Bhakta Nikolai – Russia: I am Russian bhakta for three years. Forgive me if I not give my birth name as this is the situation here in Russia where nobody speak bad about anything ISKCON. I was aspiring student of Prabhavishnu das but after I hear he resign from his position as guru and GBC and become vantasi or sannyāsa who eat his own vomit with fall down with women I reject him.

I come from poor family but we have much pride in our good name in village and this womanizing or going to prostitute means big disgrace in our family. No one in our family has gone there for sex act. So we have good name. My family is Christian family with good moral position in our village.

But when I hear from devotee this moral standard is mundane standard when it is about guru I did not understand why guru can have one standard and we have another? This is my question with ISKCON. Why should guru have less standard of student? Guru says no sex for student but guru have sex with prostitute?

Now I read in our main website here that Prabhavishnu wants to again become diksha guru for his students and Jayapataka Mahārāja and GBC are pushing for this to.

Many of my friends they are happy gurudev is again wanting to take them as their guru. This I find very funny why they should do like this? He admit he was for many years with prostitutes and now with long term relations with unmarried woman. He never say sorry for breaking no illicit sex principle. He never say illicit sex is wrong. Sex with prostitute is wrong. He never say he not have sex again. He not say he has control of his sex desire. He never say he has broken off relations with this woman. Nothing on this is he saying.

Please forgive me but if man not say he sorry admit what he did was wrong and not say he change and never do this thing again I have no respect for this man and I cannot trust this man.

He does say he is not interest in marriage. What this mean? His only interest is sex with woman and not take for marriage?

Can no one see how terrible this is? I look to my friends who are not devotee and bring this issue to them. They are shocked even though they are meat eaters. They are shocked to see such very bad standard for guru and society. But when I ask question of my devotee friends they say we cannot understand guru but we must be humble follower. They say the authorities know what is right and what is wrong and our duty is to listen to our authorities.

Do as I say not as I do!

What is wrong with our society when no one speak of gurudev having sex only speak that he is chanting and has done much service for ISKCON and his students. Guru only month ago return from Thailand and now he again approach his student for giving them shelter after short time he is now pure devotee maha bhagavata devotee?

What is changed in his life now we must accept him as guru again when he reject us only months before? Why should I stick my head in ground and pretend everything still again like it was before when he was found out having sex with unmarried woman. More important he only admit his mistake with sex when he was found out never on his own idea, only when he was found out by his student in Thailand?

Why I listen to his students and authority when they say he is okay now because he is saying words like he want again to be diksha guru? Words only no deeds only words and we must believe his words? If we do not believe his words and the words of the authority then we are seen as a very bad devotee when everyone else has hands over his eyes saying that it is good not bad if he does like this. It is good he come back and again our gurudev.

Before Krishna and Prabhupāda I reject this man Prabhavishnu das and I reject his students and the ISKCON authorities who demand I accept this man as guru.

I am sorry I speak in this way but this is all I can do. I am simple man and I have family why should I become student of a weak man? I want strong guru who can lead me and my family. I give everything away my friends and my family to become Krishna conscious why should I have to accept a weak man as my guru?

Do not concern for me I am now reading Prabhupāda books every day and I am chanting 20 rounds every day my wife to do like this so we are okay for now. I will not take a guru and only read Prabhupāda and listen Prabhupāda from now to end of this life. When I read Prabhupāda book then I see many question he is answer why I listen to weak man who has no time for my question because he is thinking about next meeting with woman for sex?

All glory to Prabhupāda and Śrī Śrī Gaura Nitai!