Paramparā Dāsa – India: Vedic insight into the present conditions upon planet Earth – Yes, the demigods and demons have always fought for dominance of the central planet of the universe, the Earth. The present push, becoming more evident day by day, towards a “new world order” of centralized power, government and currency is actually old wine in a new bottle. The aim of the demons is “control and enjoy” the material energy with the underlying goal of becoming gods or godlike or even God Himself; whereas, the demigods wish to use the material energy in the service of the Supreme Lord with the underlying recognition that they are the eternal servants of the Lord, Sri Krsna.

Presently, the general mass of human population are being brainwashed with the idea that “everything has exploded out of nothing, the Big Bang” and that by chance material evolution they are now alive on a wet condensed rock, the Earth planet, rotating by chance again around the Sun. Therefore all talk of subtle spirits, such as the varieties of ghosts, spirits, demoniac or divine, and ultimately the Supreme Lord Himself is suspicion and imagination. This materialistic conception is pure ignorance meant to cover real knowledge of the construction and working of the material universe. It is deliberately propagated by the demoniac spirits and their controlled humans as a cover for their designs to dominate the Earth. The destruction of religion, the environment, morality of humankind, economy, and peaceful society is part of a deliberate design to progress to ultimate control of Earth. Have no doubt of this, and understand that without adopting this essential analysis of the world situation politically, economically, morally, and spiritually, one will never truly understand the increasing degradation one sees in every sphere on Earth presently.

Through Vedic knowledge the Vaisnava devotees know that guiding control throughout the material nature progresses down from subtle to gross. Put simply, from Paramatma, the demigods, headed by Sri Brahmaji, on down to the humankind. One should study the Fifth Canto of the Bhagavatam for more detail of the sliding-scale of living beings descending from subtle realms down to the gross earthly realm. However the demoniac beings constantly endeavor to displace the demigods and insert themselves as the controllers above humankind.

Above the earthly realm, Bhuloka, the lokas or planetary realms become increasingly subtle and divine. Similarly, below the earthly realm, the lokas also become increasing subtle, however, increasingly demoniac. The Earth Region is thus at the center of the construction of the universe, whereupon all material elements, both gross and subtle, are fully manifest. For understanding, one may consider the Earth as the stomach of the universe.

If the stomach is dominated the whole body is dominated. Thus the domination of Earth is a platform for the domination of the universe. And this is the constant desire of the demoniac entities from gross to subtle.

One must consider that the battle of Kurukshetra, between the divine Yudhistira and the demoniac Duroydhana, the expansion of Personality of Kali, is constant and ongoing. It is present today in the demoniac push known as the “New World Order”. Actually it is “old wine in a new bottle”. It is the push of the demoniac to control and exploit the Earth planet for their nefarious and wider purposes. The demoniac always wish to expand their sphere of control, to be as gods.

Many news and social commentators, internet and otherwise, cannot understand why there is so much heartless death and destruction in all spheres across Earth. Why so much pointless war? The answer is quite simple that that is the relishment of the demoniac. They have no care for destruction rather, being immersed in tama-guna, anger and ignorance, that is their methodology and coinage of control. They care not for damage and annihilation, but rather enjoy such evil and perversion. They are only fixed on their goal of ever-expanding control and exploitation of the material energy, with an underlying goal of becoming gods of this world. And they are ready to destroy anything on their path of desired supremacy. Anything and anyone. Read Chapter Sixteen of Bhagavad Gita, The Divine and Demoniac.

The Bhagavatam, at the beginning, explains the demoniac methodology and tactics. They are black-hearted, cruel and fallen, less than sudras, dressed as Kings i.e., governments, intently destroying dharma, true religion. The Personality of Kali is an actual personality, not merely a symbol or allegorical presentation. And this is the “Age of Kali”. Kali expands his kingdom by propagating meat-eating, intoxication, gambling and illicit sex, and gold accumulation for material gratification. Kali is a very powerful subtle asuric being and through his agents, both gross and subtle, knowing and unknowing, he is deliberately seducing all the leaders and governors of all institutions worldwide. The offerings of gold, illicit sex, meat, intoxication, gambling are his entrapments. Though these, he plans the destruction of human civilization and the rule of his demoniac associates. Have no doubt that Kali is directly and indirectly behind the ever-increasing degradation that, day by day, we are seeing weakening the very fiber of human society.

In short, the degradation is being pushed from the subtle planes of the material universe. Kali’s agents, the demoniac, use everything in this push. But as demons they have a particular penchant for technology. Krsna, in Mahabharata, advised Arjuna not to accept the technological offerings of Maya Danava, explaining that through technology humankind loses faith and dependence upon the grace of the Supreme Lord and His divine arrangements through the natural bounty of the material nature. Thus Kali is destroying this divine arrangement by destroying the natural environment. The air, rivers, oceans, land, even ether with microwave telephones, genetically adulterated food, false diet and medicines are all being deliberately polluted by Kali. Cancer, mental disease, and obesity are almost unavoidable now in human and even animal society.

Technology is constantly propagandized as the solution to humankind’s problems, when in fact it is a central cause. But Kali is a hypocrite. Technology was initially introduced as a means of lessening the human workload. But now we see that in the most technological societies, the people must work harder and harder for paper money for a morsel of adulterated food and fluoridated water. Simultaneously, they are taxed to death and see their meager saving devoured by unavoidable inflation. This is the calculated plan of the demoniac entities in charge of the financial system and food production. Again, we must put aside our material conditioning enacted upon us by material slaughterhouse education and realize that this is Kali’s plan in his Age of Quarrel and Hypocrisy. It is quite purposeful and planned.

It is now most pertinent that this paradigm for understanding the all-pervasive degradation is taught at all levels of humankind by the Vaisnava devotees of Sri Caitanya. Presently, humankind is greatly distressed by demoniac rulers on every continent of the world. And humankind is realizing there is something terribly wrong at the heart of human civilization.  They see that morality and faith are being destroyed deliberately, and their children are becoming taught only to be immoral whatnots full of drugs, poisonous food, without any spiritual knowledge or goals. The media is now practically only a medium for pornography, immorality, mindless violence, and the destruction of all positive human role models.

The main stream religions are infiltrated and largely corrupted. Awareness abounds, through the internet, of the corrupt financial system of private central banks sucking constantly the blood of the people. Yes, rakshashas are living amongst us. They certainly eat the flesh of children and sacrifice children to the demoniac subtle entities that they have worshipped generationally in their closed bloodlines. Readers do not be naïve. There is indisputably history of these matters. Even in the Bible there is mention of human sacrifice. In the time of Krsna, these demons existed.

This is now Kali Yuga, they have not disappeared. This is now their time, they consider. They live amongst us and definitely plan to suck us all dry of all blood, humanity and spirituality. The demoniac UFO aliens from the lower middle planetary systems are responsible for cattle mutilations for their food paste of blood and soft organs. They were given permission for this by inhuman agencies upon this Earth, if they agreed to stop abducting humans, children in particular, and for favors in field of weaponry and technology. However as demons they are reneging on their contracts. They consider humans as a lower species to be harvested and used as they like. Shocking, certainly, but do not think that even the demons in human form directly living amongst us are not doing the exact same activities.


Humans are not the only residents of this planet. The Earth planet and society is under deliberate assault at all levels by the demoniac entities both gross and subtle of all types, the agents of Kali. This knowledge must be given to the bewildered and naive human residents of Earth. Only then can they understand how to escape this degradation.

Right now the general human population is realizing that some force of gross evil is powerfully influencing the direction of human civilization upon the Earth planet; yet they do not know what it is. At the same time, they are increasingly losing all faith in their political leaders. Unfortunately, alongside positive protest and action, there is cynicism and a sense of helplessness. If this knowledge is not propagandized by those that understand the actual situation through Vedic knowledge of Kali Yuga, then this is the fault of renunciation of duty. Sri Krsna told Arjuna to fight, not to run away.

Where does ISKCON stand in this struggle against the demoniac entities of Kali? What part must ISKCON play? Such will be the topic of the next essay. Meanwhile dear devotees make sure that you are chanting nicely, studying Srila Prabhupada’s books, only eating pure foods you have prepared yourself, eat nothing made by food companies, keep your children away from the television, and follow the principles of purity, the four regulations as perfectly as you can.

Always remember that the battleground of Kali versus the Divine is ultimately your own heart. Sri Caitanya has sent His Sena-Pati, Great General Srila Prabhupada, as described in Vedas.  Take his instructions as your life and soul. Only those instructions can protect you and your loved ones from the all-pervasive attack of Kali. Become guru and liberate everyone in this land from Kali consciousness by teaching the science of Krsna Consciousness. Do not be a victim, rather be a Heroic Spiritual Warrior, preaching like Arjuna fought for Sri Krsna. Such is your duty under the order of the Supreme Lord, Sri Krsna Caitanya Mahaprabhu. Do this divine good for others and yourself.