Rasajna Dasa: Dear Prabhu’s

Abhiram prabhu wrote this article on the below website and I wrote a comment to it which you will find below the link.


“Abhiram stated that the 380 cows currently on the goshala are in a miserable condition, being squeezed onto just 12 acres”

This I am afraid is outrageously farfetched.  Firstly, 12 acres is no small parcel of land prabhus. The cows have access to only 3 acres of their land which includes residential buildings sheds and so on. They are being squeezed into what the VEB and Temple Management have allocated for them to occupy. The rest has either been allocated to the VIHE, the Gurukula for playing fields (4 acres) or lies fallow. That means 8 acres are not being utilized by the cows…

Let the cows have access to the full 12 acres and then see if they are being squeezed anywhere. It is common knowledge that there are development plans on the table for the Goshala land. The ‘spin’ that the cows are suffering due to a shortage of land is only to win votes for the releasing of the cows land at the Goshala for the ISKCON property developers and sending the cows away to another site.

45 milking cows is a nice manageable size for a neat upmarket building development with an ‘attached’ Goshala.

In addition to the above I submitted to your website prabhu I want to add Abhiram das knows full well about the plans to develop the Goshala Land for residential apartment. I have heard from a very reliable source in Vrindavan there is definitely residential development plans for the Goshala on the table and there is no way that Abhiram das in not fully familiar with these. We in ISKCON know very well that Abhiram das is a businessman and knows how to make money from this activity. A leopard does not change its spots. This topic is the hot topic over here in our community of Alachua as there are many older devotees here who know Abhiram das and Pancagauda das very well.

If the cows are really their priority then let’s wait and see if the Temple releases the whole 12 acres to the cows and begins to put more money into looking after them. That means remove the Gurukula and VIHE from the Goshala and take them back into the Gurukula building where they originated.

When I say ‘their’ priority I mean the Temple managements and the Vrindavana GBC for Abhiram das needs to be kept well out of where there is a chance that he can be in contact with donations and money for his own good.

Rasajna das