Lakshmi Patel – Mumbai India:  Dear Sir please accept my obeisance all glories to Śrī Guru and Gorunga. My husband and I am very much happy to read your website and were once followers of Mahārāja but then we made careful study of Prabhupadaiji’s books and we understand now that he is the jagat guru. I still follow Mahārāja for sanga and some of his disciples are our friend but we cannot say one word to them about what is in our heart and they only have eye for Mahārāja. My husband found this on one website for him and so I wanted to say some words about how disciples should respect jagat guru. Please find them here for your readers. We waited moderation for some days but they were never placed on his site. I have given here copies of my replies. We do not feel I was commit an offence that my reply be not accepted by Mahārāja. We are concern that disciple not Mahārāja is making too much botheration on their guru position like he is same as Swami Prabhupādaji. This is not good in kali yug that this happen.

Thank you prabhuji.

Lakshmi Devī Dāsī.



When I checked for myself her comments were not there but there was a comment from one of his disciples that I believe she was commenting to on her reply [Provided Below] and one can see her concern is based on fact.

The below quote is from the posting for his disciples that Lakṣmī Devī Dāsī sent to Prabhupāda Vision if you desire to relish the mundane happenings of a charlatan spiritualist guru.

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Comment posted Radhanath Swami and the Medical Logic by Gurrappanaidu.

It’s really amazing, Srila Radhanath swami’s compassion to serve humanity and deliver them from the clutches of maya.

It’s really amazing and wonderful ! Thank you so much mataji for sharing us.\

All Glories to HH Radhanath swami prabhupada.

Radhanath Swami’s disciples are beginning to address him as Śrīla Radhanatha Swami & as Prabhupāda? Śrīla means ‘most opulent’ and is used in connection with śuddha bhaktas and Prabhupāda “prabhu denotes “Lord” and “pāda” means “position” it is also ‘at whose feet masters sit’”

ISKCON LAW BOOK – Restricted Titles

A guru cannot not use or allow his disciples to apply to him the honorific title “His Divine Grace” or the honorifics ending in “- pada” in written public documents or in open public forum. However, such titles may be used in communications among disciples or from disciples to their guru.

The below comment was ‘moderated’, ‘accepted’ and published on the front line of the grid on one of Radhanath’s numerous websites designed for his public glorification – web sevā multimedia promotions.

The ‘web’ is public domain and unless the site is closed to the public by a membership login it is available for full public access. Which means it is advertising; especially in the case of the new age web gurus.

Any official member or formula franchised guru of ISKCON is supposed to be strictly following the rules and regulations of the ISKCON corporation and to use honorific titles in the public domain is therefore in direct breach of ISKCON Law.

Below are the screenshots that Lakṣmī Devī Dāsī sent to us to show her replies that were deleted from this website because they did praise Rabbinath.

The fact that his disciples are using such honorifics in public forum is in direct contravention of ISKCON Law. Notwithstanding that ISKCON law is designed to support the heretical doctrine of the Rubberstamped Guru system and so they officially sanction the use of titles to allow the sycophantic disciples of these reprobates to make a mockery of titles belonging to the śuddha bhakta or pure devotee of the Lord – so long as it is in private. Like a dirty little secret…

If they are in fact śuddha bhaktas and bona fide dīkṣā gurus then who can restrict their behaviour and the behaviour of their disciples except the guru himself? To force, by rule of law, such a restriction on the guru/disciple relationship is amoral and unethical at best. Yet they do because every last one of them knows that they are all kannistha adhikāra devotees who do not deserve such titles.

So the little Kabbalist New Age Spiritual Guru is trying to sleaze around this law and is allowing his disciples to address him as Śrīla & Prabhupāda. It will not be long before they begin giving him the title of Śrīla Prabhupāda openly and the GBC won’t lift a finger to stop him for they want the same thing as well.

They all remember the adoration and worship that Śrīla Prabhupāda received by their God brothers and sisters and they want it so badly that it must burn them up inside to think that they don’t have what it takes to get the real thing that Śrīla Prabhupāda received from his dear disciples but they push it in the vain hope that if they tweak it up they too will be treated in the same way.

Webseva is a very good vehicle for mechanically spreading propaganda and creating a title for himself that will of course be humbly denied by the little man. Their supporters will say – the disciples want it so give them what they want. These sycophantic disciples will shout out in their blind ignorance that Rabbinath Swami is now to be afforded the title of Śrīla Prabhupāda!

All Glories to His Divine Disgrace His Holiness Śrīla Rabbinath Swami Prabhupāda!

This is the type of fanaticism that neophyte disciples of unqualified spiritualist gurus advance to in their Kṛṣṇa Consciousness. They have no idea what a śuddha bhakta is or how consciousness of Kṛṣṇa is conveyed and so they get cheated by charlatans/grifters posing as gurus. In the above quote this disciple believes that his spiritual master is a pure devotee and claims that his guru, Radhanath, can deliver humanity from the clutches of māya inferring that Radhanath is beyond the clutches of māyā himself, or that he is liberated.

Radhanatha Swami’s hands, feet and neck are tied by māyā for so blatantly cheating his disciples. How it is possible to untie the hands of others hands if your own hands are tied? It is not possible to deliver someone from Kṛṣṇa’s bewildering energy, māyā without the direct contact and authority from the Lord Himself which any sane person could find out by carefully reading Śrīla Prabhupāda books to discern a cheater or grifter from the real thing.

To deliver someone from the clutches of māyā one has to be Kṛṣṇa conscious himself, and not because he has assumed the position of a guru by vote of his peers, which is how Radhanath got his so called guru position. It has no bearing on his adhikāra whatsoever.

Yet Rabbinatha knows that he is not a pure devotee. He knows he is an actor and his various facial expressions and bodily posturing are a complete and utter sham yet it works for him on a certain percentage of the population, a certain percentage of the population who cannot tell a B grade actor from an A grade actor or a fool from a Guru…

The real tragedy is that Radhanatha Swami probably thinks he is an A grade actor as he swoons and prances around doing his formulated ‘Lord Caitanya Mahāprabhu’ impressions. Yet only those who are enthralled and captivated by C and B grade romantic comedies of Bollywood and Hollywood will be attracted to such vulgar theatrics.

When you look at the various Rubber Stamped Gurus you will find that they all have their little ‘acts’ and personas to lure the B&C grade movie goers.

How many of the Rubberstamped Formula Franchised Gurus have disciples that claim that their gurus are śuddha bhaktas or have been sent directly by Kṛṣṇa to deliver the fallen conditioned souls?

How many of these Rubberstamped Gurus have allowed this ignorant and offensive attitude to go on unchecked in their Franchises. How many of them harbour in their hearts the desire and the dream to be seen and worshiped as a real guru like Śrīla Prabhupāda?

If this is not stopped in time then all these fools and rascals will again be afforded these honorific titles and what will we have then?

What will it be like in one hundred years time? That is if ISKCON is still around… Will we have thousands of Śrīla Prabhupādas running around with their fawning dumbed down sycophantic followers? This is the Kali yuga, things don’t get better, they get worse. Our struggle to maintain any standard gets increasingly more impeded. If we allow these guys to imitate Śrīla Prabhupāda to the point of calling themselves that again what will happen in the future?

Perhaps Radhanath should be called Mudhapada instead? This title will suit him best. Supreme Mudha at which all fools and rascals sit at his grotesque feet…