Krsnacandra Dasa – Vrndavan: Strategic planning is the latest craze that is sweeping through the upper echelon of ISKCON. Strategic planning is a corporate structured developmental plan which is applied to a business, military or an organization in order to further develop its strategy and to improve its performance in keeping with the aims and objectives of the particular organization. Whether or not we need to apply such a technique within ISKCON is debatable. However, the GBC, in all its corporate wisdom, has decided to take ISKCON along this materialistic path.

The ISKCON leadership did not consult with the general body of devotees in order to obtain feedback as to whether the community believes that they are in fact keeping with the aims and objective as given by the founder and Acharya of ISKCON Srila Prabhupada before they embarked on this Strategic Planning Scheme. If they were to consult with the devotional community, especially the older devotees of the community, they would most definitely find their approval rating is next to zero.

Of course they would gain high approval rating from their disciples who have no idea who Srila Prabhupada is, further they have no idea that their so called Gurus are unbonifide and have no right to take the position of a Guru in ISKCON. Most importantly they have no idea of ISKCON’s sordid history and the roles their so called gurus played and are still playing in the intentional degradation of Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON.

A succinct recap of the systematic degrading of Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON over the years since Srila Prabhupada entered into Samadhi.

1. Establishing the Rubber Stamped Guru franchise business and taking over or establishing private Temples Farms and projects – mini math ISKCON’s; which successfully severed the link between the devotional community and Srila Prabhupada.

2. They set about breaking down of the family unit and separating children from their parents in their intentionally corrupted Gurukula system and by the GBC allowing sustained abuse of the children by protecting pedophiles, violent teachers and complicit Principals.

3. They then purposefully corrupted the Vedic educative process by firmly establishing secular education within the devotional community thus severing devotee’s ties to Vaisnava culture and urbanizing Krsna Consciousness.

4. They then encouraged children and adult devotees (by their example) to attend Secular Humanistic Academic Institutions to gain degrees and certificates in mundane academics with no regard for our Vedic culture and sciences thus channelling naive devotees into the secular workforce. By doing so they successfully cut off our children and adults future within the Vaisnava devotional community of ISKCON.

5. They, under the guise of editing, embarked upon a systematic deconstructional program with Srila Prabhupada books to destroy the purity of the ‘as it is principle’ which is ultimately aimed at discrediting Srila Prabhupada himself further alienating him from the devotional community. They justify this process by citing Academic credibility issues but the real idea is to rewrite the siddhanta to come in line with modern academic thought which is ultimately religious syncretism aimed at religious homogenization.

6. They then deemphasised distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books and emphasised the Hindu Bindhu involvement as the financial base to fund their corporatization process.

7. They then destroyed the rural aspects of Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON by ruining all our farming communities and cow protection programs by putting their men in charge.

8. Then they began selling off all the farms so the devotional community has no fall back in times of political and social disturbance as well as leaving us at the mercy of Urban mundane secular society by removing our spiritual/rural base.

Seizing control and corrupting Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON in this way, armed with their personal lack of true spiritual faith, nitya sraddha, and maturity these imposter leaders of FISKCON have implemented the next stage in the corporatized plan to subvert and divert ISKCON into a homogenized mundane cheating religion by jumping on the “Covey Day Planner – business mentality” bandwagon in order to find better ways to improve their lack of material professionalism and business expertise to better aid them in their degradation program.

The main aim of their endeavours was to monopolize and undermine the spiritual leadership of Srila Prabhupada’s replacing it with their impersonalistic, academically supplicatory materialistic business mentality thus rendering ISKCON spiritually bankrupt.

In order to do so they brought in one of their old and “blooped” devotees who had long since been lost to Maya Devi’s sensual allure, Mr. Greg Stein (A.K.A. Gopal Bhatta das).

The morally corrupt Gopal Bhatta das, who has not performed any serious spiritual activity for probably decades, was brought into the ISKCON upper echelon by none other than the Chief Traitorous Officer (CTO) Braja Bihari who is eternally looking for ways in which to destroy ISKCON from the inside. The fools in the GBC were very quick to jump on this materialistic ‘devotee extraordinaire’ and promptly appointed him the Unofficial (Strategic Planning) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ISKCON.

What this Gopal Bhatta lacks in spiritual acumen and nitya sraddha he makes up in the good old US dollar which he flashes around liberally to sucker in GBC and Rubberstamped Gurus to his materialistic new age business jargon and rhetoric. They don’t need any encouragement for they, like Braja Bihari, are very enthusiastic to find better ways to destroy Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON and morph it into their impersonal FISKCON.

This Ferrari loving, yacht sailing, failing businessman with a fondness for Cyprian’s, now at the butt end of his business life sees a future with his old buddies in the almost fully materialistic FISKCON creation of theirs. He ‘buys’ the failed old Gurus and GBC men and women over with day trips on his yacht and blasts in his red Ferrari and so he easily ‘sucks them in’ to begin to lap at his feet like love sick puppies ever eager to do his bidding.

But this Gopal Bhatta, failing Businessman, is not interested in anyone who does not bow and whimper at his materially morbifically envious feet and is soon to vehemently cast them aside like useless chattel if they show any sign of disobedience or noncompliance to his worldly charms or his humdrum business plans for ISKCON.

This morally and spiritually challenged failed business wannabe tycoon Gopal Bhatta’s main concern now is to make sure that everyone in ISKCON complies to their business stratagem and so they are very carefully looking at ways in which the institution of ISKCON can kick out or control any devotee who can see through their lies and deceit.

The corporate jockeys who are vile, corrupt and disobedient to the pure devotee’s ISKCON, who are pushing their impersonal corporate FISKCON onto the world wide devotee community; desire to appoint Gopal Bhatta as their ‘Official’ Chief Executive Officer or CEO of their fraudulent imposter West Bengal incorporated ISKCON.

Those fools, who believe this FISKCON or West Bengal Incorporated Imposter Corporation (WBIIC) is Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON, will be cheated in this world and the next if they do not recognize the difference between the pure and the fraudulent ISKCON.

Those fools who stalwartly support these rascals who have rejected their spiritual father and accepted those who come as false prophets in the form of Rubber Stamped Gurus and GBC men, will never be able to appreciate what to speak of please Srila Prabhupada with their ignorant slumber on the lap of the Witch called FISKCON.

Jiva Jago! Awake from your slumber and look around you. The ISKCON that you mindlessly support is being lead by Charlatans of the first order. They have all cheated you of your rightful heritage and Srila Prabhupada’s true mercy which is Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON. Recognize that you are sleeping on the lap of an ancient monolithic witch (Kali) whose one desire is to destroy the true religion of mankind.

They strategize their corporate strategic plans with their blooped “but still kicking it in ISKCON” pretender corporate jockeys, their shyster lawyers who are hell bent on controlling ISKCON devotees by implementing fascist law like ‘Rabid Rabbis’ of the Torah, their Academically enamoured pseudo paramahamsas, and their Pseudo/Pure Devotee Acharya/Rubber Stamped Guru charlatans training camps – and they expect anyone with even an ounce of brain matter to not see that this “Emperor is Stark raving NAKED”????

No five year strategic planning work group or guru training workshop will make these guys palatable to the sincere follower of Srila Prabhupada who knows their game plan. No ring-in from bloop bloopland will be able to muster up the spiritual insight and vision of the pure devotee to push this movement forward. Envious, fascist and fallen yet walking individuals like Gopal Bhatta will never be able to aid us or the true ISKCON. They will never please Srila Prabhupada nor will they please Krsna. Nor is it their intention to do so. They serve another master, another father…

Co Written by Vrindavan Dasa

Krsnacandra Dasa