Radha Krishna Dāsa – Australia: He’s Back….. Prabhavisnu Das has been scouting for recruits to help him collect donations from unsuspecting Indians and locals for his own new Temple in Thailand.

Yes you heard it first here. This man has no shame. First he parades around pretending to be a renounced sanyassi, gathering disciples across the globe. He amassed a sizeable personal fortune by asking devotees and Indian members to give donations to Krishna that only went to him. He used these donations to fund his travel and upkeep of Thai prostitutes for decades.

He was never going to reveal his sordid activities only being exposed by a disciple who went through this once before with homosexual pedophile Bhavananda and sprung this lowclass fool walking arm in arm with his prostitute of the day in Bangkok.

If it wasn’t bad enough that the GBC failed to get rid of this guy, he had the gall to show his nasty face back in Australia, staying at the house of a pedophile disciple of his Tirtha Gauranga (he was kicked out of Vrindavan Gurukula for raping boys in the ashram). Birds of a feather really do flock together.

So Prabhavisnu Das is recruiting new scammers, to join him in Thailand to help fleece the locals and the Indian doctors of their hard earned money just so he can again roam the continents on other people’s money. Most probably these scammers that Prabhavisnu is recruiting will have to bunk in with his prostitute friends. I just hope they to get regular AID’s tests, poor buggers.

So be aware of this fool that parades around pushing his own agenda. Prabhavisnu will stop at nothing to use you, abuse you and then spit you out. The whole Australian Yatra is littered with the shattered hearts of devotees who have had their lives ruined by this rascal man. Do not fall for his nonsense.

I have become very disappointed with the antics of the GBC with regards to Prabhavishnu, given that he has hurt so many devotees over the years with his harsh and unyielding attitude. Yet with himself he does whatever he wants.

His disciple Tirtha Gauranga was removed from Vrindavana gurukula for raping a fellow student, he then was kept by Prabhavisnu in Nepal and put into management. He went to London where he was removed and sent back to Nepal for sexually assaulting a mataji in the Temple. Tirtha Gauranga then went onto Australia where he was involved in the molesting of two girls in Adelaide Temple. All the time Prabhavisnu protected him from the police, from any expulsion, now he lives in Sydney.

This is where Prabhavisnu went to last week when he came back to Australia.

Prabhavisnu has been requesting other Nepali devotees and western devotees to come and assist him in Thailand to help raise money for his new Temple. Prabhavisnu is also collecting money here in Australia from disciples who collect money on the street in the name of Food For Life.

Prabhavisnu in the past would send these disciples onto the street to collect money in the name of charity, but all the money would go to him for travelling around the world and not to Food For Life. This has been a big scam for a long time in Australia.

Please print this atrocities, as this is hurting the good name of Srila Prabhupada and a sending devotees to hell for these rascals.