Chandra Tara – Mumbai: Yes, it’s the big ISKCON Vṛndāvan “cover-up”  I am the woman, Abhiram John Sims’ injured and instructed others “below” him to injure, so as to destroy my wellness career.

I simply wished for an apology from Abhiram John Sims for the senseless surprise violent assault I suffered June 4, 11am from a complete stranger, Manjari Dasi, US Citizen, 58- Maile Ann Talent. 20-30 feet outside the MVT gate. I screamed at the guards for “HELP” as this deranged older female devotee violently assaulted me in the heat.

Fortunately, 1 witness viewed total stranger Manjari Dasi Maile Ann Talent’s violent jealous rage against me, and he phoned the US Embassy.

September 22, I also wished to pay some debts to local Indian Vrindavan merchants and bless Abhiram John Sims’ future path & his massive debts to others who believed in him, people whom Abhiram John Sims avoids, since many Indians have contacted me in New Delhi, asking me where is John Sims?

I was unable to close my debts to good Indians, after Manjari Dāsī –  Maile Ann Talent, her surprise violent deranged attack to my petite frame, June 4, because I had to leave Vrindavan and go to the hospital for the internal bleeding deranged jealous Manjari Dasi caused me, as many viewed her injuries to my body…..including very kind, Commissioner of Police in New Delhi at Parliament Street, who made sure I was sent to a proper government hospital- VIP status for the internal bleeding deranged & total stranger, Manjari Dasi Maile Ann Talent caused me June 4.

I am educated. I don’t know how to physically fight with anyone. Violence has never been an issue in my material spiritual experiences- other than in relation to some very unwell foreigners in Vṛndāvan.

I have lived and owned businesses on 3 continents. I have never known violence anywhere in the world, except in the “spiritual world” of ISKCON Vṛndāvan.

It was my 1st extended visit and glimpse into some very unwell, unbalanced ISKCON foreigners, who don’t display spirituality, nor compassion. They appear more interested in the funds they can transfer & control, false sense of power & obsessive hierarchy themes, than anything remotely about “Krsna consciousness”.

Only former Assistant Manager, Indian Brahmin Ananta Das acted with compassion and centered intelligence. Superior man, MVT Assistant Manager, Indian Ananta Das, assisted me while I was severely injured by inelegant violent foreign MVT hooligans- Ananta Das assisted me in compassionate pro-active sense.

Ananta Das’ Krsna consciousness, made the ISKCON foreigners angry, so he was recently released from his respectable position as MVT Assistant Manager.

Not exactly what Srila Prabhupada had in mind for ISKCON newcomers – who have dedicated our lives to wellness and spirituality realms, professionally.

Hari Bol. Hare Krsna.
Bless you
Chandra Tara