Angry Mother – Australia: Well sure my heart goes out to all those god brothers and sisters of mine who still hold a candle for Prabhavisnu but I will not think good of him ever again. For years I battled on washing dishes, cleaning nappies and cooking for my husband as he worked his butt off and gave so much of it to Prabhavisnu. How much did we do for him over the years I cannot imagine! How much we went without because guru Mahārāja needed money for his service in Katmandu or to build his house in Vṛndāvan or his preaching in Russia when we needed money for our family! How many times did I buy secondhand stuff for us all because gurudev needed more money?

We heard that he is in Thailand somewhere with his girlfriend? What is that all about? His girlfriend who he has yet to drop the big question? Who is this woman and how did they meet? How did a sannyāsī guru meet a woman, a shop keeper? Did he meet her at a pub or in her shop? Why does it matter? Well it matters to us because he was our guru, a pure devotee who Krishna had sent to us to take us back home to Godhead. Now he is pillow talking with some woman who we don’t know whether she is a devotee or not? It matters because I know some of my godsisters who refuse to accept that he is less than a pure devotee and they still do puja to him and offer bhog to him, of course it matters! I am sure she is not a devotee so how is this possible I want to understand. Please tell me my dear god sisters how can you still think he is a pure devotee?

When we got married we had to ‘associate’ for six months under the hawk eyes of the Temple President along with the rest of the Temple! But he can sneak around and have a girlfriend who has no idea he wants to marry her? How is it he can do as he pleases and we couldn’t????  Why is he allowed to do what he wants without the constraints of the regulative principle of illicit sex? Who are his authorities now? How different is he now to us? We are both initiated devotees of ISKCON and he a guru and sannyāsī was with a karmi woman? To think we have been teaching our children to worship him for all these years and for him to be their guru?!? What do you have to say for this now my god sisters and brothers? Ramai Swami? Devamrita Swami! What do you say to my children? Well I will never let you near my children!!!

Oh please give us a break will you if you think that he is as pure as the driven snow! We heard about his visiting prostitutes way back and we refused to believe it then but we now know we were the ones who were ripped off by him and the GBCs! So please spare me the agony of listening to you bleat on about how he is still a pure devotee who is enjoying some līlā with his Thai gopi girlfriend.

You may say okay mataji calm down don’t be offensive! But will you give me back all those years and all that we sacrificed for him? Okay I am angry and will deal with it I have to for my kids and my husband’s sake but I am angry and you have no right to say to me to calm down. I will calm down but in my time and my way.

I want to say to all the bhaktas and bhaktins out there to stop listening to any of the disciples of these gurus, like my husband and I were they are all in some stupid illusion that a mundane guru is a pure devotee. Nothing they say is true and they are all full of it. I know I am not committing an offence because our gurudev is a pervert and they all said he was a freaking pure devotee! We said he was a pure devotee! How can you believe the disciples?

To tell you the truth why should you listen at all to any GBC or Temple authority? They all knew about Prabhavisnu and covered it up for years! They are as bad as he is. I can tell you, don’t on any terms support the GBC or Temple President until they get honest with us and stop lying all the time. Do not give any money to any guru under any circumstances. Take shelter of Prabhupāda and no one else as these people will rip you off like Paul Barrow did us.

You know Prabhavisnu was our savior after our whole yatra was destroyed by the poofter Bhavananda who was exposed and now look what happened both the bona fide spiritual masters that ISKCON offered us are now exposed as being sexually deviant. What do we expect to follow as the GBC and gurus make plans for our spiritual future? To hell with them!