Suvarna Manjari Dāsī – New Zealand: I just read the article ISKCON’s Sultan of Swing on Sampradaya Sun and went to  Ekalavya Prabhu’s website to see what it actually said there…what a shock!  I actually burst out laughing at the absurdity of it all.  But it was indeed sad to read.

Perhaps this Prabhu, who is meant to be a renounced brahmacari needs to obtain a beautiful Krsna Conscious wife to remind him to take his medication, to squeeze lemon into his warm water before he takes his bath, to give him a comfortable chair with a nice desk facing east and to attend to his long list of demands that he has publicly declared on his website for all prospective hosts to faithfully read and execute.

Why doesn’t anyone tell this fellow that this is not the behaviour befitting a brahmacari and save him from further embarrassment?

His website, at least to me is a real joke.  Some kind of dark humor actually.  It is terribly sad and a total embarrassment to the brahmacari ashram.  What will his demands be if he ever takes sanyasa?

This is a total mockery of the simple brahmacari ashram.

I don’t think this will be pleasing to Srila Prabhupada.

I am deeply saddened to have read this.  God help us all.

Suvarna Manjari dasi


Ekalavya Dāsa Brahmacārī’s Menu is provided below should you decide to ‘host’ him in your home, Temple or Preaching Project. After all he claims he comes from an affluent New York Jewish Family and now he has ‘made it’ as a big FISKCON devotee he deserves to be treated like the privileged royalty he hails from…


  1. Prasadam

Please provide a tiffin of sweets / cookies / cakes so that prasad can be easily be distributed to visiting guests.

Restrictions: NO rice or anything made with rice, chili, tomato, eggplant, potato, cauliflower, yogurt, mango, papaya, fried, cold foods.

Prefer:  substitute crushed rock candy for processed white sugar.

Please provide a flask of very hot drinking water regularly.   Water consumption is approx 1 or 2 glasses every hour, or approx 4 litter per day.

Always keep some fruits and dry fruits in room always available for snacks.

Medicines:  Please give reminder to take medicine before breakfast, after lunch and before sleeping at night.

  • Rising before bath:
    • 2 or 3 glasses warm drinking water with honey and fresh lemon squeezed inside.
  • Pre Breakfast:  Between 6 – 7 am:
    • 1 glass fresh squeezed orange juice
  • Breakfast 9 am:
    • Medicine with water
    • 1 fruit,
    • Cheese, if available
    • Hot grains like dalia, oats, hallava,  South Indian Ragi, uttma,
    • 6 Dates
    • 6 almonds (soaked overnight, not peeled),
    • Green mung sprouts,
    • 1 Glass Hot Milk
    • Sweet Amla
  • Lunch 1 pm:
    • Sliced raw ginger, black salt, lemon slice
    • Soft Hot Chapatis (wheat or ragi) with ghee or Parata,
    • Subjees (3 maximum) like bitter melon, spinach, loki, Beet root, carrot, pumpkin, paneer only occasionally.
    • Dahl,
    • Green mung sprouts
    • 6 Dates
    • 1 sweet,
    • (salad optional – no cucumber)
    • Medicine with water
      • Note:  Occasionally, diet can be varied to include Western / Chinese preparations like sandwich (home made bread), pasta, pizza, cake, pie, noodles, cheeses, etc.
  • Dinner:  6 pm
    • Soup (Pumpkin / Carrot / or green vegetable),
    • Hot Chapatis or Hot Butter Popcorn
    • 6 Dates
  • Before Rest (7:30 pm):
    • Medicine with water
    • Hot Milk with Tumeric
    • 6 Dates