Jakob Smahl – Hungary:  We have all seen the article Lifestyles of the Richly Renounced, which includes rather vivid photos on Śivarāma “swami” and his ridiculously lavish getaway-retreat in a five star resort with a private swimming pool in Goa.  As the adage goes; the picture says a thousand words.

The photos clearly prove that Śivarāma`s lifestyle is unbecoming for someone who took the Sannyās order of life.

We choose not to call him swami, as we strongly feel that he does not deserve this elevated title, that he is offending with his self-indulgent lifestyle.

In a detailed article Śivarāma swami`s Kingdom, we pointed out many different philosophical deviations and many highly hypocritical double standards of Śivarāma.

One such deviation that we mentioned in the article was Śivarāma`s book, whereas he writes on the manifestations of holly places that allegedly ‘left Vrindavan India’ and appeared in Hungary via help of his mirror and the a GPS device.

However, his latest highly speculative deviation is happening on his privately incorporated farm as we write this.

Śivarāma is having a full-fledged Brajamandal parikrama on the farm, whereas he is self-importantly touring around the farm with his drooling sycophant followers pointing out all these allegedly “manifested holly places” that left India, and are now manifested on his privately owned fairyland, where he is describing different pastimes of Rādhā and Krishna.

The very same pastimes, which Śivarāma speculated on in his books, whereas he was adding different imaginary characters that, do not exist in the actual pastimes. The pretext used, that Śrīla Prabhupāda`s books are not readable.

Conceivably, only a tactic, so that his subjects will not read SP books, fearing that naïve and simple devotees will understand that (Śivarāma) the emperor is naked if they do read SP books carefully.

This appears to be the latest trend within the circles of self- appointed and ‘divine’ authorities in ISKCON.

Such as Bhakti  Charu ‘swami’ and his statements whilst sitting on vyasasan, stating that Tamal Krishna and Bhakti Tīrtha are nitya siddha`s (eternally liberated jīvas) who descended from the spiritual word by their sweet will, to mercifully enact the pastimes here, in this mortal world. How lucky for us. LOL

I guess Śivarāma is following in the footsteps of his Jewish-brother Rādhānatha, and his lovely dramatically fictitious novel that he is passing as an “autobiography” of American swami, titled The Journey Home.

Where will all this end?

Our Sannyāsī’s lives read like the lives of the Bilderburg rich and famous. Is this the ISKCON that Śrīla Prabhupāda wanted and taught them to build? An ISKCON that has no place for its founder Ācārya and is full of trumped up wannabes parading around like famous movie stars and blabbering all sorts of new age nonsense and trailed by their fawning sycophantic illiterate minions. Did Śrīla Prabhupāda want that his movement be divided into little kingdoms for arrogant tyrannical megalomaniacal emperors, who to those with half a brain and an ounce of spiritual insight, can see are stark naked?

If these so called swami gurus are not stopped ISKCON will become splinter groups of random gurus who lacking in any spiritual acumen and any bona fide link to the paramparā will sap their disciples of all their wealth and dedication and leave them lost and confused when they themselves die.