Prabhupāda Dāsa – Australia: Open Challenge for Ajita, Aniruddha, Tirtharaj and Ramai – Publish the accounts and tell us where are Prabhupada’s millions?

So there has been so much talk about the extracurricular activities of Ramai, Tirtharaj, Aniruddha and Ajita, with hands in Srila Prabhupada’s till.  Are we too hard on you, are you simply misunderstood.

The question that is on everyone’s lips is where are the millions of dollars we keep hearing about that are passing through your hands from New Govardhana?  Could it really be true that you still are not keeping proper accounting records even though the business income of New Govardhana has jumped so dramatically?

Two and a half million a year for the past three years alone with catering and Govindas (in Burleigh) would mean that you have had seven and a half a million aussie dollars have touched your palms and then it has gone somewhere.  So where is it?  Did Ajita go off and buy that silver bullion already and stash it in an off shore bank for when he finally gets the flick?

How does Ajita provide for his wife and child and how does Aniruddha travel the world with his wife in tow.  How does Tirtharaja own so much real estate and travel nonstop? Who is paying for Ramai’s luxury cars, Gold Coast pad and video shop rentals?

If all the hype is wrong, then show us.  Publish Govindas (Burleigh) and the catering business income and expenditure accounts on this website for everyone to see.  I think it is a simple enough way to determine who has been telling the truth.

And while you are at it, make sure we see all the income tax amounts paid for each employee of Govindas and their super contributions too.  Oh we must not forget workcover contributions.  You should also publish your expense accounts where you have Iskcon provide for all your daily dealings, rent, food, travel, computers, phones, car, credit cards etc. Don’t forget to provide the info for every year you been at the top.

If everyone has indeed misunderstood all of you, these accounts should clear it all up.  If you don’t publish them, then perhaps we were all right in our criticisms of your failings.  The ball is in your court lads.  Put up or get out.

Reveal to the devotees of Iskcon Australia what you all get up to with Srila Prabhupada’s money.