Kṛṣṇacandra Dāsa – Śrī Vṛndāvan Dham: Nearly everyone in ISKCON knows that Prabhvisnu Dāsa has resigned [coerced resignation] in disgrace from all his official positions within the ISKCON institution. His state of affairs was that ‘he wanted to have his cake and eat it too!’ Basically he wanted to have sex and a ‘girlfriend’ and the excitement of a clandestine illicit relationship and at the same time be glorified as a pure Sannyāsī Vaiṣṇava saint, all the while holding the most highly respected positions in a Vaiṣṇava society of a Sannyāsī Guru and GBC of ISKCON.

The funny thing is that for well over a decade, as far as he is willing to admit, he was having it all! He even admitted having a ‘girlfriend’ for nine months who he had not even spoken about marriage to! It is claimed that some of his disciples bought him a house in Thailand obviously so he could live out his illicit trysts with whoever he so desires in privacy and seclusion. Why not? How many other Sannyāsa Gurus of ISKCON have similar arrangements with their houses and apartments, girlfriends and boyfriends?? This is FISKCON after all isn’t it! Why not Prabhavisnu? He was getting away with it for at least a decade after all. The only problem with the Irish lad with the cheeky boyish smile and charm was that he was sprung! He was caught with his hand in the cookie jar by some of his own disciples!

Of course he tried desperately to get away with it, by carrying on as if he was still a maha bhagavata devotee of the Lord, and he almost got away with it… meaning his masquerade was almost hushed up but too many devotees in the Australian Yatra were sick and tired of the GBC elite abusing their highly respected and sacred religious leadership positions to get away with scandalous behavior that he was forced to admit his culpability and resign in disgrace.

After he was exposed for having a clandestine 9 month love affair with a random Thai non devotee woman, while simultaneously masquerading as a member of the renounced order and a maha bhagavat devotee of the Lord, he was not vilified or rebuked for behavior most unbecoming of a Sannyāsa Guru / GBC; he was not censured by the GBC but he was merely asked to apologize for his heinous behavior and the GBC simply discussed, at 2012 GBC meetings, how to implement ‘damage control’ protocols which were ratified under Resolution 311. Because he was not censured or disciplined by the GBC for betraying his disciples and disgracing the Sannyāsa ashram, Śrīla Prabhupāda and ISKCON he is now basically free to associate with his disciples and move amongst the ISKCON community as if nothing has changed.

Now here is the dilemma… If a maha bhagavat devotee of the Lord, a Vaiṣṇava Brāhmaṇa, member of the renounced order of Sannyāsa can have clandestine sex with prostitutes and unmarried women for years, get caught, give in writing that he is guilty as sin, resign from positions that it should not be possible to resign from, give no accounts of his financial expenditure, own houses, travel unrestrictedly, frequents regions infamous for the sex trade -then who really cares for purity!

Why bother to attempt to purify our lives? Why bother when the very spiritual leaders of our society, those who set the best example for us to follow – can blatantly flaunt themselves as sexual deviants and frauds, get exposed for leading debauched and criminal lives and get away with it? What is the meaning of purification when being a member of ISKCON? What is the meaning and purpose of the 4 regulative principles for human life when the sannyāsa order of life lives the life of an animal engaging in unrestricted sex life? Is the standard set by the GBC and Rubber Stamped Gurus of FISKCON so degraded that all we have to do is pretend to be devotees and sin like hell and be safe in the belief that so long as we call ourselves devotees or dress like ones then we are all going to heaven! Futhermore that the institution will cover for us, protect us? Ah but no. This is absolutely not true. The leaders have a ‘do as I say’ not ‘do as I do’ principle for us and a ‘you can all go to hell for I will do what I want’ policy for themselves. The stupid disciples are trained to think like this and that is why they not only accept but fully support their so called guru’s relentless nefarious deviant behavior. They have been brainwashed to think that if they sin it is bad but if their guru sins then it is some form of transcendental pastime.

Did Prabhavisnu repent? Did he hang his head in shame? Did he keep in the background in humble submission due to his shame? Did he stop masquerading as a maha bhagavata devotee of the Lord and act like the cheater he really is? No way not for this guy! His entrée back into the ISKCON community was none other than in the Holy of the Holiest Dhams Śrī Vṛndāvan Dham! This was rather rude given the fact that he was coming from a situation where his sexual conduct or misconduct was not monitored. Who knows what his sexual state was or is? Was he cohabiting and engaging in illicit sexual activities with an unmarried woman or did they get married? Is he still with her or with another woman? Was he engaging in unprotected sex? These are very valid questions that any half way intelligent person would have what to speak of a devotee? What to speak of the GBC.

Then there is the question of his association in ISKCON Śrī Vṛndāvan Dham. Did the Temple Authorities comply with resolution 311 by giving his former disciples ‘guidance’ so that they knew that their former guru was no longer to be considered as a maha bhagavata and their dīkṣā guru? Were they taught how they should treat him or behave with him? Were they instructed not to worship him on their altars as a maha bhagavata? Who were the senior deputed devotees that were supposed to make it their urgent priority to ensure they were offered suitable care and guidance????


That all Zonal Secretaries, either personally or via suitable deputed representatives, including senior disciples of Prabhavisnu Das, should make it their urgent priority to ensure that all disciples and others affected by the recent resignation of Prabhavisnu Das, collectively and individually, including in remote areas, are offered suitable care and guidance on an on-going basis. All Zonal Secretaries must send monthly reports of their progress to the EC until the situation in their zones has normalised. The GBC Corresponding Secretary shall ensure that these reports are received on a prompt and on-going basis.

Well notwithstanding all the above, Prabhavisnu made his entrée wearing a lungi and chaddar looking very much like a Sannyāsī but wearing white. He was profusely photographed as if he was a pop star and was surrounded by his former disciples as if nothing had changed at all?

Well to all extents and purposes nothing had changed. He was still a fraud and was still cheating his stupid former disciples who refuse to admit that their choice of a guru was the biggest mistake of their lives. They refuse to admit that they were all, every last one of them taken for the ride of their lives by thinking that this man ‘Paul Barrows’ was a Maha Bhāgavata dīkṣā guru and a Sannyāsa! Prabhavisnu hung around ISKCON Vṛndāvan and was given respect and privilege of a senior Vaiṣṇava as if nothing had changed at all. Well he was actually more popular having his photo taken with big smiles, garlanded and given the Maha prasadam reserved for speakers of the Bhāgavatam. He was also asked to give class in some undisclosed location in Vṛndāvan. Here he is seen giving class wearing white.

I had various email exchanges with the GBC Executive Committee on Prabhavisnu’s entrée into Vaisnava society after his disgrace. Bhakti Caitanya Swami the present GBC EC Chairman replied as such –

“Thank you for the message. We take the matter seriously, and will take your feelings into consideration in our dealing with the matter. Thank you again.

After these exchanges, which obviously had no effect on the GBC’s decision to apply only damage control protocols for Prabhavisnu rather than correct / rebuke/ rectify / supervise this man’s entrance back into the Vaisanava community – The GBC’s neglect to act resulted in Prabhavisnu being invited as a special guest and afforded special privilege to participate in the consecration / installation ceremony of the Deities of ISKCON Chennai as evidenced by the photos below. Here we can see that recently disgraced Prabhavisnu, whose sexual behavior is undetermined, is afforded the special privilege of a senior Vaiṣṇava and is allowed to bathe the Deities! What also must be asked is how can the other so called Gurus and senior ISKCON men allow such a disgraced individual to step foot on the altar of the Lord?

This has to be a joke for by allowing this man to do so not only contaminates the ceremony, it surely makes a mockery out of the consecration of these Deities!

How many disciples and other devotees standing there in the audience have higher spiritual and moral standards than Prabhavisnu and were not allowed to place their feet upon the altar of the Lord? Yet this man is allowed?

What standard is this? What standard are the GBC and Temple authorities condoning when they afford him such privilege after his disgrace was only so recently plastered all over the internet?

Here you can see that he is given the same ‘garland’ as the Sannyāsi’s and in the background you can see a devotee wearing a simple garland as if his seniority is less than the ‘big guys’… that his spiritual life is worth less than a man [Paul Barrows] who has possibly come from the arms of an unknown non devotee woman whose morality is at the very least similar to Barrow’s [AKA: Prabhavisnu].

It should now be very obvious that the leaders of our ISKCON society have a double standard for one of their own. Once a ‘made man’ of the ISKCON elite they are fully supported by the institution no matter how terrible or heinous or criminal their behavior may be.

That Prabhavisnu takes full advantage of this and demonstrates that he has no remorse, no shame or humility whatsoever shows that his level of Kṛṣṇa consciousness is very superficial at best.

Go figure

Om Tat Sat