Prabhupāda Dāsa – Australia: Congratulations Concerned Australian Devotee on your expose of the meanderings of Ramai, Tirtharaja and Ajit.  The pastimes described in your article are unfortunately fact and have been known about for quite some time amongst the leaders in the Australian Yatra.  Only now is the truth being revealed for the rank and file devotees who have been ordered to obey such wicked minded individuals in the name of their surrender to Krishna.

Actually it is by Krishna’s grace that these persons are being revealed for who they are and what nonsense they get up to at the expense of everyone else’s hard work.  But you forgot to mention the one who backs up these individuals, Ani (there is no one more) ruddha.  Yes the infamous show me your wallet Aniruddha from Melbourne.  He is the one who runs the till in Australia after Tirtharaja had his hand broken from it.  And from all accounts that till runs dry whilst Ani is out travelling the world at Srila Prabhupada’s expense.

Ani (show me the money) ruddha, lives a lavish lifestyle run by your donations.  He claims he famously earns no income, yet he drives the latest car, has three computers, iphone, credit card and all expense paid non-stop travel to the most luxurious destinations.  Just follow his blog for the photos of his latest escapades.  All of this is paid for by you, who work hard like dogs earning money to provide for your families and still manage to drop in some dollars to the hundie to help Srila Prabhupada’s preaching.  Aniruddha says thanks, and books another trip, buys another computer, attends another party, while your family sleeps on the floor, begging to receive the mercy of Krishna from your donation.

Aniruddha is backed up by Ramai, hated by Tirtharaja and adored by Ajit.  He is though the epitome of what is expected in the material world, cheaters and the cheated.

Aniruddha has been scamming the banks, the Government, the GBC and the devotees of Iskcon for decades.  If you ever question him over his lavish lifestyle and penchant for money his anger comes quicker than a mosquito on a hot summers night.  But don’t take my word for it, ask around, ask the devotees of Iskcon Melbourne, ask devotees who have experienced this wrath, better still, ask the leaders of the Temples in Australia who all wish they could get rid of Aniruddha, but who is protected by Ramai, Ajit and shadowed by Devamrita.

In fact the best policy to better understand the whole fiasco that is Iskcon leadership in Australia at the moment is to ask for a character reference and statement from the leaders of the Iskcon Temples in Australia.  The GBC will never answer or address the abhorrent display of duplicity that is Ramai, Tirtharaja, Ajit and Aniruddha, so ask your local TP’s about what the real story is about these persons.  They know all the pastimes that have been coming out, they know even more and the current information being filtered out in these articles is just the tip of the iceberg.  They know and they know that the instruction is to say nothing to the rank and file and act as if nothing has gone on.   Otherwise they are toast.  Ramai, Ajit, Aniruddha and Devamrita will kick them out in an instant if the real stories come out.

But ask them, ask them for a statement and to go on record publicly denying that Ramai sits with young girls in a Kings Cross apartment of his restaurant loving financial supporter for a good time.  Ask them to deny that Tirtha laundered money for the underworld through Iskcon’s accounts and got suspended and kicked out of office as the Treasurer of Oz for it.  Ask them to deny that Aniruddha does not have his hand in the till travelling the world, living a lifestyle we can only dream of whilst famously claiming he receives no income.

Ask them to deny Ajit’s $300,000 attempt at buying silver bullion with Iskcon funds and wishing to hide the transaction from the GBC.  Ask them to deny Ajit’s womanising ways with his handpicked girls.  Ask them to confirm that Ramai is indeed celibate and follows the basic principles of KC with both the regulative principles and chanting Hare Krishna.  Ask them to explain to you why Ramai indeed has sat on his hands whilst Iskcon Australia has become a mere shadow of what Srila Prabhupada expected of his GBC.

Ask them what does Ramai actually do and what has he done for you as a devotee of Iskcon, how has he made attempts to ensure you are situated on the path back home back to Godhead.  Ask them why are you even having to come and ask them these questions, when these persons are meant to be representing Srila Prabhupada.

Shame on them all, shame on you Ramai, shame on you Tirtharaja, shame on you Ajit, shame on you Aniruddha, shame on the GBC for not clearing out the mess and removing these nonsense rascals.  Give Iskcon Australia back to Srila Prabhupada and his sincere followers and remove these rascals who make a mockery of spiritual life.

Srila Prabhupada’s servant.