Enver Ajanovic – Ireland: As a former disciple of Prthu dasa I am very concerned about what I am observing on these photos originally published on Dandavats. All former disciples of Prthu and many others are privy to the fact that Prthu das is an opportunistic homosexual with penchant for young male flesh. Prithu das admitted to that fact publicly and to me in private. Unfortunately, there are still many many devotees, especially in Eastern Europe and Russia who wouldn’t know the danger that this dirty old man poses to them and their children. As you can clearly see on the photos, this madman, Prthu das is still shamelessly going around and “preaching” his half-baked version of philosophy to his own detriment and detriment of others. Hugging young innocent boys is his favourite pastime.
This unremorseful Putana obviously didn’t have enough having destroyed his own family and the spiritual lives of his former disciples. He is still encouraged by most degraded GBC to go on as if nothing had ever happened. This Devil must be stopped!

What I find most disturbing is that he is still allowed to go around visiting various temples and festivals, usually where he is not well known, and to continue to seduce people, take their money and con them into his pathetic little personality cult. These photos clearly show how he is well able to gain people’s confidence and that he doesn’t mind getting physically intimate with them….young teenage boys in particular.

When I queried him several years ago, after he admitted to being addicted to masturbation since early eighties and thru his “guru” career trip in Iskcon, if he would assume the post of a guru again, he joyfully declared that if he was ever asked for shelter he would gladly provide it. It is now becoming abundantly clear as to what his real aim in life is.

If there are people out there who are Prithu’s sincere well wishers (I am not one of them), would you kindly stop this crazy man before he destroys himself and lives of others who came to ISKCON just because they trusted Srila Prabhupada. Don’t let unqualified shameless self-interested parasites like Prithu das continue with his carnage!

There are almost a hundred of my former godbrothers and godsisters now lingering in Maya not sufficient burnt offerings for this man of Satan.

Be warned, wherever there is Prithu das there will be a number of pedophiles and sodomites ready to exploit others for sex. These disgusting stool pushers are attracted to each other like flies are attracted to stool. Out of a hundred former disciples of Prthu das, at least five were active pedophiles and good few were gay. Prthu has a soft spot for pedophiles and likes to protect them and admonish those who expose them and report them to the police. For these scumbags, Hare Krsna festivals are just a big gay party where they can get under people’s skin, feast on subtle and gross sex and get easy money for their selfish and irresponsible hippy lifestyle.

I did my bit to warn you all. You do as you please.

Hare Krsna. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!