Dharmacandra Dasa: Points on the Interfaith discussion and the spreading of Krsna-consciousness, Vedic culture within the Abrahamic cultures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and future world developments.

Often the concept is bandied about that “the Jews” are somehow parasitic in their relationship to Western Christian culture. In this view, the Jews are viewed somehow “outside” of the European/America culture, and thereby an unnecessary manipulative race that is exploiting their hosts. Within the culture of Islam, the same revulsion against the supposed “parasitical Jews” is propagated and agreed upon. These views of the Christians and Muslims are completely blindfolded by envy and jealousy, the common disease of the fallen materialistic soul.

Actually, the Jewish race is not at all parasitic upon Western Christianity and Middle Eastern Islam. Jews are at the very internal heart of these cultures. Christianity and Islam are both closely derived from Judaism. They both worship the Jewish forefathers starting with Abraham, going down to Moses, and even Jesus. All these saints are the descendants of the Jews and so many fill the scriptures of the Christians and the Muslims. The five books of the Torah are the ultimate source of the New Testament and the Koran. The philosophical framework of Christianity and Islam is all based on the original Jewish books. The theology, morality and legal system, laws of inheritance, justice, etc, etc, of the Christians and Muslims are all derived from Judaism. The historical study of the Christians and Muslims center on the history of the Jews.

One could go on with innumerable examples, however by now the point has been made. Often the Jews are designated as the controllers of the news, media and movies, and focus and debate is fixed on this particular area. However, if one looks with a fresh eye, one will see that everything from religion, theology, philosophy, morality, justice, law, banking, finance, government, entertainment, etc, etc, of the West and Middle East is traced back to the original Judaism.

When this is understood, then it is easy to understand why in all these varied areas of society are the Jews so prominent and influential, not just Hollywood. Of course, the Jews rise to prominence; they are living and moving within cultures that are almost wholly based on their Judaism. The Jews are not a parasite upon the host, rather they are the host. Christians and Muslims live only in cultures that are essentially just “other forms” of the theology of Judaism. However, this understanding is only available to those who put aside the prejudice so common amongst the more fanatical Christians and Muslims.

Nonetheless, one must examine the differences between the scriptures of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to fully understand why the Jews seem to be so advantaged within the overall Abrahamic culture. Just elucidating that it is all Judaic culture in essence does not fully explain the prominence of the Jews. There are vital differences in their scriptures and these details clarify the prominence.

The central and most important difference is that the Torah and the following Talmud unabashedly proclaim the superiority of Jews over all races of the world. The present information age has disclosed this proclamation to a greater world audience than ever before. There are strong strictures against the Torah and Talmud being translated and revealed before the goyim, or non-Judaic human cattle. However in the internet age the word is out. Judaism is actually racism turned into a religious and social system. Basically, the non-Jews are human cattle without souls meant for the service and exploitation of the Jews.

This understanding of Judaism is almost impossibly shocking to the Christians and Muslims, both of which propagate the ultimate “brotherhood of man before God” in sharp contrast. In the Christian and Islamic tradition, ultimately all souls are equal before God; all souls are the children of God, and as such worthy of charity and generosity. This stands in sharp contrast to the racial and religious supremacy of Jews so central to Judaism, which enjoins the Jews to exploit the goyim as their right, like a farmer over his cattle.

This element of Judaism rationalizes the exploitation of the non-Jew and the ruthless exercise of this scripturally justified attitude with the resultant iniquities, extending even to the blood sacrifice of goyim children, is explanation of why the Jews are able to rise to such heights of influence; and simultaneously explains why the Jews have become so despised. Put simply, the Christians and Muslims by their strong elements of “brotherhood of man” have been restrained from the ruthlessness that is justified in Judaism for the Jews. However, this mistaken sense of superiority and the ruthlessness based upon the Torah and Talmud has proved costly for the Jews, and is the reason why they are so often reviled by those that become politically aware despite the covering of the mainstream media.

It is not the goal of this short essay to go further down this road of the “prominence of the Jews and Judaism”. Rather, the intention is to clarify the clear and supreme influence of the Jewish race and religion over modern world society. The point is to illustrate that Judaism is the most dominant element and therefore if we wish to successfully propagate Krsna-conscious Vedic culture, then we should understand and accept this prominence. And, most importantly, it would be helpful and strategic to understand how this prominence has been attained.

Put simply, if Krsna-consciousness is to become the dominant world culture as was the desire of Srila Prabhupada, and as predicted by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu, then Judaism must be defeated. The proof of this point is within the rise of Judaism. Judaism was practically unknown two thousand years ago. It was practice of a race that had been enslaved by Babylon since the Seventh Century BC. How did then Judaism rise to such prominence? If we can understand this, then our propagation of Krsna-consciousness will be enhanced, even facilitated. We will understand the right road to bring Krsna-consciousness to ultimate prominence.

Judaism rose to prominence, through the Christianity of St Paul, by the defeat of the pagan religion of the Roman Empire. The Romans were pagans, worshipping the gods of nature, the moon, the sun, the wind, the waters, wine and sensuality, etc. Yet, they also had the concept of one supreme God over all. They believed in truth, beauty, nobility, bodily beauty and fitness. They were philosophers openly discussing the mysteries of life and experimenting with governmental reform. They were technological thousands of years in advance of the tribes of the region, constructing advanced aquaducts and clean modern cities. They propagated the rule of law as a necessary part of the justice system.  The maintenance of their advanced civilization was the longest in modern history, stretching over a thousand years.

However, all this fell before the onslaught of Judaism in the form of dogmatic Christianity. This defeat of European Paganism by the repression of Judaism is another reason for the almost subliminal resentment of the European ex Pagans against the Jews. In 325 AD, Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire. Yet, within generations Attila the Hun had sacked Rome. Soon under the dogma of Christianity, Europe was plunged into the centuries of the Dark Ages. Judaic Christianity spread by the Popes’ vicious inquisition, and under this threat, reason, philosophical dialectics, and naturalism was replaced by the overbearing emphatic dogmatism of “Christianity”. The darkness of this period of ignorance, illiteracy, superstition and repression was only relieved by the Renaissance, interestingly at the same time Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu performed His pastimes upon the blighted earth during the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.

Judaism achieved this dominance without the firing of one bullet. The battleground was the battleground of ideas. Judaic Christianity conquered Roman Paganism on the battlefield of ideas. The Roman creation of the Bible at Nicea was in effect their acceptance of Judaism over the Paganism which had been their societal mainstay for a thousand years. And on the same battlefield the Protestant Reformation so weakened the hold of the Papacy over Europe. Yes, there were hundreds even thousands of wars in Europe, but they were all centrally inspired by the conflicting ideas and dogma of the time. The theology of Judaism, with its contest between God and the Devil, naturally engenders conflict. The history of Judaic Europe is the illustration of this provocative nature of Judaism. The scriptures of Judaism were created while the Jews were a slave race repressed by the Babylonians. Thus, as a reaction and balance against the subjugation of Babylonians, the enslaved Jews compensated by designating themselves the “chosen people of God” soon to restored to earthly power by a powerful leader, the Messiah.

Whatever, we have come to the modern day.  And we should realize that the dominant world culture is based on Judaism. Therefore we can understand that if Vedic culture is to become dominant as per the desire of Srila Prabhupada, then the culture that has to be defeated is Judaism, the very root of the present modern social/religious/financial system. It is very well to build bridges with the Christians and form some tacit co-existence with the Islamists, but ultimately the validity of these two extensions of Judaism rests upon their parent Judaism. If Judaism can be defeated, then Christianity and Islam will naturally fall, like weak children that have lost their parents.

Judaism, as explained before, has risen to dominance because it validates a ruthless expediency over the non-Jew in the “name of God”. This ruthlessness over the “other belonging to the devil” is also seen in Christianity and Islam, but the root of such is in the theological DNA of Judaism. Thus Judaism is the implacable opponent and enemy of Vedic culture by its claim to superiority of all and everything. It is the ultimate obstacle that Vedic culture most overcome and replace. Those that wish to propagate Krsna-consciousness should understand and plan strategies based upon this understanding.  Thus the ultimate aim of ‘interfaith’ is largely to destroy the validity, scriptures and practice of Judaism – ultimately. At the present time, diplomacy rather than an open declaration of this goal is probably advisable.

We can predict a helping hand in this quest. Should the financial system of the world, and particularly that of USA fall, as seems inevitable, then the newly formed center of Judaism, Israel, will be overrun by the Muslims of the Middle East. Israel only survives on the aid that is bestowed by the powerful Jewish lobby in the USA. Should the USA financially collapse, then Israel, and Judaism, will find itself without its all-important sponsor and protector.

Israel composes of a few millions Jews, however it is most ironic that this state that was founded upon the idea of a safe homeland for the Jews will in future be the cause of destruction of Judaism. Once Israel finds itself surrounded by literally hundreds of millions of hateful Muslims, without the financial and military might of the USA, then its destruction is just a matter of time. Yes, the Jews are armed to the teeth, even with nuclear weapons, but the Muslims are determined to acquire and use the same. History is a great teacher. One of her lessons is that in a struggle of ideology between races perhaps the most important factor involved is one of the most basic: the numbers, the quantities of population vying for dominance.

Put simply, a few millions Jews in Israel against hundreds of millions of vengeful Muslims, well, the Jews have no chance of survival. The Muslims can easily loose a hundred wars against the Jews, but once the Jews loose one war, then Israel and the centers of Judaism will be razed to the ground along with those of Christianity. This is the inevitable future of Israel and Judaism. Ironically, the sixteen millions Jews of the Diaspora were far safer when spread throughout the world. Now in the name of protection, they have largely gathered together as an easy target, surrounded by hundreds of millions of vengeful Muslims literally just a stone’s throw away. A great mistake.

So the financial collapse of USA will lead to the destruction of Israel and a domino effect upon Judaism and Christianity. Will then Islam be the new power of world culture? No. When Israel goes down to destruction, it will ruthlessly destroy Islam as it final act. Israel facing inevitable destruction will use its nuclear weapons to vaporize Mecca and Medina. Under the nuclear bombs of Israel, practically all the Islamic centers of the world will be destroyed, leaving a wild anarchic Middle East that will weak and inconsequential upon the world stage for at least a hundred years. The oilfields will be controlled by the remaining powers. China will be heavily involved. But the end result will be that Muslims, not capable of manufacturing their own armaments, will be reduced to a colonized race and religion. The heart of their religion, Mecca and Medina, having been vaporized. At the same time, battles will take place in Europe and the USA between the Christians and immigrant Muslims. The outnumbered Muslims will find themselves facing the same fate that the Jews met under Hitler.  Europe will again become a huge battlefield.

In this orgy of mutual destruction, Judaism, Christianity and Islam will lose all validity and attractiveness as the world staggers, trying to return to some form of peaceful normalcy. Thus the West and Middle East will be devastated. This will set the stage for the reemergence of the Vedic culture and its conquest over the false man-made Judaism and its extensions. One should note that China, Japan and the Far East with its indigenous Buddhist and understanding of Yoga and meditation as the ultimate goal of human life are societies not based on Judaism but rather the Vedas. Even to this day the native scholars of these countries accept this historical fact, tracing their culture back to the Vedas and India. Thus they will turn to and rediscover this root of their civilizations once the Judaic West and Middle East lose all potency by their mutual self-destruction.

In preparation for this time the followers of the eternal religion of the Vedas, Krsna-consciousness, would do well to remain faithful to the core principles of the Vedas and propagate them fearlessly without change. There is no need of a “new” idea: book distribution, Vedic philosophy, sankirtana and prasadam distribution are perfect and potent. Put simply, that means all members of the Krsna-consciousness society should perfect their understanding and propagation of Vedic philosophy and learn to chant constantly, enthusiastically and without namaparadha offenses.

It is most important that Vedic preachers’ present endeavors in the area of “interfaith” do not act to lend validity to these man-made concoctions that are surely heading for the scrapheap of history along with the paganism of Romans. Rather, than lending validity in some weak-minded acceptance of the Abrahamic religions, “interfaith” should expose the poverty of these “cheating religions” while simultaneously propagating the Vedas and the chanting of the Maha-mantra as the only potent form of religion in Kali Yuga. Unless this knowledge is brought clearly forward, then “interfaith” is useless.

All Glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!