Bhakta Mark – US: The Bonafide Acarya has the authority to make changes to formalities.

“Sriman Viraraghava Acarya, an acarya in the disciplic succession of the Ramanuja Sampradaya has remarked in his commentary that candalas, or conditioned souls who are born in lower than sudra families, can also be initiated according to circumstances. The formalities may be slightly changed here and there to make them Vaishnavas” (SB 4.8.54 purport)

Thus, for example, he can authorize a disciple to do things that would normally be considered impossible when compared to the precedent of the past, or when analyzed by mundane logic. But these changes are “not faulty according to Sastra”.

“One has to consider the particular time, country and conveniences. What is convenient in India may not be convenient in the Western countries. Those who are not actually in the line of acaryas or who personally have no knowledge how to act in the role of acarya, unnecessarily criticize the activities of the ISKCON movement in countries outside of India. The fact is that such critics cannot do anything personally to spread Krishna Consciousness. If someone does go and preach, taking all risks and allowing all consideration for time and place, it might be that there are changes in the manner of worship, but that is not faulty according to the sastra” (SB 4.8.54 purport)

Some examples of how disciples were transcendentally empowered to engage in unheard of practices that were authoritatively introduced by the Acarya.

“I think now you may be appointed by me to give first initiations to new disciples by chanting on their give me great relief. Kirtanananda will chant on the beads for new devotees in America, Canada, like that, you can chant on the beads for the European continent new disciples.

They shall, of course, still be considered as my disciples, not that they shall become your disciples, but you will be empowered by me to chant their beads and that is the same effect of binding master and disciple as if I were personally chanting.”
(1/4/73 Bombay, Letter to Revatinandana)

Srila Prabhupada authorized the use of a tape recorder to initiate devotees.

“Regarding second initiation, enclosed is one sacred thread chanted on by me, and the gayatri mantra. This should be instructed to Maha Muni in private, have him hear a tape recording of the mantra in the right ear. Hold a fire yajna for the first initiates.”

(Srila Prabhupada letter to Makhanlal dasa June 22, 1973)

Srila Prabhupada authorized a neophyte’s WIFE to speak the gayatri mantra into the ear of that neophyte during second initiation.

“I am enclosing herewith your sacred thread, duly chanted on by me. Gayatri Mantra is as follows… Ask your wife to chant this mantra and you hear it and if possible hold a fire ceremony as you have seen during your marriage and get this sacred thread on your body, Saradiya or any twice initiated devotee may perform the ceremony ” (SPL to Vaikunthanatha dasa August 4, 1971)

And people say that the Ritvik system is not bonafide because Srila Prabhupada is no longer present on the earth.

Such statements make it easy to tell what such people really think of that Murti of Srila Prabhupada sitting in the temple rooms where they whimsically initiate newcomers. A nice show they must put on dressing that murti and waving incense in front of it.

But hey, only 1/3 of the other Good as God pure devotee Acaryas thought they were not pure devotees, not good as God, and not qualified to initiate. So under the “2 out of 3 ain’t bad” rule, and the “Prabhupada is dead and gone, that murti is just for show” rule,

They whisper sweet NOTHINGS into the ears of the latest victim.