect with the source of all existence

The gel and substance of nature’s pretence

What is material existence if not a game

We seek for answers yet find only shame

To shed this material body and free our soul

Metaphysical existence becomes our goal

Transmigration becomes our aim

Yet who or what controls this game

I am a person full of qualities

So why not the controller of all entities

So answers now come fast and furious

Yet still we are so curious

The path may be set but the journey not over

So many hurdles to surmount and uncover

True self discovery now a reality

More questions become our priority

Freedom from material bondage is getting closer

Yet where are the answers to take us further

Of material knowledge we have many

Yet in spiritual instruction we are but puny

If the absolute eternal, so must be the answers

Cultural knowledge of the controller’s existence

Of religious talk there are many

Both old and new ideas come frequently

Yet spiritual dialectic is of antiquity

So is the history of humanity

Material science has muzzled the voice of our past

Yet the supreme truth in person will ever last

To seek this antiquity of truth is our goal

The full knowledge of body mind and soul

The ontology of God is what must be known

To give more answers than questions we own

Absolute truth is not shallow nor is it cheap

The fullest knowledge is what we must seek

Knowledge both physical and metaphysical is wanted

Of God the answers must be full clear and untainted

Of this world the game must be uncovered

The rules of winning fully discovered

Then we can free ourselves of this burden

To find life in everlasting union with God our solution

Union where life is pure, simple and known

Union where we will never ever be alone

Krsnacandra Dasa

March 23, 2001