Mahasrnga dasa – Jaipura: The history of ISKCON would be amusing if it weren’t for the fact that advancement in spiritual life and going back home to Godhead is the most significant and meaningful activity that one can accomplish in the short period while we’re inside these human bodies.

In the past 34 years we have seen our beloved ISKCON go from, while Srila Prabhupada was ‘physically’ present, being the mission that could save the world and bring the Mission of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu into its glory for the next 10,000 years to an embarrassing laughingstock of a religion.

Not only have we disgraced Prabhupada but we’ve had the presumptuous and impertinence opinion that we knew more than he did and that we could become equal to him in spiritual status and, even to the point of changing his books, words and spiritual valuations.

We brought in seats that were larger than his, put larger pictures of conditioned souls on Lord Krsna’s altar and charlatan “gurus” have deceived tens and hundreds of thousands of trusting aspiring devotees.

The ‘annals’ of our past activities have already been recorded for future generations to analyze how provoking Kali Yuga can be.  And the ‘big’ players involved in directing/discrediting our society will have to account to His Divine Grace for their humiliating disobedience.  Even though they camouflage their accountability with three letters in this one.

Although certainly distasteful, sometime regurgitation of antiquity is necessary for clarification and uncloaking hidden agendas, so things can become transparent for ingenuous population.

Basically for an impostor “guru” to leave his post, without  investigation committees, emergency ‘executive councils’ and having his activities splattered all over the internet, he must literally  have his head cut off. (Jaitirtha prabhu and almost JPS)

Even after Bhavananda was exposed as a homosexual,  he gave “initiation” against the wishes of peer Godbrothers; Even though  Kirtananda was a notorious pedophile, bludgeoned on the head and disgraced around the world he wanted that pratistha until death; Satsvarupa had an illicit sexual relation with a close Godbrothers wife and is still wheeled around as a guru; Umapathi was kicked out of ISKCON after years of lying about homosexual encounters with his “disciples”;  Param Gati is still a pretend swami/guru after kissing one of his young male ‘disciples’ and he followed the GBC’s restrictions to the letter;  and the list goes on even to the point of a ‘guru’ borrowing money from disciples for business speculations.

The elixir of wanting money, fame, worship and eulogies is so intoxicating that even people with good intentions just can’t help themselves exactly like a dope addict who needs a fix or an agitated man craves sex.

Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Maharaja Prabhupada

Letter to his London disciples, July, 1969:
“Therefore having a bona fide spiritual master and serving him and pleasing him and getting his mercy is essential. Otherwise there can be no advancement in Krishna consciousness. And unless the spiritual master is a pure devotee of Krishna then he has no potency to give you Krishna. He is simply a cheating rascal.

So in fact above all the rules and regulations and offenses I have mentioned the most important thing, the essential thing, which is required if you want to come to the stage of purely chanting the Hare Krishna mantra is you must have a bona fide spiritual master who is a pure devotee of Krishna. Without having a bona fide spiritual master you can chant Hare Krishna forever but you will not be able to advance because Krishna does not reveal Himself in this way. He only reveals Himself to those devotees who surrender to and serve and please His pure devotees.”

The obvious conclusion is that these people in the guise of a pure devotee are scurvy foam disguised as advanced “GURUS”.  Their dishonesty is despicable and the karma for destroying another person’s spiritual life is millions of times worse than personally struggling with the rules and regulations.

“A cheater is taking the place of teacher.  Therefore the whole world is degraded.  You can cheat others that, ‘I am in dress of a devotee.’ But what is your character?  What is your actual value? That has to be judged. That is called bona fide teacher.”   Srila Prabhupada letter to Hawaii, Jan. 17 1974

These characters and their activities will indeed be judged by the servants of Yamaraja but it would help ISKCON tremendously if devotees could wake up from their slumber, study the history, information, cooperate together and dethrone these scoundrel miscreants.