Ram Dāsa: Recently, I was reading a comment by Pratyatoṣa prabhu to Gopīnāth`s prabhu essay titled Religious Integration of ISKCON by Academia -M.E.D and CPO, with great interest. This is especially so, since up to this day not one of ISKCON`s rubberstamped Guru charlatans were prosecuted to a full extent of the law for their perpetrated crimes.

Up till now these self appointed leaders within FISKCON Corporation were calculatingly and deviously evading their responsibility and accountability for their criminal actions. Due to their high rate of success in protecting them self`s from their criminal activities for decades, using vast arrays of devious techniques and programs, they become intoxicatingly arrogant believing that they are invincible.

By their arrogance and lack of culture they have perverted Srila Prabhupada’s Vaisnava cultured society turning it into a society of uncultured misfits who cannot tell right from wrong. The right thing for a Sannyasa to do is not even touch a female child or adult. The wrong thing for a Sannyasa to do is let them sit on your lap or take photographs of them when they are in their underwear. Why do many of us think that both are right?

Their all pervading arrogance is manifested through their condescending and obnoxious dealings when it comes to rank and file devotees. This is especially so when devotees are requesting these impervious egocentric megalomaniacs to be accountable for their criminal actions. Since up till now they were never accountable for their actions, they ether brush aside or blatantly ignore the requests of rank and file devotes for accountability.

Their public (whitewash) statements are only a form of justification:

“We did not know”

“We did nothing wrong”

“We were only protecting the good name of Śrīla Prabhupāda and this movement”

“We are devotees so we have to forgive them”

“We were under great pressure”

“We did what we thought is best for us … oops… we meant… FISKCON”

To this day, former gurukula students and other devotees who bring important and vital issues to the attention of our “leaders” in the attempt to address the problems responsibly are getting labeled as “Vaiṣṇava aparadis.” These “critical offenders” are being unceremoniously ignored, expelled, ostracized and demonized.

However, there is a great chance that this might change in a near future. In his comment Pratyatoṣa prabhu writes:

“I called the police there in Hillsborough, NC recently, and, half a year after the 2011 GBC Minutes were published, they still hadn’t heard a thing about the GBC Letter of Censure to Bir Krishna Das Goswami!

Well, now they have, and it sounds like Bir Krishna (Bruce Jacobs) is going to be arrested shortly for covering up a known child abuser and for covering up child abuse/child sexual molestation.

My wife, Ūrmilā Devī Dāsī (Edith Best), may also be arrested, because she was also part of the official ISKCON GBC/ISKCON Board of Education cover-up of the abuse/sexual molestation/rape of hundreds of helpless children. Her part in the cover-up directly resulted in 2 helpless girls, between the ages of 8 and 12 years, being repeatedly sexually molested over a period of 5 years, between 1986 and 1991, both in Detroit and in North Carolina!

I talked with Orange County, NC, USA Sheriff’s deputy Capt. Daniel (919-644-3050) yesterday morning. He said that Bir Krishna’s supporters have been showing up at the Sheriff’s Office trying in vain to stem the tide. He said that they now know that the “cat is out of the bag” and that a criminal case against Bir Krishna is being prepared.

This means that out of all of the defendants named in the Turley vs. ISKCON child abuse lawsuit, he could be the first to actually go to jail. This would be Krishna’s mercy upon him because it would save him from being dealt with even more harshly, at the time of his leaving his material body, in the court of Yamarāja!

Please try to get the police motivated. Call the Orange County, North Carolina Sheriff’s Dept. (919-644-3050 – Sgt. Tina Rimmer – [email protected]). Demand justice, citing the ISKCON GBC censure of Bir Krishna Das Goswami, a.k.a. Bruce Jacobs.”

If in fact Bir Kṛṣṇa goswami does get arrested and prosecuted according to the full extent of law for his failure to act, will create one of the most important precedents towards establishing of an appropriate accountability processes in the history of ISKCON.

I was also very inspired when I read a comment and a active support that Sakshi Gopal prabhu from India is contributing to the Pratayatosa`s prabhu attempt in  to prosecute Bir Kṛṣṇa goswami to full extend of the law.

Sakshi Gopal prabhu writes:

“Thank you Pratyatoṣa Pr. for your work in this dark area of ISKCON’s sociopathy. We have taken up the work in India. Our contacts from India are working with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Motions have been made in India to revoke any visa application by Bir Kṛṣṇa, should he seek refuge there. Customs/Immigration will also be notified in the event he attempts using a multiple entry visa. We have also requested a file be placed on the desk of Śrī Agnivesh Swami, India’s representative for Indian children in the UN. Should ISKCON management attempt to defend Bir Kṛṣṇa in India, the matter will escalate to legal proportions.” – prabhupadanugas.eu

Such an opportunity is rare and if successful it will transform the unhealthy dynamic of FISKCON`s lack of unaccountability forever.

It is truly amazing that the CPO and the GBC did not report these incidents to the police? This is a crime and who said ISKCON devotees are above the criminal law?

I would like to implore all the readers if they are having any pertinent information that would help bringing Bir Kṛṣṇa goswami down, to please contact the above given officers of the law who are conducting the investigation.