Greg Weiss – New York: Anyone who is been around FISKCON for a while was exposed to vast arrays of diverse highly damaging tomfooleries. The latest public spectacle was that of Prabavishnu ‘swami’ whereas he got caught (again) by his disciples having illicit relationship with a woman on the streets of Bangkok. PV is neither first nor certainly last Sannyasi-Guru, who was pretending/faking that he is something which he is not, and is fully responsible for devastations and havocs his little “fake it till you make it” game created for the institution and lives of his followers.

However, there is a similar macabre like fiasco occurring in New York were another extremely painfully arrogant ISKCON Leader and future Sannyasi wannabe just got caught having a long term illicit relationship with a woman, while parading around as a ‘senior vaisnava brahmacari’ demanding the royal treatment. He goes by the name Yajna Purusha dasa .

“His Grace Yajna Purusha dasa prabhu is a senior vaishnava of ISKCON, originally from Germany has been practicing the path of Bhagavad-Gita for over two decades. A tall and strong Brahmacari, currently serving as the temple president of one of the most vibrant temples in North America in Manhattan is fully dedicated to the mission of helping as many souls as possible to come closer to Krishna. H.G. Yajna Purusha dasa prabhu is a disciple of HH Niranjana Swami. He has lived in Manhattan for the last 11 years where he developed the Bhaktivedanta Ashram: a brahmacari ashram dedicated to spreading Krishna Consciousness in NYC through book distribution, college outreach and harinam sankirtan and the training of vaisnavas.”

This same individual is also known for many other despicable activities that he was involved in for last few years. He (Yanja Purusha das) is the individual who together with his dear siksa guru Radhanatha swami played instrumental role in ruthless hostile takeover of Kirtananda`s Sanctuary place in New York exhibiting their real deceitful and conniving nature, while publicly exhibiting in FISKCON- their acting career as an dramatically performing sadhu.. This legal theft was explained in detail.

“Radhanath and Yajya Purusha, The Sanctuary Hijackers”

Yanja Purusha under his siksa guru`s constant guidance (Radhanatha) is also actively involved in the introduction of philosophical misconception in the form of Religious Syncretism as the only real and viable method of preaching KC that raised many serious concerns on the GBC level, but because of Radhanatha swami`s backing and full support they are not able to deal with this seriously philosophically deviant problem.

It is important to note that Yanja Purusha`s stolen Bhakti Centre is active member of Collegiate churches of New York.

…“As well as Yajna Purusa, eleven other East Village religious leaders joined the group—including rabbis, imams, Catholic and Russian Orthodox priests, Episcopal and Protestant ministers, a Spanish Evangelical pastor, and a Tibetan lama. They meet monthly, rotating sites and sharing their spiritual spaces each time. At these private meetings, they discuss issues facing their congregations and how they can work together to solve them.”…

Anyone with the rudimentary understanding of FISKCON`s history knows the origins of this apasidhanta that is currently dividing and internally polarizing SP movement.

We as a society must work toward major change in the way we are managed by GBC. It is now beyond doubt that the falsely renounced who represent ISKCON and have positions of power and control are not to be trusted. We can no longer allow such people to represent our Vaiṣṇava society.

It is not good enough we allow some kind of natural attrition to occur where the bad apples fall off the tree. The tree needs to vigorously shaken to dislodge all these bad apples. The GBC is the glue that holds the bad apples in place and they need to be removed. How many more must be exposed and bring shame and ridicule to our ISKCON before we wake up and kick these people out?

Radhanath so called Swami has been caught in act a few times with women, the GBC know this his wealthy Indian donors know this and they keep him in as a kind of a figure head which can only be to the fact that GBC’s real intentions is to destroy our ISKCON society. Now his śikṣā senior brahmacārī disciple is exposed for illicit sexual liaisons. How many more sexual deviant and criminals types do the GBC have in their file? What is the use of allowing these people to discredit our society and take advantage of the devotees with impunity from GBC?