Narottam Dāsa – France: Please forgive any offence I may commit in this letter. I am not so active member of ISKCON since I was joined in Bhagavān time in early eighties. He was my guru but I left some years after he left. After many years I am still chanting and I follow the principles but my saddhana is not too strong, so please forgive my thoughts are not clear.

I have been reading the pages of this website with much pleasure to see so many devotees fighting for our Prabhupāda. You know how long I have been waiting for change in our society and I can feel this change is happening now. No longer do GBC men have power over our mind and intelligence. Bhagavān was a great leader and we worshiped him as good as Prabhupāda but then he left us. Can you imagine what that did to us? We had no shelter but Prabhupāda.

When I see back to that time is see what was happening with our leaders I am more clear that they were not Krishna conscious at all this was big act on their part and we all got caught up in wake of Prabhupāda and we gave our hearts and souls to these big men. We also gave all the money we collected to them.

You cannot imagine the power these men had on our minds and hearts we gave them everything and they took everything we gave them. They had money and gold rings and big expensive cars and gold watches everything they wanted and we were living like beggars. Only now I see this clearly they were big sannyāsī gurus and they had power money woman and we had nothing. Not prabhujis that I wanted what they had I wanted to please Krisha and guru by my renouncing everything I could.

Prabhus as disciples of these gurus we did all the work and we gave them the credit. As I have read here on this site for first time devotees talking like this. We did the work we made others into devotees got them chanting on their beads gave them their first beads. We cooked for them at Sunday feasts we gave out papers on the streets, we sold stickers and ran from police and we went out on Harinama and sang and dancedand sometimes we were beaten. We gave all the money and built the temples. We made the devotees and gave them to our guru for official initiation. We arrange fire sacrifice we arrange temple room and feast the guru comes and gives initiation and gets the donations and credit then leaves. The guru takes this all and we give them all the credit and none to Prabhupāda but when this guru resigns he takes the money and the credit still and we cannot say anything for we will be called demons? Why is our ISKCON like this?

Even now I have no money and live simple life. But how they live is not right. They must be big example for us to follow but how can we follow them when they have so much money and live such highflying lifestyle.

I see the new gurus live the same highflyer lifestyle of our gurus and when I see they also leave or falldown and made to leave then I see nothing changed in this time. Nothing.

Now I read about Prabhavisnu prabhu how he has had big exposure in this website and I wonder what happened to all his money? He must have had much money he collected from his disciples? Harikesa also made big profit from his time in ISKCON. Now look at him.

To me this guru is business it is a job for them. They apply for position and if the company agrees then they get job and hold on as long as they can cheating people taking their money and getting them to work free of charge. Now I see they are paying their worker wages as well and so everyone shares the profit. I see now I was sales representative for my guru. I did the sales and made money, I recruited more sales reps who my guru employed as sales representatives just like me. We believed he supported us he was going to take us to Krishna, he was the guru mentioned in the Bhagavad Gītā he was the representative of Lord Krishna.

But then one day we woke up and found that he had walked away from us leaving us without a boss.

Prabhavisnu did the same thing one day his disciples woke and found out that their guru or boss had resigned from his position and now they had no job to go to. There is no difference between a corporate boss and our guru bosses when they resign or are fired they are given huge pay off or retirement package. People must ask what happened to all the money that Prabhavisnu had in his bank accounts? Does he still have that money that he was given for his job in ISKCON? If the GBC took it away what happened to this money?

What makes me mad angry is that it has taken so long for me to wake up and come to my senses. How in māyā I was for all those years.

I pray with all my heart that the disciples of the gurus wake up sooner than I did and find that it is only Prabhupāda who can take them back to Godhead and so do not get cheated by the bosses of the business ISKCON or FISKCON that everyone is now calling them.

You know after all these years I never left ISKCON and Prabhupāda. The man that I thought was a guru my guru left me as all these gurus will leave you and you will find out hard way that there is only Prabhupāda.

Your servant

Narottam Dāsa