Anonymous – Australia: Most tyrants and dictators rule through a network of hand picked thugs and cronies, enabling them to rule with absolute power. Through nepotisim they can maintain their corrupt regimes and can easily squash any dissidence.

Over many years in the Australian yatra, Ramai Swami has held a vice like grip of power, and has used nepotisim to maintain his dictatorial regime. Using devotees such as Tirtharaja in Brisbane, Anirudha in Melbourne, Vena Gopal and Ajita at New Govardhana, Adi Purusha in Cessnock, and Kalasamvara in New Zealand.

At the present time the Australian yatra is on the verge of collapse after 20 years of Ramai and Prabhavisnu’s mismanagement. Ostracizing nearly all the older senior devotees, Ramai had become expert at manipulating decision making, severely restricting the spiritual advancement of the devotees and crippling the growth of the movement in Australia.

Anyone who objects to his style of management is expertly chastised in a condescending manner. He has become expert in character assassination and has driven dozens of devotees from Srila Prabhupada’s society.

With the recent exposure of the poor state of of the Australian yatra, and the failings of proper accounting systems and compliance, and with the blame rightly pointed at Ramai’s negligence, any humble devotee would accept that he has failed in his duty and would expect him to dutifully resign.

In the karmi world any failed CEO is removed for his incompetence in order to save the organisation. But not with Ramai. Over the years he has developed a very secretive, materialistic life style and is fully dependant on his position of GBC to maintain that life style. Everyone is well aware that for the past two years he has been living in a holiday unit on the Surfers Paradise Tourist strip and is not often sighted. For five days a week he is not visible, thus breaking the rules concerning the duties of a GBC.

Last year he even failed to attend Janmastami and Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa Puja, although residing just one hour away from the Brisbane and New Govardhana temples. Living one hour away from the Brisbane temple he failed to act as the temple fell $300,000 into debt, disintegrated and closed down. Not only did he avoid the situation but he never even visited the temple.

And when the temple collapsed he never even visited Brisbane to console the devotees. What sort of leadership is that?

The situation in Sydney Temple has also reached a crisis. Long considered the main temple in Australia, last year celebrating the 40th anniversary of the installation of Their lordships Sri Sri Radha Gopinatha. This once vibrant temple has also collapsed. No one attends the morning temple program. No one attends mangal arotika and no one goes to Srila Prabhupadas guru-puja. The current temple president arrives at the temple at 9am and leaves an hour later. This situation has been going on for the past nine months and Ramai, full well knowing the problem hasn’t even visited the place. How can one be so negligent and claim to be the GBC. It is quite obvious that it is time for him to retire and let someone with more enthusiasm take over.

We hear Melbourne may be having large debt problems also with figures of around $400,000 being rumoured.

Tirtharaja, the big mouthed money launderer of Columbian drug money through ISKCON accounts, has been the absentee temple president of Brisbane temple for many years.  More interested in traveling around the world and bragging how rich he is, he oversaw the demise of the Brisbane temple which sank into more than $300,000 debt. Ramai Swami finally had to reluctantly replace one of his main henchmen in order to placate the many Indian donors who had donated large sums and who know are demanding to know where their money has gone.

This week the annual AGM is to be held in Sydney. Ramai Swami has come under heavy criticism from many quarters for his ineptitude and for the collapse of the Yatra, and in his usual arrogant defiant way is making a desperate attempt to hold on to his crumbling power. As usual the members of the council consist of all his old cronies who are well drilled to do whatever he says. So surprise surprise he has bought back the crook Tirtharaja as a voting member of the council. What an absolute insult to the devotees in the Australian zone and to the devotees in the Brisbane temple in particular.

What CEO in any organization in the world would bring back such an incompetent failure to vote on the board. Only a tyrant desperately trying to hold onto power would attempt such absurdity. The utter contempt that Ramai has for the devotees can no longer be tolerated. Most of the GBC are well aware of his situation but sit idly by while the long suffering of the devotees continues.

The time is fast approaching when the oppressed silent majority will rise up and drive out this corruption that has pervaded the Australian yatra for years. Prabhavisnu carried on his charade for 10 years posing as a bonafide guru, while all the time visiting prostitutes in Thailand. But we consider Ramai’s dishonesty and conniving tricks to be more offensive, and pray to the Supreme Lord to soon rectify the situation.