Ram Kishor Dasa: The cows of ISKCON Vrindavan have been long forgotten by most devotees. We all know Krishna loved His cows and they were always close to Him and He and other cowherd boys would frolic and play with them all day long. The cows in the ISKCON goshala have had a hard life and a troubled future. The ISKCON goshala is here as Prabhupada wanted close to the Krishna Balarama Mandir, close to the temple so the Lordships can have all the milk they want. So must the ISKCON devotees have pure sweet fresh cow’s milk from our cows that have been looked after by us with love and devotion. Not the adulterated milk from the many bogus goshala’s around Vrindavan. This goshala is for the ISKCON community and must be the priority of the temple management and the GBC.

ISKCON needs more milking cows being looked after nicely in the ISKCON goshala, more money needs to be put into this goshala by ISKCON to really look after mother cow so she is happy and a happy cow means more sweet milk.

Many scheming devotees have wanted their land over the years and are always working on plans to kick out the cows and build apartment blocks and retirement villas and restaurants but so far all their plans have failed. The main people lusting over the land are the Gurukula who want it for the big gurus who control them so they can have a piece of the cake.

There is no problem with buying more land for the cows who have retired and the bulls but the milking cows must be close to the mandir and their numbers increased. This is our real business.

Now Gopal Krishna Maharaja is in charge of Vrindavan and he is making sure that he in control of everything there but he is also not interested in cows. He will say yes to any plan that allows him to grow his disciple business and make him a big important Guru. The Vrindavan GBC support anyone who wants to get rid of the cow headache they have with Goshala so they are hungry to find someone who has plan and can collect the crores and crores of rupees needed to build there.

Everyone knows how the ISKCON devotees use building plans to pocket big amounts of money for themselves and build cheap rubbish for people. Everyone in India does this. There is so much cheating going on in the name of Prabhupada and ISKCON.

They all say that they will keep some cows for milking and show-bottle but this land is now cost millions dollars US (2-3 Million!). All these greedy people want only this land for their purpose they say this land as being wasted away for cows only and that they should make money from it by selling apartments to rich Indians and Americans. These people see money only not devotees and cows.

Since the big American businessman Panca gauda das has taken over ISKCON Vrindvana as the Temple President they have now a new plan. The Vrindavana GBC are supporting this plan but they support any plan to kick out the cow and develop that property for they only see dollars as a sign of success in KC.

Pancagauda das who is in the property business both in America and here in Vrindavan and is his real business being in the Holy Dham of Vrindavan as we can see how he is now wanting a big project for rich devotees to retire on the cows land. Like every devotee in this ISKCON who is getting paid to do work as management in ISKCON they all will get share of this profit for sure! This is very true in India where so much of Prabhupada money is being pocketed by these rascals.

The biggest problem is that the ‘Snake Oil’ salesman Abhiram das who was made famous for the pocketed and unaccounted for millions of dollars when he was the in charge of the Mayapur project is now residing  or hiding in Vrindavan and he and Panca gauda das are very best of friends.

Abhiram das is a ‘conman’ and can sell sand to the Arabs if he wanted to. But all he ever does is take money from people and never do anything. Like a politician he promises many wonderful things takes people’s money and never does anything with it. He is now living in shame with many legal cases against him for taking money now he is hiding in Vrindavan and scheming with Panca gauda das to do business there.

This Abhiram das is now the full in charge of the MVT and development plans are starting to come. Meetings and meetings and meetings are happening. Secret meetings as well. Rumours of land development plans for moving the cows and building concrete apartments there for rich people.

When this plan of Panca gauda das and Abhiram das is finished with engineering plans and everything as Abhiram is very good at making deal look good then they will begin to ask donors for money. Money that will also go in their pocket. A businessman is a businessman and a business man or politician in India is very greedy after money. They will sell apartments before they build them as businessmen do. They will try their best to cheat everyone.

The two businessmen Panca gauda das and Abhiram das must never be trusted with ISKCON money. Especially this Abhiram who we know from here in Mayapur he is thief number one. Why is he there in Vrindavana and why is he already so soon after he is almost bankrupt is he designing big big plans to build and take money? Panca gauda das is only after money and position he is very greedy man and greedy man will always do wrong things to get more and more money.

These types of people never change. They are not after spiritual life they are after material life. If I am wrong then answer why are devotees who are known businessmen are doing land business in Vrindavan? Why not spiritual business? Why is this all about money for these people and why do the GBC support them to do business in Vrindavan?

Everything from the two businessmen residing in Vrindavan is about how to raise money and then steal it from Prabhupada and ISKCON. ISKCON Vrindavan is now no more than a big business Temple full of greedy businessmen who do not care for Bhakti and they only care for money.

Ram Kishor das