By the Untouchable Post 1977 “Have Not” devotee: The following is a continuation from our previous article of the Satire about the Pre 1977 initiates of Śrīla Prabhupāda, most of whom have misused their good fortune of being initiated during the Physical presence of Śrīla Prabhupāda: Some, however remain humble and are not consumed by this dangerous mentality of “I am better, more fortunate than you- heḥ heḥ heḥ! “ This article again does not at all target those few individuals.


In my previous article Part 1, I foolishly forgot to highlight, underline, and embolden the particular fonts in Upper case on this above statement regarding my identity. This time as you can see, after receiving the most severe chastisement of my other Exclusive band of “Haves” Godbrothers/Sisters, I have been careful to do so. This is just so that everyone in the three worlds gets the message of where we all “Haves” are really situated at.

We demand that everyone swallow the ‘fact’ that we “Pre 1977 Haves” are a separate exclusive section of devotees who can never mix with the “Post 1977 Have not’s” devotees, just as oil and water never mix. If this ‘truth’ is not accepted by anyone, we are most willing to send our goondas from the holy dhams, Māyāpur, Vṛndāvana, and other Western places to forcibly jam this point down their throats. Indeed this has been our standard procedure since the past 34 years, and it has always worked ‘successfully” in drastically reducing both the number of our innocent “Haves” dissident godbrothers/sisters and of course the untouchables “Have not’s”.

Our ‘Exclusive’ Guru Śrīla Prabhupāda mentioned that our movement of devotees is supposed to last for 10,000 years in this Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga lasts for a total of 432,000 years out of which we have passed only about 5,000 years till today. So from now till the end we have roughly about 427,000 years, and then less that period of 10,000 years is 417,000 years, where there will be practically no more devotees left on the planet. Thus we are eternally grateful to the personality of Kali for this benediction, as at least he will finally solve our burden of having to take the austerity to tolerate the existence of these “Haves not” devotees.

Still, we Pre 1977 Haves” would like to inform you that we do not wish to wait for so long, (10,000 years) to see the complete voidness of devotees on this planet. Indeed we sincerely wish to see the complete voidness of devotees on this planet from the very first day of the physical departure of our Exclusive Guru, Śrīla Prabhupāda on Nov 14th 1977. We desire intensely to bring the spiritual state of the planet completely down to its knees as quickly as possible. This is evidenced by the vast number of devotees we had kicked out very soon after the departure of our ‘Exclusive’ Guru Śrīla Prabhupāda. These are all historical facts and you can check the incidents specifically from 1978 onwards till today (2012). Therefore kindly do not doubt us on this matter at all.

Here is a conservative minimum total figure of which we are so proud to announce of how many devotees in both the “Haves” and “Haves not” category that we have successfully thrown out from the movement created by our ‘Exclusive’ Guru Śrīla Prabhupāda from 1978 onwards.


Up to the physical presence of Śrīla Prabhupāda till November 1977 there were around 10,000 (Ten Thousand) of us “Haves”, but within four to five years, by the early 1980s, we had successfully kicked out Eighty Percent, i.e. 8,000 (Eight Thousand) of our “Haves” Godbrothers/Sisters from Iskcon. This is because they were greatly shocked, and had resisted our policy of artificially promoting conditioned souls as Gurus in the pure disciplic succession of self realized souls starting from March 1978. They had also voiced their strong objections on our artificial segregation on the new untouchable “Haves not’s” devotees Post 1977.

A few years later the figure rose by Ninety Percent. And finally today (2012), we are most happy to inform you that we have driven out Ninety Five Percent of our original “Haves” God brothers/sisters completely out of the movement, ie around 9,500 devotees (Nine Thousand five Hundred ). Now, today there is only a balance of around 500 (Five Hundred) of us “Haves” and we are further sub divided in the following four categories:

1. Initiating Gurus with the tendency to have illicit sex with men, women, and children.

2. Initiating Gurus who may not directly physically exhibit these tendencies, but those who created, support and truly believe in the philosophy that conditioned souls with such sinful tendencies can be bonafide spiritual masters in the pure disciplic succession. And who are themselves ‘superficially repressed/suppressed spiritual masters ‘ who with great difficulty and struggle are containing their ravaging sex desires internally.

3. Non Guru leaders in the post of GBC/ Temple Presidents/ Regional Secretaries/ Managers, who are total Zombies brainwashed by us and completely reliant on our monthly Laxsmi payment for their chappati /feeding the belly problem.

4. Non Guru leaders in the post of GBC/ Temple Presidents/ Regional Secretaries/ Managers, who are slick enough to milk every dollar from the movement in Eight Million Four Hundred Thousand kinds/species of different methods. This has resulted in a huge drainage and loss of huge sums of money. The rest of us “Haves” are unable to stop this because they take advantage of the fact that we ourselves are overly busy, engaged in destroying the movement in so many other ways, and so are diverted from checking them.

Usually this last category do not even care for our sacred authority, and internally we cannot stand them, as much as we cannot stand the Post 1977 untouchable “Have not’s” devotees, but we have no choice if we want to continue the status quo of “Haves” in our Iskcon. Most importantly, owing to the fact that they “Know too much about us“, we are forced to keep quiet, yet seeing them daily grow fat in their overly opulent positions makes us burn green in envy.

For the record, some of our stupid “Haves” Godbrothers/sisters insist that our Exclusive Guru Śrīla Prabhupāda had only 5,000 (five Thousand) of us “Haves” during his physical presence, but we can quote you from Śrīla Prabhupad’s own statements in the purports of the Śrīmad Bhāgavatam and his conversations to prove to you that this is not true and the figure 10,000 (Ten thousand) stands correct. Please see the following evidence:

(a) SB 10 Ch 2 Tx 26 Purport

“The devotees who are fully engaged in spreading the Kṛṣṇa consciousness movement, more than ten thousand men and women all over the world, have no steady or permanent occupation, yet we actually see that they are maintained very opulently”.

(b) SP Lecture Feb 2 1977 Bhuvaneśvara Nityānanda’s Appearance day

– – – — – -. All over the world we are eating Kṛṣṇa prasādam, and we have got good experience. At least ten thousand men and women, they are taking Kṛṣṇa prasādam, but we have no anxiety. We have no anxiety. A family consists of a few members. They are full of anxiety how to maintain the family. And we are maintaining a family of ten thousand men. We have no anxiety. Just see practically. We have no anxiety – – – .

(c) Oct 15 1977 Conversation Vṛndāvana

Giriraj: (reading out to Śrīla Prabhupāda a list of prayers that he composed to Lord Krishna and Śrīla Prabhupāda ) – – – – – And when Śrīla Prabhupāda spoke Your message, You turned the mlecchas and caṇḍālas into Your devotees. And when Śrīla Prabhupāda went all by himself to sell his Śrīmad-Bhāgavatam volumes, You expanded him into ten thousand loving salesmen who are working day and night without asking any salary, and You expanded his suitcase of books into fifty-five million pieces of literature in twenty-three different languages.

Prabhupāda: Excellent. Very… Foundation, back to Godhead. I am getting little glimpse, He may agree to your prayer, yes



Since the very first Gour Pūrṇimā Festival in the sacred holy dham of Māyāpur after Śrīla Prabhupad’s disappearance, on March 1978, we “Haves” created the Zonal Ācārya system of 11 conditioned souls comprising mostly of homosexuals, illicit heterosexuals, child molesters, etc, to pose as Gurus in the actual pure disciplic succession of self realized souls. This lasted till 1987. Although some of these ‘Gurus’ had more disciples than another, for easy calculation, there was an average of 1,000 disciples for each ‘Guru’ by 1987. Thus we cruel “Haves” were able to cheat and dupe around 11,000 “Haves not’s” devotees into thinking that these 11 “Zonal Ācāryas” were actually their bonafide eternal spiritual masters, and that they had received genuine spiritual initiations from them.

By 1987 when 6 of these 11 conditioned souls ‘Zonal Gurus’ had spiritually fallen down and committed the most heinous and base acts not even imagined by Bhakta “Haves not” in Iskcon, we saw the immediate and permanent exit of about 4,800 (Four Thousand Eight hundred) “Haves not’s” out of the movement. This is an average of 800 ‘disciples’ for each of the fallen 6 Zonal “Gurus’. They left because when they experienced their “Zonal Guru’ falling down like a dog, they lost their faith in Iskcon, Śrīla Prabhupāda, and Lord Krishna. Our obnoxious treatment of them from day one was already bad enough for them, yet they somehow tolerated it by clinging on to their respective ‘Zonal Gurus’ stinking feet for ‘faith’. But when even that one person that they had trusted in fully fell down, it was the last straw, and so they left.

Later, adding the 1998 and 2004 spiritual falldowns of Harikeśa and Satsvarūpa respectively, we successfully further increased the permanent exits of the “Haves not’s” devotees from 4,800 to another extra 1,600 devotees, thus totaling to 6,400 devotees (Six thousand four Hundred) Thus our intense desire to have these “Haves not devotees removed from the face of Iskcon was fulfilled, as we did not have to bother anymore to throw our glance at them, which was a great austerity on our part.

Still, unfortunately from the batch of “Haves not’s” that were initiated by all these Zonal ācāryas, there today (2012) somehow remains a balance of around 7,000 (Seven thousand) “Haves not’s” coming particularly from the three Zonal “Gurus” who externally never spiritually fell down, (5,000 remain from the overweight Māyāpur ‘Guru’ with a stroke, 1,000 remain from the so called scholar ‘Guru’ who embraces women with full devotion, and 1,000 remain from Tamal Krishna who is dead, but wants to continue his legacy eternally with his followers promoting the PHD University Degree tactic). Please pray for us to somehow have the strength to tolerate the existence of these 7,000 “Haves not’s” and also an additional figure of some mixed remnants left from the other fallen Zonal Gurus. For the record, regarding these mixed remnants, we have successfully duped them into accepting constant re-initiations every two years, as we enjoy so much pleasure in seeing them confused on a regular basis…

Just as when we “Haves” were celebrating this mass exit of around 6,400 untouchable “Haves not”, we officially, but superficially dismantled the Zonal ācārya system in 1987 Yet simultaneously in the same breath, we started a new concocted system of overnight increasing the number of Bogus Gurus to a whopping figure of 80 (Eighty) . We had successfully lied from 1978-1987 to both the rest of our exclusive “Haves” Godbrothers/sisters, as well as to the “Haves not” devotees that Śrīla Prabhupāda had only solely selected 11 ‘qualified’ Ācāryas as the spiritual and material successors to his movement (This is mentioned in the First edition of the book “Servant Of The Servant “By Tamal Krishna Goswami ). But now since it was not practical to continue this lie anymore, we made a diversion tactic by jumping the figure straight from eleven to Eighty Iskcon Gurus.

However by adding this new figure of 80 ‘Gurus’, there sprung up an unavoidable latest ‘problem’ of so many more new “Haves not’s” devotees joining our movement to accept initiations from these new batch of eighty “Gurus’. Fortunately, of course we are most happy to report to you that by now even from this new figure of 80 new ‘Gurus’, that we installed , 34 ‘Gurus’ have already been officially and publicly exposed to be spiritually fallen. As a result of these latest falldowns, we are delighted that an another additional 10,000 (Ten Thousand) “Haves not’s” ‘disciples’ of these latest 34 ‘Gurus’ have also left the movement, being discouraged at their ‘Gurus’ behaviour. The bad news is that still around 15,000 “Haves not” devotees remain from the balance 46 latest “Gurus’ that have not yet been officially exposed to be spiritually fallen.

Still, a piece of good news is that as of today (2012) we proudly display the carcasses of 42 Fallen Gurus in all our Iskcon Centers Worldwide, for those who have the special spiritual vision to see them (These are 8 from the first batch of zonal Ācāryas and 34 from the second batch of latest ‘Gurus’, who have bitten the dust)..

We had always been in anxiety since March 1978, as to how the Lord would remove this unnecessary burden of so many ‘disobedient to our policy’ devotees from both category of “Haves” and “Haves not”, and we thought that they would never leave. But the Lord is so kind, that He finally ‘fulfilled’ our desires, slowly, but surely throughout these past 34 years, and that also in such generous figures as shown below.

To summarize again, we kicked out

(1) 9,500 of the Original “Haves” dissidents God brothers/sisters that were initiated during Śrīla Prabhupad’s physical presence

(2) 6, 400 of the “Haves not” disciples of the 8 Zonal Gurus that spiritually fell down, and (3) 10,000, “Haves not”, ‘disciples’ of the new batch of 34 Gurus that spiritually fell down.

Thus with a total exit of around 25,900 devotees since 1978 till this day (2012), we think this is a handsome figure and urge everyone not to be unnecessarily envious of us as to how expert we are in destroying our exclusive Guru, Śrīla Prabhupad’s movement. These figures although may bore you, are necessary facts for History to record so that one day the whole world can understand how we “Haves” saved our spiritual master’s movement from being the vehicle that he so sincerely desired, namely to actually save the whole world from gliding to hell. Not only were we able to successfully save his movement from gaining this particular glory, but we also arranged for the disappearance of all these 25,900 devotees forever from the face of Iskcon.

These above figures given are conservative figures and not at all exaggerated; we keep it conservative just so as not to alarm anybody more than we already have by our nefarious actions since 1978. We do not want to send any further shock waves that the ether has already tolerated from our destructive activities the past 34 years.

Hare Krishna

PS. Please always pray for us precious, rare, endangered species of Pre 1977 “Haves” devotees (around 500) in our MissCon, ItsGone, FishCon,( Iskcon ) movement. Please also intensely pray that those “Haves not’s” that still loiter and linger around in our exclusive society Iskcon somehow also exit the movement as quickly as possible. They are as mentioned above 7,000 devotees from the remaining 3 Zonal ācāryas that ‘never fell down’, around 1,600 mixed remnants of the fallen 8 Zonal Ācāryas, and last but not least around 15,000 new “Haves not” disciples of the remaining 46 out of 80 Latest New Gurus left, that we had added in 1987.