Kesava Dasa – Sri Vrndavan Dham: Earlier this morning, we noticed yet another attempt at hacking Prabhupada Vision which was not successful.  On the 31th of December 2011, was hacked and the website was down for  a period of time while we restored it from a backup. We then strengthened the security and made a number of changes to attempt to stop any future malicious hacking attempts, however that has not stopped these attackers from trying to take down.

This morning we again found that hackers were attempting to find security holes and exploit them on our server. They have not been successful, however we are taking extra measures to ensure that the truth about FISKCON not covered over. This will be more or less a ongoing problem unfortunately. We understand the need for these malicious entities to try and suppress the truth about their unqualified gurus and the corrupt GBC, however we firmly believe that the devotional community need to be aware of the extent of Kali’s influence in our movement.

Therefore, these demons may fight for their right to be cheated. But we fight for their illusion to be dispelled.

Over the next 24 hours or so, there may be some irregularities when posting comments, as the changes we have made will take some time to settle. If you find that your comment has not been posted after 24 hours then please resubmit it.

Thank you for your support and we hope that these hackers will take the time to read the articles that they are so desperately trying to take down, so that they may see that fighting for these rubber stamped gurus and bogus GBCs is wrong and fighting for Srila Prabhupada is right.