Manohara Dāsa: In the Srimad -Bhagavatam we find very interesting descriptions of the hellish planets and who goes there and why. Srila Prabhupada left us everything in his books. Lets’ peek into some verses…

SB 5.26.Summary

One who does not follow scriptural injunctions but who does everything whimsically or follows some rascal is put into the hell known as Asi-patravana.

For the pretenders who are occupying Prabhupada’s temples and Prabhupada’s post claiming to be “Diksa gurus” and for the so-called disciples who are following them.

SB 5.26.15 text 15 

If a person deviates from the path of the Vedas in the absence of an emergency, the servants of Yamarāja put him into the hell called Asi-patravana, where they beat him with whips. When he runs hither and thither, fleeing from the extreme pain, on all sides he runs into palm trees with leaves like sharpened swords. Thus injured all over his body and fainting at every step, he cries out, “Oh, what shall I do now! How shall I be saved!” This is how one suffers who deviates from the accepted religious principles.

What so-called rubber stamped wannabe- “guru” in today’s MAYA- ISKCON does not deviate from the path of the Vedas?- When the main point is not practiced, meaning, Following Srila Prabhupada’s orders and original teachings it is all done whimsically. And those who follow these rascals are just as guilty. There are some innocent souls that enter the MAYA- ISKCON of today, and if they are serious and fortunate they will very soon realize what is what from Krishna being in the heart and will leave, taking on the real ISKCON which is Srila Prabhupada and his instructions.

SB 5.26.19 text 19

My dear King, a person who in the absence of an emergency robs a brāhmaṇa—or, indeed, anyone else—of his gems and gold is put into a hell known as Sandaṁśa. There his skin is torn and separated by red-hot iron balls and tongs. In this way, his entire body is cut to pieces.

SB 5.26.14 Text 14

The killer of a brāhmaṇa is put into the hell known as Kālasūtra, which has a circumference of eighty thousand miles and which is made entirely of copper. Heated from below by fire and from above by the scorching sun, the copper surface of this planet is extremely hot. Thus the murderer of a brāhmaṇa suffers from being burned both internally and externally. Internally he is burning with hunger and thirst, and externally he is burning from the scorching heat of the sun and the fire beneath the copper surface. Therefore he sometimes lies down, sometimes sits, sometimes stands up and sometimes runs here and there. He must suffer in this way for as many thousands of years as there are hairs on the body of an animal.

SB 5.26.28  Text 28

A person who in this life bears false witness or lies while transacting business or giving charity is severely punished after death by the agents of Yamarāja. Such a sinful man is taken to the top of a mountain eight hundred miles high and thrown headfirst into the hell known as Avīcimat. This hell has no shelter and is made of strong stone resembling the waves of water. There is no water there, however, and thus it is called Avīcimat [waterless]. Although the sinful man is repeatedly thrown from the mountain and his body broken to tiny pieces, he still does not die but continuously suffers chastisement.