Prabhupada Vision Admin: Sadly Narayana Maharaja left his body this morning at around 3 am in Sri Jagannath Ksetra Dham. His body will be taken to Navadwipa Dham to be placed into Samadhi. He will be mourned by his followers and many of our ISKCON gurus and GBC’s.

We sincerely pray that every last one of his followers find it in their hearts to stay in his association and maintain his Math and try and not fight over his legacy like the GBC and Gurus in ISKCON have and are doing. Please learn from our mistakes and never let unscrupulous and greedy self interested people seize control over his Math.

As for the ISKCON reprobates who will see this as an opportunity to increase their disciple base and/or to use certain senior Narayana Maharaja disciples and their followers to come into their FISKCON to help them cause further division and schism within our ISKCON Society.

Regardless our hearts go out to the many sincere souls who are now in grief and separation from their spiritual master and wish them all the best in their spiritual journey, may they find peace and love in their devotional lives serving Sri Sri RadhaSyamasundar.