Kṛṣṇacandra Dāsa – Śrī Vṛndāvan Dham: In an attempt to understand what is going through the mind of the modern day ISKCON guru preacher I decided to see what kind of a speech I could rustle up in half an hour of hitting the keyboard. I wanted to blend both the new age preacher with the new preaching style based on the ‘Śrīla Prabhupāda is dead’ principle and they are now the new interpreters of śāstra, in order to give an insight into the new preaching style of our modern day ISKCON gurus.

I read what I wrote to several devotees who were greatly disturbed and advised me not to publish it, however others thought that although it is disturbing to read it does highlight the mood and the twisted ideology behind many of the so called new age gurus of our ISKCON society.

Note: To any FISKCON guru or guru wannabe this is not a serious philosophical treatise and it has not been taken from a FISKCON Guru Training Module. It was also not written by Radhanath Swami or Sacinandan Swami for they do not exhibit this level of comprehension; however, this by no means infers that my piece is of a high standard it is more that their standard is barely primary school level…

As this may be disturbing please proceed with caution…

His Holiness Mudhapada Swami

Hari Om Shalom Amen

We must not believe that simply because ISKCON was founded by the pure devotee His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupāda that he was the end of spiritual dialectic after all he did want everyone to become like him, spiritual gurus who lead the way in the eternal search to find ourselves and find God. His Divine Grace was a learned charismatic teacher whose role in mankind was not to reject our humanity but embrace our humanness to its fullest.

He will never be forgotten as one of the many self realized souls who have attained perfection by realizing that human potential is boundless when it comes to knowing and loving God, the God of which we are all part and parcel. It is only when we realize that God is in us and that we are parts and parcels of God that we can truly know peace and harmony in both ourselves and with our fellow man.

It is only then that we can see the true nature of shared religious experience and harmonize our lives with our fellow man…

All the great teachers of mankind have brought us to this point in human society, yet it is only through spiritual upliftment that mankind can transcend the material restraints of body mind and soul and reach God consciousness.

Our true journey is to realize our true spiritual nature in yoga or union with God almighty in relation to our fellow man.

However it is only through the spiritual or religious dialectic that mankind can understand the true nature of our existence and God in order to attain true everlasting peace and harmony. The mind is never at rest, always engaged in hankering for a better future or lamenting about our past troubles. It is seldom in the present where if we listen closely we will hear the God within us and it is through this union, this connection of pure unadulterated blissful union that we can know the mind of God. Know that God is in us and that it is only through us we can help others also know and experience the pure bliss of our journey’s end in union with God.

Service is the only true way in which we can gain an understanding of the goal of life which is to become God conscious. Service to God means service of our fellow man and vice versa and hence it is only through the development of a service attitude that one can perceive the nature of God as he works inside the hearts and minds of man to give us the necessary tools in order to transcend our material bonds.

God’s plan is that mankind find peace and harmony of shared religious experience lived through their daily lives by working cooperatively for the greater good. The greater good should be to render loving service to our fellow man by following the duties prescribed by human society aimed at achieving peace and harmony of thought, heart and action in the ultimate service of God.

There is no need to change your present situation for mankind is always in the perfect state as predestined by God. There is no need to give up anything for nothing we own or have is ours individually it all belongs to mankind and unto God. We must strive to increase our service to our fellow man by learning how this system that God has given us works and how we can all work together to better ourselves no matter what particular system we follow be it political cultural religious or our profession. We must harmonize all that we do and all that we are for the greater good.

There is no need to leave your culture your religion your profession for all that we are and all that we do can be dovetailed back into the service of the Lord. Learn all you can from life, educate yourselves and make yourself secure in the society in which you live. When you are secure you can then learn to truly and freely offer the fruits of your endeavor no matter if it be your knowledge your skills and talents and your money for the greater good of mankind.

Seek out ways in which you can serve by giving freely to those who serve others, those who have seen the truth and know what is to be done to help others serve the greater good by showing them the path back to Godhead. You must find such a spiritual guide and render loving service unto them and they will show you the path back home.

Chanting the names of God will lead us all to our eternal salvation and working in Gods service will give us the ability to share our experience and help each other by offering the fruits of our endeavor to the greater good and unto God.

To truly share our experience of loving God we must learn to forgive each other for our mistake or blunders on our shared spiritual journey. Forgiveness is a quality that we must treasure above many other good qualities that we have to learn in our journey of self discovery for forgiveness teaches us to love unconditionally our fellow man.

No one is truly perfect in our long journey home and we make blunders along the way. It is only when we understand that to blunder or to make mistakes is human and so we must be ever ready to forgive the mistakes or blunders of another even if they are our teachers. For it is only from our love and trust of our teachers that we learn that mistakes or blunders are simply to show us what not to do on our journey no matter how serious they may seem to us at the time they are only there to teach and guide us in our service to mankind and God.

This is the age of Kali or the Kali yuga which is the age of quarrel and hypocrisy. Māyā or illusion will always be there in our lives until we seek out and find a spiritual master who has seen the truth and can show you the way through these troubled times. The true spiritualist is the one who can see through the illusion of māyā and see the truth which lies behind the deed so we must learn not to judge too quickly the deeds of those who are more advanced on their spiritual journey.

Our minds are so full of hatred resentment and envy that it is hard to know what is right and what is wrong in others. The spiritual master may, to the hardened heart, be engaged in activities that may appear to be immoral or criminal but how can we stand there in judgment of someone whose activities lie beyond the purview of normal comprehension? What is one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is it not? Some may see a deed as good some see the same deed as bad, it is after all simply a matter of perception. It is not always possible for one to be able to judge the activities of another and it is only in hindsight that one may see what one initially perceived as bad action was after all a good action.

So better not judge another’s actions or deeds, especially if the other is a spiritual leader who has spiritual perception greater than his fellow man. One must free one’s mind from the dualities of good and bad and act in pure goodness which is not connected to this phenomenal world of cause and effect.

Seek to transcend the dualities of life and seek shelter from those who have seen the nature of the absolute truth and can help you transcend your existence and live a life of bliss and eternality steeped in the love of God. It is only through the love that emanates from God that we can purely connect with another’s soul, another’s heart and find peace and harmony.

May you meet with God in your hearts, may you go with God in your hearts and may God bless you all with peace and harmony. All glories to God. Hari Om Shalom Amen