Puranjan Dāsa – USA: Exposure of corruption, criminality and philosophical deviations has its effect as it interferes with the preaching work or disciple acquisition of bogus Gurus and they end up resorting to legal threats or action in order to scare us in the hope that we stop our exposes and educational efforts. The bad guys resort to lawyers and we resort to the truth and śāstra. Please read on and see how their claims are easily disputed with facts.

Below is a letter that I received from Tripurari’s legal representatives and my response.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Alberto Interian III, Esq.
22001 Panorama Way
Philo, CA 95466

Receipt # 7008 1830 0004 7587 2509

Attn: Timothy K. Lee
POB 6391
Santa Rosa, CA 95406
[email protected]



Dear Mr. Lee,
I represent the interests of Swami Tripurari, as well as Audarya and its principals. We have recently learned that you have made numerous statements and posted various comments on the internet about my client that tantamount to more than mere opinion, are blatantly false, and in-fact will result in actionable tort claims if not removed or corrected immediately.

Those tort claims include, but are not limited to, defamation, tortuous interference with business, and trademark infringement. You have, with willful and malicious intent, pursued a systematic course of action to harass and defame my client. Specifically, the following URLs contains material and content that has been posted specifically as a form of harassment:

I. http://www.harekrsna.org/gbc/black/tripura.htm
II. http://harekrsna.org/gbc/black/tripura2.htm
III. http://www.harekrsna.org/pada/2005/p2k050904.htm
IV. http://krishna1008.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-new-plan-to-deal-withtripurari.

The content in the URLs identified herein above is also defamatory, libelous, threatening and abusive on its face. Furthermore, under California State Law, the content is defamatory per se, because it falsely states that my client has committed or has been involved in acts of crime and moral turpitude, such as:

• Drug dealing, child molestation, fraud, using minors as drug mules, illegal gun dealing, beating women, and murder, amongst other things;

[PADA: Thanks for your interest. First of all I find it odd that a law firm is operating on a property that is apparently registered to a charity? Does the charity commission, bar association, and Mendocino planning department know there is a business operating from this property? Next, from a legal perspective you have made a huge error in your above assessment, but I am not going to give you legal advice for free.

I have been openly writing about Tripurari swami IN PUBLIC since at least as early as 1985. Isn’t there a “legal statute of limits” for Tripurari Swami to finally come forward and complain? Why has he been waiting since 1985 to finally forward a complaint about our writings? Anyway, the above interpretation of my writings by you is not what I actually said. You have not quoted any direct statements that I actually made, rather you have cut, pasted, paraphrased, distorted and extrapolated what I said. You are conducting the very mis-representation you claim to oppose?

For example, I never said that Tripurari swami (aka Thomas Beaudry) either committed or has been involved in crimes? Rather I have stated all along that my original disagreement with Tripurari swami started in the 1980s when I said that Tripurari swami’s “Sridhara Maharaja” group supports deviants as messiahs, and these bogus messiahs are orchestrating crimes. And Tripurari swami is implicated in this scheme of events because he has been one of the leading promoters of Sridhara Maharaja.

I have further stated that there is ample legal evidence, eye-witnesses, newspaper accounts, lawsuits, legal complaints, and so forth which LEGALLY document that the bogus messiahs supported by Sridhara Maharaja have orchestrated criminal acts of all types. And in sum all of the above crimes listed by you are merely by-products of the Sridhara Maharaja supported false messiahs such as: child molestation, fraud, drug mules, gun dealing, beating women and murder etc. These crimes and many more have been orchestrated by the bogus messiahs which Tripurari swami’s mentor and self advertised “guru” BR SRIDHARA MAHARAJA supported.

If any of this can be proven as wrong, I will retract my comments, but keep in mind we have in our possession many transcripts of Sridhara Maharaja’s promoting these bogus GBC gurus, transcripts that were given to me by Sudhir Krishna when he was in San Jose. Are you saying these transcripts of Sridhara Maharaja supporting the GBC’s gurus do not exist?

I have also said the original history of criminals posing as messiahs comes from India according to many documented accounts. For example, in 1936 Tripurari swami’s self-advertised “shiksha guru” aka “BR Sridhara Maharaja” (SM) of Navadvip co-created, co-founded and he vociferously supported — a homosexual messiah’s project in India. And then, Sridhara Maharaja’s false messiah’s project orchestrated dissenters being beaten and murdered — and other crimes. I never said Sridhara Maharaja committed these crimes himself? Rather — due to Sridhara Maharaja’ssupport of this homosexual guru’s worship program, he created A DANGEROUS CULT environment where these crimes DID take place.

This odious history has been verified by accounts from AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada who explained the criminal history of Sridhara Maharaja’s post-1936 bogus messiah’s imbroglio in detail. So you are really taking AC Bhaktivedanta Swami to court here since he is the person who identified Sridhara Maharaja as one of the most important original founding fathers of the 1936 homosexual messiah’s program which had dissenters beaten and killed. I am simply quoting what Srila Prabhupada said in this regard.

And later, in the 1940’s Sridhara Maharaja’s bogus messiah’s child was poisoned to death — to cover up for another big scandal. And that Sridhara Maharaja’s concocted messiah then committed suicide with a cyanide like poison — and that this bogus messiah’s regime was founded by, vociferously defended by, and in sum created by, Tripurari’s self proclaimed “siksha guru” aka BR Sridhara Maharaja. This history has been verified by other senior members of the post-1936 Gaudiya Matha in India. Does Tripurari swami support Sridhara Maharaja or not?

Did these crimes all manifest out of thin air, or did not Sridhara Maharaja create a Frankenstein monster by supporting these false messiahs? I am not lying that all this occured, it’s all verified in acounts made by AC Bhaktivedanta swami Prabhupada who was an eye-witness, as are others from that era that we cite. You are thus actually attacking Srila Prabhupada’s account of events because I am citing him. At the same time, Tripurari swami claims the statements of AC Bhaktivedanta swami are fully accurate, how can he say they are both accurate and false simultaneously?

I said that Srila Prabhupada is correct, that because of people like Sridhara Maharaja supporting false messiah’s and their dangerous cult-like regimes, then innocent “dissenters” become subsequently beaten and killed. I never said that the promoters of these false messiah project’s such as Sridhara Maharaja themselves did any actual killing? I said the supporters of such false gurus orchestrate and foment the dangerous cult-like environment that spawns these crimes. You are committing libel and slander of me by mis-quoting what I said and what Srila Prabhupada said.

And in 1978, after all of us knew about the resultant crimes from Sridhara Maharaja’s bogus guru regime of post-1936, because it was detailed by ISKCON founder Srila Prabhupada to all of his followers BEFORE 1977, then Tripurari swami still became a big supporter of Sridhara Maharaja AFTER 1977, knowing that Sridhara Maharaja is a main founder father of a violent homosexual messiah’s cult. Or did Tripurari swami not bother to hear what Srila Prabhupada said about this problem? Tripurari swami never explains why he has supported the main founder father of a violent homosexual messiah’s cult in 1936?

Therefore we can easily conclude, Tripurari swami supports / worships the person who is the “founder father” of the 1936 worship of homosexual messiah’s program which orchestrated murders. It is my understanding that murder is a crime? Thus, what I really said is that after 1978 Sridhara Maharaja, who was one of the main founder fathers of the 1936 homosexual guru imbroglio in India, became a big supporter of the post-1977 eleven bogus GBC gurus of ISKCON. Therefore Sridhara Maharaja and his clones like Tripurari swami became supporters of their policy — of making deviants, criminals and even homosexual pedophiles into ISKCON’s gurus and messiahs, a policy which resulted in child molesting, murders and so forth.

These false gurus have been implicated in all sorts of crimes as early as 1980 — all legally VERIFIED in the PUBLIC NEWSPAPERS (see the web site harekrsna.org for details). So yes, Tripurari swami and his mentor supported the “criminals as messiahs” policy and the false messiahs actual projects. The crimes of these gurus supported by Sridhara Maharaja have been detailed all over the MEDIA since 1978. I can easily prove that the “gurus” Sridhara Maharaja supported are a criminal enterprise.

For example, I was in San Francisco area when Atreya Rsi (Marz Attar) was trying to get Tripurari swami “voted in as an ISKCON GBC co-guru.” Tripurari was at that time begging these eleven criminals to be voted in to their group, i.e. the very same homosexual and pedophile guru’s program. This is when Kirtanananda was sitting on a huge golden throne covered with the hands of fifty boys. Jane Wallace of CBS news said this Kirtanananda was “in pedophile heaven” sitting on a huge golden throne covered with the hands of fifty boys. And yet despite seeing Kirtanananda covered with the hands of fifty boys, people like Tripurari swami were basically licking Kirtanananda’s boots trying to be “voted in” as the co-messiahs to this “pedophile heaven”? Tripurari swami has never explained how he was authorized to do this? He has never made a public apology to the thousands of children that were molested because of his support for this regime (that we know of)?

If there is a good and sensible explanation for his support of these criminals and molesters posing as messiahs, lets us know and we will publish that. So yes, its obvious that by supporting “pedophile heaven” messiahs, then pedophilia will become rampant, and did become rampant. This is all recorded in our Dallas, Texas “Windle Turley” lawsuit. The result of people like Tripurari promoting the “worship of pedophiles as messiah’s regime” is that thousands of children were in fact molested. Again, to be very clear, this is all LEGALLY documented in the Dallas $400,000,000 Windle Turley lawsuit (which Sridhara Maharaja’s messiah’s project lost by the way).

I was there with Atreya Rsi when Tripurari swami was trying to get “voted in as a co-messiah” to Kirtanananda and his cohorts. Are you saying I was not there? Tripurari swami was trying to get “voted in” as their co-messiah, and so I confronted him in person on this issue. Instead of agreeing that he should not be “voted in as another messiah” by deviants as their co-messiah, he got angry at me. Does he now agree that he has been wrong to support them? Or what? Again for clarity, at that exact time, one of the people Atreya Rsi was talking to — to plead for Tripurari swami’s case to be “voted into the GBC guru’s group” — was Kirtanananda swami (Keith Ham), a homosexual, a pedophile and a convicted criminal who is implicated in many crimes including murders. These events are all recorded in ALL the major USA newspapers in 1986?

Kirtanananda sent people to kill my associate Sulochana aka Steve Bryant and they would have killed me except the police intervened and arrested their “hit man.” Hence, by folks like Tripurari’s supporting this bogus guru’s group, people were killed and I would have been killed as well. This is all detailed in the John Hubner and Lindsay Gruson book “Monkey On A Stick” published by Harcourt Brace. Is Tripurari saying my friends were not killed by the bogus cult Sridhara Maharaja supported? This story was ALSO in every major newspaper in the USA.

Is Tripurari swami now saying he has no idea who Kirtanananda is? Lest we forget, it was Sridhara Maharaja who told these false messiahs like Kirtanananda and his bogus GBC gurus party to “vote in” more gurus, and so they voted in even more waves of sexual perverts, criminals, deviants and child molesters as their messiahs under the Sridara Maharaja / Tripurari swami policy of “messiah by vote.” One of these messiahs was just now booted out of his post for chasing prostitutes in Bangkok. Several others were booted out for homosexual aggression on young men recently as well. This is the bogus guru program that Sridhara Maharaja supported, and he is one of the original 1977 founder father advocates, cheer leaders and “advisors” of this exact false messiahs project we are discussing.

When I went to a Rathayatra festival in San Francisco, Tripurari swami was sitting together with Jayadvaita swami (Jay Israel). Jayadvaita has written a document saying that many ISKCON gurus (i.e. the program supported by Sridhara Maharaja) have been caught being engaged in illicit sex with men, women and children. Why is Tripurari swami associated with these people all the time? Why does Tripurari befriend the people who say messiahs are engaged in illicit sex, even with children? And he attacks us for saying messiahs are not having illicit sex even with children? Is Tripurari swami suing folks like Jayadvaita for his saying gurus / messiahs are sometimes child molesters? No, he is suing us — because we say child molesters are not messiahs? Are the folks around Philo going to applaud someone who befriends and supports deviants who say child molesters are part of their lineage of messiahs from God? We think not. And if this is not the case then what is the case?

The January 1986 “Back To Godhead” magazine that Jayadvaita edits said that Kirtanananda is “like Jesus.” Has Tripurari ever said that it is wrong for his friends like Jayadvaita and their guru project to juxtapose Jesus and child molesters, and that he is going to sue them for making these odious attacks on Jesus? No, he wants to sue us because we say it is sinful to juxtapose Jesus with Sridhara Maharaja’s child molester messiah’s cult? Or what? Then we find (GBC messiah for Boston) Satsvarupa swami writes that he came to Philo in Mendocino to visit and spend time with Tripurari swami. Satsvarupa is the person who wrote that Kirtanananda is a pure devotee, a diksha guru (like Jesus), and in fact Satsvarupa writes that Kirtanananda is another person like Jesus. Why is Tripurari always friends with the people who say deviants and molesters are like Jesus? Is he suing any of them? No, he is friends with them. Who is he suing then? Anyone who says child molesters are not messiahs and / or persons like Jesus (like us).

And when Satsvaraupa found out that me and Sulochana aka Steve Bryant were writing against their homosexual pedophile messiahs program, he wrote that we are “poisonous pens.” So although Satsvarupa did not shoot at us himself, by his branding us as “offensive poison” he got Sulochana shot to death in March of 1986. I would have been killed had not the FBI saved me. So the people who are orchestrating murders of my friends, and almost getting me murdered, are the people Tripurari has supported all along. Or has he recanted? He never says. And this is exactly how Sridhara Maharaja got people killed after 1936 in India. He said that his homosexual messiah is bona fide and “none should protest.” That means, “protestors” could get killed and did get killed.

The PHILO property that Tripurari now lives on was the headquaters of one of Sridhara Maharaja’s biggest “shiksha disciples” namely His divine grace Srila Jayatirtha Tirthapada (James Immel). Jayatirtha said he was giving the new dispensation of Jesus, apparently, drugs like marijuana and LSD. This is the person who kicked me out of ISKCON at the behest of Sridhara Maharaja who was saying “none should protest.” Jayatirtha then went on to become the biggest importer of the drug “ecstasy” into the UK. He was taking drugs, offering drugs to his altar, and he was having sex with some of his own female followers, including at least one married disciple. And some of his followers were going crazy from drugs, for example one of them tried to forcibly grab a woman actor off the Berkeley Theater stage at a drama play to take her “on a date.” OK, by pointing a gun at her head and ordering her off the stage. This was merely one of thousands of evil results from Sridhara Maharaja’s promoting these fools as messiahs.

Allegedly, some of Jayatirtha’s followers were killed for protesting, one was in Nepal so I cannot confirm that. Anyway Jayatirtha’s headquarters is right NOW where YOUR headquarters is, i.e. Panorama Road in Philo. Now is Tripurari swami saying he has no idea that Sridhara Maharaja was a huge supporter of Jayatirtha? He never heard of Jayatirtha, despite Tripurari swami is living at the very ex-headquarters of Jayatirtha? Tripurari swami never heard that Jayatirtha had his head hacked off — slowly with a dull knife — because he was having an illicit affair with the wife of a disciple? And all this happened because Sridhara Maharaja led Jayatirtha to ruin by telling him he was some sort of a messiah?

I thus said I was being excessively nice to Tripurari swami for my not going to local businesses / community leaders / churches in his area telling them he said we are “bogus ritviks who are like the Christians” because we do not worship the “homosexual messiah’s project” founder fathers like Sridhara Maharaja. Christians are not big fans of programs like — the worship of homosexual pedophiles as their Jesus-like messiahs either? Christians are not big fans of being told they are “bogus ritviks” because they do not worship homosexuals as their messiahs? I do not think Tripurari will fair very well if this debate goes to the public.

I am not sure why Tripurari swami cannot comprehend this for the past 35 years? Or has he recanted his views? Or what? Or, I could certainly make a simple claim that the worship of homosexual pedophiles as messiahs is a hazard to children and therefore the founder fathers supporters of that program need to be exposed? And its thus my duty to expose this problem i.e.: some prominent supporters of the post-1977 “enforced cult ritualistic worship of homosexual pedophile messiah’s club” (ok like Tripurari’s hero Sridhara Maharaja) are being worshiped in your back yard over there in Philo? Again I have been very merciful to have not done that already?

I also said I was being merciful to Swami Tripurari by not visiting churches in his area and lecturing to the people there that they have a person in their midst who not only worships the main cheer leader supporter (Sridhara Maharaja) of the worship of homosexuals and pedophiles as messiahs, but that Tripurari swami was trying to get voted in as their co-messiah in that group. If he wants me to proceed on a broader scale expose of all this, be my guest.

• Being sexually promiscuous as a spiritual counselor;

[PADA: I said Tripurari swami was always being seen with a woman (Vrndaranya dd?) and this was confirmed in the Anderson Valley newspapers (AVA) by the editor who eye-witnessed this. A sannyasa is forbidden to be with a woman — and even if they are not having sex officially, in Vedic culture it is considered that they are because a sannyasa and a woman are not to be seen together like this. Guru Kripa’s wife also said she saw them together all the time in Eugene Oregon. I never said I knew for sure he was having sex, I said he was acting inappropriate for a guru / sannyasa. He is.]

• Supporting pedophilia and child molestation;

[PADA: OK let me get this right? I have been saying Tripurari swami is a supporter of Sridhara Maharaja and thus a supporter of his policies. And the policy in question has been, at least since 1936, the supporting of bogus homosexual (and criminal) messiahs, which resulted in crimes including murders. I have been writing and saying this in public since at least as early as 1985. Isn’t there a legal statute of limits for Tripurari to finally come forward and complain? Where has he been for the past decades? If what I am saying is slander and lies, why has he never agreed to a public meeting with me to discuss any of this? Why did he not write me once since 1985 and try to make some sort of explanation for all this? Why not at least call me on the phone and explain his side of the story, even once in 35 years? Nothing.

So what I have on my side is: There is plenty of legally DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE that Sridhara Maharaja was one of the biggest “advisors” and supporters of the post-1977 ISKCON GBC’s homosexual and pedophile guru’s project, at the very exact time when there was a massive homosexual pedophila problem going on amongst THE CHILDREN OF ISKCON. I was protesting exactly these abuses and other crimes and yet Sridhara Maharaja said people like me were wrong to PROTEST, since we were “destroying the faith of the followers — the sisyas.” Tripurari swami was all along and still is a big supporter of Sridhara Maharaja and friend of the bogus GBC gurus, i.e. the persons who chopped the legs off our protest of these abuses. I later on SUED the GBC gurus that Sridhara Maharaja supported for $400m for these abuses, and we won the case in Dallas (Windle Turley lawsuit). The LEGAL evidence is that while Sridhara Maharaja has been supporting various deviant messiah cults, that Tripurari swami has been (and still is) a cheer leader of Sridhara Maharaja.

Furthermore, when I said there were problems early on even in the 1970’s, Sridhara maharaja said “none should protest.” The GBC cited Sridhara Maharaja as their top defender when they kicked me out of ISKCON for dissenting the ABUSES, including the ABUSE of children. So Sridhara Maharaja was defending them, and he defended things such as: keeping Ramesvara in the post of messiah despite he was dating a minor aged girl. The GBC’s guru program was fully supported by Tripurari swami because he was trying to get voted in by them, I am an eye-witness.

As far as I know, Tripurari swami has never said that Sridhara Maharaja is bogus for supporting the original homosexual guru project in 1936? No apology for later on SM’s supporting the post-1977 ISKCON homosexual pedophile guru regime, again as SM supported after 1977? Or what? If there is a retraction from Tripurari swami that he does not support the policy of SM, I have not seen it. Of course once again — I am being merciful by not going to the churches in his area and explaining to the citizens of Philo how Sridhara Maharaja and his main clone Tripurari have supported the GBC and their worship of homosexual pedophiles as their messiah’s project, which created thousands of molesting incidents. All documented, and we took this regime to court.]

• Supporting violence and murder;

[PADA: I have said that Sridhara Maharaja supported a bogus guru in 1936 which resulted in violence and murders. I have said that the post-1977 GBC gurus he supported were ALSO using violence and murder. I have said Sridhara Maharaja supported the GBC’s gurus and he tripped up our dissenting these bogus gurus. I have said that when I protested the GBC’s gurus he said I was wrong to protest. I have said that the 1936 guru of Sridhara Maharaja also used violence and murders. I have said Tripurari has never offered a public retraction, explanation, or apology to those of us who were getting chased with baseball bats, and our friends who were getting murdered while he and his mentor have been supportive of these GBC’s gurus. I have said that Tripurari has never explained how they had the authority to start the original homosexual guru and violence / murders program in 1936. If there is a retraction, and an apology to those of us who are victims, where is it?

• Having romantic associations with young female students; and
• Abandoning his family, which caused his wife’s death, amongst other things.

[PADA: Again, the fact is that Tripurari’s son Bhakti Beaudry has been in jail over and over again. The son wrote to tell me he felt neglected and abandoned. The wife apparently committed suicide after he abandoned her too, if she did not do that — then what really happened? I have letters from the son in my possession complaining of being neglected. The wife committed suicide after he left, and he has nothing to do with that? Maybe not, but he has not ever told us what is the real explanation then? It seems an odd coincidence she died after he left? Was he neglecting her just like he still neglects the son? I do not know, but his not replying looks very suspicious. He should clear his name and explain all this, he never does.]

Furthermore, due to my client’s occupation as a spiritual counselor, these defamatory statements seriously injure his ability to carry out his profession. As a result, you have intentionally violated my client’s rights to enjoy the fruits of his labor, and thus are responsible for tortuous interference with business relations.

You have also published my client’s personal contact information, including personal address, telephone number, and the like, along with the contact information of my client’s associates, and have invited the public to participate in the harassment, defamation, and threatening of client by contacting local businesses and persons in my client’s vicinity. As a result, you could not only be liable for defamation and tortuous interference with business relations, but for harassment and inciting violence as well.

[PADA: OK you have got the whole thing upside down. The original 1936 bogus guru Sridhara Maharaja supported had people beaten and murdered. Then after 1977, the bogus eleven gurus Sridhara supported had even more people beaten and murdered. We are the victims of Tripurari and his program, not the other way around. I would have been beaten and murdered had not the FBI and police intervened to save me. I am the one who should be suing Tripurari for all the problems he has created for me and my associates by supporting these false gurus, including that some of us dissenters were beaten and killed by the guru party they supported. My friends who were killed, they are not able to reap the fruits of even being alive thanks to the Tripurari / Sridhara support for false gurus process.]

Accordingly, this letter is notice that, pursuant to California Civil Code §45A, the continued broadcast or dissemination of such defamatory, libelous, harassing, and threatening content could make you liable for civil and criminal damages under California and Federal law.

This letter shall serve as a notice to cease and desist from the
broadcast and dissemination of such unlawful material by both the immediate removal of the material and blocking access to the above referenced URLs. Demand is further hereby made for a written confirmation that you will immediately cease your harmful conduct related to Swami Tripurari, with particular reference to the above referenced conduct. You may return such written communications to me via e-mail at

[email protected].

In the absence of such correspondence by close of business on February 16th, 2011, my client has authorized me to proceed with diligence and speed in the litigation of this matter in order to protect them from further harm. Such action will include a lawsuit or lawsuits in California where compensatory damages, punitive damages (due to the malicious nature of the postings), as well as attorney fees and costs will be pursued to the maximum extent of the law.

In addition to sending this letter to you by Certified Mail, return receipt requested, we are also sending a copy to you via e-mail so as to put you on immediate notice of our demand that you cease and desist from the above-cited actions. This letter in no way constitutes, nor is it intended to be a complete statement of our rights, privileges and claims and does not in any manner waive, affect or impair any rights, remedies or defenses of Swami Tripurari, Audarya, or its principals.

Please govern yourself accordingly.
Alberto Interian III, Esq.
Attorney for Swami Tripurari and Audarya

[PADA: I also said I was being overly kind to Tripurari swami by not writing local churches in his area saying he supports and indeed worships the “founder father” of the worship of homosexuals as their Jesus-like messiahs. If this goes to court, I am going to put this out everywhere to defend myself, plain and simple. I have already got my Phone book from his area where I can write to all sorts of people there if I need to, to get him investigated for charity fraud, saying he is part of a bona fide religion when in fact he is supporting the founder father of a violent homosexual messiah’s worship cult, which does murder people.

If there is any content on sites under my control that you can prove is wrong I will have it removed. However, be advised, if Tripurari wants a full blown public discussion of this, fine. I can start by copying this correspondence and mailing it to hundreds of people in the area asking them to have his bogus charity investigated for fraud. I am going to write another one page cover letter / press release / public letter in case it has to come to that. I will also send a press release to all major newspapers if this goes to court. The ball is in your court, no pun intended. What really needs to be done is for Tripurari to apologize, not to me, he has to apologize to Jesus for his supporting people who said deviants, criminals and pedophiles are “like Jesus.” ys pd]