Jakob Smahl – Hungary: Recently, Sivarama sent out an appeal to the worldwide Vaisnava community, to save the Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness, Kṛṣṇa Valley – A Hungarian Eco Village, which they claim could possibly be lost due to the government’s implementation of new religious laws.

PROTECT Krishna valley and the Holy cow!

The Hungarian Krishna conscious community of believers of the Hindu religion in the world main representative in Hungary. The Krishna-believers in religious practices and exemplary conduct clean lifestyle and commitment to the eternal spiritual values ​​to convey a well-known. The lack help, and environmental problems in combating and sustainable development in order to promote their efforts and their results globally appreciated.  Krishna Valley eco-village for hundreds of thousands of tourists and a lot of international recognition brought to Hungary.  We ask the Hungarian Parliament to defend the Krishna believers in the land of monks and times revered as sacred cows, and to ensure that the society has made ​​their outstanding service to continue uninterrupted.  For more information:  www.krisna.hu

The Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness is the Main Representative of the World Hindu religion in Hungary. The Krishna devotees are known for exemplary Their Religious Practices, Eternal Dedication to Distributing knowledge of pure and spiritual values, exemplary LifeStyles; Their Efforts and Achievements in assisting underprivileged people, as well as fighting in Promoting Sustainability and Environmental Problems Also well known and are value worldwide. Their Krishna Valley farm has Brought Hundreds of Thousands of tourists and more International Recognition for Hungary. We are urging the Hungarian Parliament to Make Sure Their lands, Monks and sacred cows are protected, and Their invaluable services to the society are uninterrupted.

Even though Sivarama claims and most devotees believe that Sivarama’s “Hungarian Eco Village” in Hungary is an ISKCON project but in actual fact it is a privately owned project and not in ISKCON’s name. He claims, in the covering letter below, his project as being an ISKCON project but nowhere in the petition does he refer to his project being ISKCON. He refers it to as “The Hungarian Society for Krishna Consciousness” which is definitely not ISKCON. If anything it is HSKCON.

He also refers to his HSKCON as being “the Main Representative of the World Hindu religion in Hungary.” If this HSKCON represents the world Hindu religion then this is definitely not ISKCON! ISKCON represents Lord Kṛṣṇa and the Vaiṣṇava tradition. It is evident that the “H” in HSKCON means Hindu and needs to be called the Hindu Society for Krishna Consciousness???

No matter what way you look at it this petition and the problem Sivarama is facing it is not an ISKCON problem it is a HSKCON problem. It is Sivarama’s problem and his Hindu disciples.

How many of these Gurus have their own private organizations and business and use ISKCON and our data bases and community networks as their bona fides as a religious organization but keep all the disciples, properties and projects in their private names and money in their private bank accounts. Gurus like Radhanath Swami, Devamrta Swami amongst others have their own projects and Temples which are not officially in ISKCON name yet they are recognized and ISKCON gurus and their disciples are recognized as members of ISKCON when they are technically not.

Because he is an arrogant self righteous egotistical man he uses ISKCON as a ‘theme’ only to give the impression that what he is doing is connected to a bona fide religion and only to set up his own private business where he is the Ācārya and he can create his own fairytale land.

Since Sivarama swami’s project is a privately owned project the why should we as ISKCON devotees care what happens to it? If he was really interested in this new law then he should be asking for the public and devotees to help establish and protect ISKCON as a bona fide religious institution in Hungary and not be only worrying about his private project.

Sivarama is defying Śrīla Prabhupāda instructed that all titles be in his name and under his ISKCON society not someone’s private name and under some bogus name.

Letter to: Vasudeva Dāsa 30 June, 1976

The deed for the property and temple should be made in favor of “His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder-acharya of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness.” It cannot be dedicated to any of the office bearers…

…But in any circumstance the temple can’t be a private property in the name of ISKCON. If you want to keep it a private property then the ISKCON name should not be utilized…

From the beginning Sivarama wanted to have complete control of the project, which ensured that no body, either from the GBC and/or other Institutional powers of ISKCON could meddle with his way of doing things, or remove him and take away the project from him. However he wants to use ISKCON whenever it fits his personal agenda.

Sivarama is also pushing the idea that we are a Hindu organization which we are not. We are Vaiṣṇava’s and definitely not Hindus which he has not made clear in his attempt to save his private project. Over the years he should have been truthful and true to his Guru His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda and promoted our ISKCON society in its own right as a religious organization but he focuses on his project in bold defiance of Śrīla Prabhupāda and our stupid GBC.

It also must be considered that the change in the religious laws of Hungary also means that the Charitable status will be removed and so they will have to pay TAX… If reading the literature he is providing nothing is really clear what he actually wants.

However the government has not provided any legal stipulation for the society’s continued ownership of Krsna Valley’s lands in the interim period until we are again re-registered.

By the ‘society’ he is referring to HSKCON which is not technically or operationally ISKCON and there is no cause for ISKCON devotees to support HSKCON as it is his private project who ‘owns’ the land. This is his problem and his problem alone to solve. If he had everything in ISKCON’s name and been up front about it then he could and should be helped but since it is his name and his private project how can we trust that he is properly following Śrīla Prabhupāda and not concocting his own megalomaniacal ‘sahaja’ community???

No other private project can use ISKCON’s name and resources so why should he be allowed to? Why should Radhanath be allowed to? Why should Demamrta be allowed? Why should anyone be allowed to?

By allowing all these rubberstamped gurus access to ISKCON’s bona fides, manpower resources and bank account all we are doing is helping them tear Śrīla Prabhupāda’s ISKCON apart! Supporting Sivarama’s HSKCON Hindu society will only mean you are supporting a Judas and traitor to Śrīla Prabhupāda.

Consequently, I believe that ISKCON as an institution and its followers should not be involved in any shape of form, with Sivarama`s privately owned project since he is only using ISKCON to build his own personal kingdom to gratify his enormous ego.

Don`t sign the petition. In fact write to the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban and demand that HSKCON be rejected as a ‘Church’ and be declared an independent ‘Sect’ lead by a charismatic leader.

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Here is Sivarama’s plea where he makes his deceptive claim that his HSKCON is actually ISKCON.

“ISKCON Hungary: Help Save Krishna Valley – A Hungarian Eco Village
Our Petition!


Dear Devotees. The new “Church Law” in Hungary will take away ISKCON
Hungary’s church status as of January 1st requiring us to reapply for
the same next year.

However the government has not provided any legal stipulation for the
society’s continued ownership of Krsna Valley’s lands in the interim
period until we are again re-registered.

In short we risk losing Krsna Valley with no pasture for our cows or
land to grow our food. I therefore request that you sign the online
Petition —link below— and forward this message to as many people as
possible, who would also petition against this injustice.

Thank you.
Sivarama Swami.”