Madhava Dāsa – USA: The ISKCON CIRCUS continues to amazes me with all the opportunistic shenanigans that are going on in the name of ‘preaching’ and pseudo devotional service. The latest one is that of women vaisnavis becoming the rubber-stamped institutional gurus.

ISKCON passed the GBC resolution in favor for women vaisnavis commencing to give diksa initiation within the ISKCON Corporation. The resolution states:

305. Female Diksa Gurus

[Action Order]

Whereas there is a factual need for more diksa-gurus in ISKCON to accommodate the worldwide preaching;

Whereas there are mature female preachers qualified to take on diksa-guru responsibilities;

Whereas there are a number of such qualified women who already have siksa disciples;

Whereas the GBC Body previously issued the following statement in 2005, which has now been given further consideration:

425. Female Diksa Guru

 The GBC accepts the basic philosophical conclusion presented in the SAC’s Female Diksa Guru Paper, i.e. that a mature, qualified, female devotee may accept the role of an initiating spiritual master. The implementation thereof is pending further GBC consideration.


1. That resolution 425/2005 “Female Diksa Guru” is amended to read as follows:

“The GBC accepts the philosophical conclusion presented in the SAC’s Female Diksa Guru Paper that a mature, qualified, female devotee may accept the role of an initiating spiritual master.”

2. The GBC Body authorizes local area committees to put forward for approval as initiating guru any devotee in their area, male or female, who is qualified according to existing GBC Law.

However the Indian RGB/ISKCON Bureau (GBC Bureau for India) is strongly opposing this resolution with a paper that was presented to the International GBC, in the attempt to revoke the above resolution that approves institutionalizing women gurus in our ISKCON society.

In their paper RGB/ISKCON Bureau states:

1) Whereas, the GBC resolution 305 of 2009 and GBC resolution 425 of 2005 both state the need for female diksha gurus in ISKCON;

2) Whereas, the statement “there is a factual need for more diksha gurus in ISKCON to accommodate worldwide preaching” can be met by following the traditional system of male diksha gurus, “as is the rule” in the Gaudiya Sampradaya, all other Vaishnava Sampradayas, the teachings of Srila Prabhupada in SB 4.12.32, 7.11.25, and in many other places;

3) Whereas, one need not have a formal position of either shiksha or diksha guru to preach Krishna consciousness or to do enthusiastic service, nor does the principle of offering respect and protection to women imply that they be offered such formal positions of spiritual authority;

4) Whereas, in the Gaudiya Vaishnava line, there are a few “rare” exceptional examples of female diksha gurus, (all of whom were “liberated souls”) and that by institutionalizing the appointment of female diksha gurus, it thus becomes a rule, and not an “exception” to the rule;

5) Whereas, instituting fundamental and monumental changes in well established Vaishnava tradition and adjusting the rules of dharma shastra, are the prerogatives of empowered acharyas;

6) Whereas empowered acharyas such as Srila Prabhupada and Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakur did make path breaking adjustments to tradition, but they did not, in practice or in their teachings, provide for female diksha gurus;

7) Whereas, considering all of the above, the Indian Regional Governing Body submits that it is inappropriate for the GBC body to venture into a domain of this nature that has momentous and far reaching implications of a permanent nature for the Krishna consciousness movement;

Therefore, the IRGB humbly requests the GBC to suspend both resolution 305 of 2009 and resolution 425 of 2005 until in depth discussion on the topic can take place with representatives of both points of view-pro and con.

Naturally after hearing of this rebuttal the liberal opportunistic ISKCON apologists (Feminist), vaisnavis and their male counterparts, are lashing back at the RGB/ISKCON Bureau to even dare and question the above ‘already approved’ GBC resolution. The battle between the two camps is set to take place in the upcoming GBC (clandestine) meetings within a day in Tirupati India.

It is important to note that this is not the first time that the International GBC and Indian GBC are at loggerheads with each other which is especially so since ISKCON India became extremely successful financially compared to the other parts of the world.

For quite some time now, the International GBC (mainly comprised of the members from North American GBC) are attempting to take full control over the Indian GBC which would have a far reaching consequences for ISKCON India in terms of policies, programs, but most importantly the control of the huge financial catchment zone that the ‘assets’ in India (Lifemembers/donors) are generously and constantly generating, and the decisions of who, how and where this money should be appropriated.

The two sides are further polarized with their incompatible view of cultural ethos. One side (International GBC) is completely liberalized (politically correct) in nature, whereas the other (Indian RGB/Bureau) is quite traditional in orientation having full support from the instructions from Srila Prabhupada on this matter, who did not want us to change and water things down as it is being constantly and systematically practiced today by North American and European GBC members. (Śrīla Prabhupāda – called this need to constantly change things -a western disease)

ISKCON India (with exception to religiosycretic/liberalistic, new age apologist/businessman Radhanath swami and his camp) are fully aware that if International GBC is successful in their attempt to usurp its full control in India, they will automatically and irrevocably implement all their liberalist practices that ISKCON India will be force to swallow and follow. What to speak of the money transfers that will take place, once they get their hands on it.

The International GBC will most probably employ Braja Bihari das, the mediator extraordinaire, to ‘mediate’ and RESOLVE/ABSOLVE the apparently irreconcilable differences and homogenize them in favor of the International GBC and his own personal liberalistic agenda.

What most are not aware of is that Braja Bihari is the main advocate behind the group that has a strong vested interest in women becoming initiating spiritual masters in ISKCON – the ex women principles of the old guard Gurukulas. He is also the main guiding force behind the move to make ISKCON more politically correct / liberal thus ignoring/rejecting the teachings of Śrīla Prabhupāda and the past Ācāryas that do not fit their agenda.

Srila Prabhupada says;

Prabhupada: So-called gurus, they are so-called gurus. They are not gurus. That is already explained. If one does not speak what Krsna speaks, he is not guru. If you accept so-called guru, that is your misfortune. What can be done?

Pusta Krsna: Some of them will say some things that Krsna says, but they’ll take from other places also. What is the position of such persons?

Prabhupada: HE’S MOST DANGEROUS. He’s most dangerous. HE IS OPPORTUNIST. HE’S FINDING OUT CUSTOMER, something here… According to the customer he is giving something, as the customers will be pleased. So he is not guru.”  760628bj.nv

So here we are in the ISKCON circus today, where the show must go on at any cost. The GBC are not interested in ‘TATTVA DARSHINAH’ as given by Śrīla Prabhupāda and the previous Ācāryas  all the way up to Lord Kṛṣṇa Himself and they are more interested in modernizing of liberalizing our Vaiṣṇava society with this move to implement ‘affirmative action of expropriation’ and appoint equally unqualified women to occupy the post of rubber-stamped guru.

A rubber stamped guru who by the way has only to maintain the mere minimum of standards set by Śrīla Prabhupāda of following the four regulative principles and the daily chanting of sixteen rounds.

Opportunism definition; Practice of exploiting circumstances in self-interest, especially without regard to moral principles or others’ interests.

Opportunist definition; One who takes advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.

Comically, those were the very same standards that were set by Srila Prabhupada, as eligibility for individuals to take first initiation only (harinam) yet these liberal prabhus are equating the same neophyte standards for somebody who is qualified to be the diksa guru, someone who is responsible to give the disciples shudha nam and take them back to Godhead. Really? How did they come to that conclusion we wonder and ponder while scratching our heads?

Yet here we have Srila Prabhupada answering to the direct question as to what is the qualification of a dīkṣā Guru?

Srila Prabhupada says;

As for your next question, can only a few pure devotees deliver others, anyone, if he is a pure devotee he can deliver others, he can become spiritual master. But unless he on that platform he should not attempt it. Then both of them will to go to hell, like blind men leading the blind. 72-12-14.Letter: Tusta Krsna”

Due to the controversial systematic lowering of Srila Prabhupada`s given spiritual, philosophical and cultural standards by the hands of opportunistic liberalist devotees, we are seeing ISKCON’s opportunistic gurus and sanyasis spending hundreds of dollars per night for their regular stays in luxury hotels/resorts, forcing them to go ‘incognito’ hiding in their karmi clothes, mixing together with other karmis and their ‘secretions’ in unclean facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, etc.

They are keeping all the wealth they collected from innocent naïve devotees in private bank accounts without any accountability. They are purposely registering all their projects into privately owned corporations/trusts.  They are secretly buying their privately owned houses in exotic places. Freely mixing, mingling and enjoying the company of women and little girls.

Organizing luxurious boat crui$e$, $chmoozing with mayavadis and sahajiyas, organizing their ‘japa’ private retreat$ and sentimental kirtan mela$. Playing harmonica…etc

Srila Prabhupada says:

The renounced order of life is never meant for begging or living at the cost of others as a parasite. According to the dictionary, a parasite is a sycophant who lives at the cost of society without making any contribution to that society.

SB 2.2.5, purport

A sannyasi cannot be luxurious. A vanaprastha cannot be luxurious. Luxury is allowed only to the householder because they are earning their own money. Others are dependent. So one cannot be luxurious at the expense of others. That is not allowed.  SB Lecture, October 23, 1968”

Yet this is all going on in the name of time, place and circumstances, and yukta vairagya principles (ups…we mean…details)… while at the same time pandering the belief that they are uttama adikaris, hence they do not have to follow any rules or regulation, since they are above all such “mundane” morality that is prescribed for conditioned souls only. It is all for preaching, preaching, preaching, preaching…prabhu…

What will be next? A : DIKSHA-EXPRESS.COM, an on line facility where for the ‘right price’ like some pseudo transcendental smorgasbord of gurus, you can get an instant diksha from an assortment of  “ Highly Bonafide rubber-stamped institutional gurus” that will be assorted to your gender or sexual preferences, needs and likings …only one click away…

You will be able to choose form; homosexual-friendly guru, volleyball/tennis loving guru, regular golf playing guru, money lending guru, lofty guru, walking in the park naturalist guru, highly mystical ganga sampadaya acharya guru, only three of the four regulative principle (sex is o.k.) guru, business buffoon guru, medicated guru, rave party guru, disciple marrying guru, spank your butt guru, Thailand red light district veteran guru, lover of little girls guru, motorcycle guru, women guru, sex change guru, pilfering wheeler and dealer in antiques guru, five star resort guru, yacht loving guru, luxury cruise guru, gunda guru, corporate guru, millionaire guru,  murdering guru, etc…

Here we provide a MUST SEE video clip that really illustrates these opportunistic “gurus” for what they really are…merely CLOWNS IN ISKCON CIRCUS…and a JOKE. Please, also carefully listen to the lyrics that accompany the video which labels the personal activities/lifestyles of the participants in the video remarkably accurately.

Now here we are having all these institutionally approved man-gurus, behaving raving mad, that are totally intoxicated with delusions of grandeur, of who they really are. Can we really believe that Liberal chauvinist/masculine women of ISKCON will do any better?

Unfortunately, if we look at the vaisnavi women who are eager and desperate to become the institutionalized diksha gurus, we will see that they are equally fraught with the infection of ambition to have power and control over others (iswara bhav) as the already appointed male gurus (with the exception of few that are a simple and naïve bunch who are only going with the flow)

Hence, due to their ruthless ambition and the need to control others, we will be calling these women the liberalist/modernist vaisnavis.

Just for posterity here are couple examples;

Urmila d.d. who was involved in educational system of ISKCON, running family managed business like gurukula under auspices of Bir Krsna swami/guru in North Carolina who was involved in cover up of the abuse perpetrated by the family member. The school was abruptly closed town without any appropriate information. She is also known for her in-famous condescending classes, whereas she is talking down at the adult audience as little retarded children. This is all part of her Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique, whose aim and purpose is the subtle manipulation of the recipients, into suggestive state of mind where they can be easily manipulated and controlled. Urmila d.d. did ask GBC on two occasions to become a guru however she was turned town on both occasions. Will she fair better this time we wonder?

Laxmimoni d.d. the Epitome of evil; twisted and evil little woman who under her “care” repeatedly and violently abused innocent Vaishnavi children. As a principal and ashram manager Laxmimoni did construe her own meaning of care for innocent devotee children whilst practically and efficiently implementing her violent daily dose of cold and ruthless “care” to little innocent and helpless devotee girls. Laxmimoni`s “care” for the little girls consisted of neglect, physical torture, constant monstrous emotional and psychological abuse etc. Her former students vividly remember her evil ways even today. Testimony of Laxmimoni`s girls are available at…

Is this the stark future that is ISKCON heading towards? Can you imagine these masculine vaisnavi`s like Prasanta d.d, Malati ‘swamini’aka “the madam of forbidden delights” and their attitudes and behaviors once they reach their desired goal of the membership of the ‘untouchables – jet setting guru club’ is obtained?

We all observed drastic unhealthy changes in the unqualified men once intoxicated with the total power and control over others via worship and huge personal money donations because they are as good as GOD?

Since men in general are little less emotional and neurotic, then who knows what kind of hydras and dragonesses’ these masculine women will they turn into when they assume the mantle of a God-dess on earth guru?

What to speak of the fiasco if and when they will start to initiate young (cute) boys… I guess they could follow Indradyumna`s poor excuses for the need to play with little cute girls. They will say they are merely their mothers, aunties and grandmothers… right?

After all when Indradyumna was exposed for his peculiar interest in photographing little girls in bathing suits or women in bikinis it forced him to remove those vulgar photographs from his Facebook page forcing him to face the fact that there is something wrong, something abhorrent, in his consciousness that drove him, as if a cry for help, to make public his inner desires thus revealing himself as a kaniṣṭha adhikāra devotee at best.

Below is a screenshot from the PrabhupadaVision Facebook page where a discussion occurred when a supporter of Indradyumna Swami took offense at the comments by some devotees declaring that it was improper for a sannyāsa to be seen closely associating with women, citing the example of the photo which displayed IDS holding a little girl’s hand while leading what could only be described as women on display parade in the way of a Harinama.

The supporter espouses the ‘racist’ opinion that Indian bodied ISKCON gurus and Indians in general cannot handle the western liberalist ways and only the white bodied gurus were able to preach as they were seemingly not affected by close or loose association with women and western hedonistic lifestyles. He claims that Indian bodied gurus shy away from the west keeping themselves to India as there are no pretty or beautiful Indian girls or women to be disturb them.

He even claimed that Lord Caitanya Himself was not able to withstand womanly lures and so kept his distance from women. But his beloved white bodies western gurus like Indradyumna Swami being an uttama addhikara devotee was eminently qualified to.

Although giving no evidence from śāstra he claimed that these white western bodied gurus were all of uttama adhikāra status and could therefore disregard God Himself, śāstric injunction and the previous Ācāryas example and do as they please in order to please God Himself… Ummm is this an ‘oxymoron’ or what?

Is this the result of following these white bodied rubber stamped gurus of ISKCON? What about the Indian gurus of ISKCON? Will there be any Indian bodied masculine liberalist women up for the post of a guru? Or are the western bodied chauvinist women the only ones who can deal with boys and men?

What next institutional gay gurus?

Below is the screenshot of the discussion, please click it to see the full size image.