Caitanya Mangal Dasa: I have been reading your website and I am wondering what would happen if one guru threw off his guruship status and cried out to Prabhupada to forgive him of his offences? What would he do next? To my mind he would have to give up all of his disciples very carefully by explaining why he cheated them by pretending to be a guru in direct disobedience of his very own guru Prabhupada. Then he would have to teach them about Prabhupada and how they can take more and more shelter of Prabhupada and less and less of himself. This must be done first. Until and unless these devotees do this they will continue to cheat us and lie to us and make offence at the lotus feet of Prabhupada. If one can do this then others will have a good example to follow and then they too can do the same. The ones that are left will be known as first class cheaters for everyone will see them as the naked emperor.

My guru did not do this, but when I saw him fall down I knew he was not a pure devotee for pure devotees do not act like this. So I immediately take shelter from Prabhupada and the more I did the more I was happy. I still see my old guru taking so much respect and donation from all his disciples but I know he does not change. There are still new stories about his problems with sex desire and his not chanting but everyone keeps this very quiet especially his disciples who get angry if there is any talk about this.

Over many years I have been devotee I have seen many problems in our ISKCON and so many devotees are unhappy after spending some years following their guru but after sometime they grow suspicious of their guru for their guru only is after donation and you must work for him looking after his needs. Washing his clothes cooking for him special preps and sumptuous food many times better than the Deities in Temple. If you change from this then immediately you are noticed by other devotees who begin to cause you trouble. When your guru notices this he gets angry and many times cast you away from him. No direct service for him then you cannot stay in Temple or do any service until you change back again.

When I was in his camp I knew nothing of Prabhupada only guru maharaja. When we did guru puja we would all be happy to sing for Prabhupada but everyone gets many times more happy singing and jumping for guru maharaja. Now I am not sure with going to the Temple, for many years now. I do not feel welcome by my old god brother and sister. I am enemy. I am still devotee, still I am chanting doing everything I did before but now there is no service for me at Temple all because I now worship Prabhupada and not my old guru maharaja.

This I now know is very wrong. Everyone should be welcome in Krishna Temple not just the disciple of this guru or that guru everyone. Now I do not know where to go for my spiritual life my old Temple is against me and every other Temple close has another guru in charge. In the whole of Europe there is no Temple for Prabhupada.

In beginning I said if one guru take off his guruship status and became humble servant of Prabhupada then maybe others will follow his example. I know in my heart that one day this will happen for this is not our or the guru movement it belongs to Prabhupada.

I am very very happy to read many devotees who are thinking the same way like I am in your website Prabhupada Vision. I am praying with my heart full of hope that everything will change so that we can all work together to create a wonderful sankirtana movement of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

Caitanya Mangal Das