Govinda Dasa – USA: Prabhus!

What is this talk about the Modernists way or the Gurus way or the middle way? I don’t know about you but I joined the movement in the early seventies because of Srila Prabhupada. I chose his way.

If someone does not like that, what are they doing here? Heavy words you may say but think about it? How many possible ways are there? I remember a joke I read – If there were ten ‘new agers’ in a room there would be fifteen different philosophies (ways)!

Either we are here because we want to follow Srila Prabhupada’s way or we are here to cause trouble. It is a simple as that folks. The ‘Pro Choicers’ would have us believe that Srila Prabhupada’s instructions are too complicated for our little brains and intelligence. But they are lying. They are complicating things to confuse us. Prabhupada’s way is simple. In our hearts we all know that!

Our history is full of devotees who wanted to do things their way. See how many philosophical deviations / murders / abuses of children / cover ups / managerial miss directions / College Going Gurus / changes to our books, ad infinitum. have happened and are happening in ISKCON.

They are all led by devotees who wanted to do things their way.

I say it is about time we cleaned this movement up. Those who want to do it their way should do just that. They should set up their own movement. They could call it – ISK-CONS International Society for Krishna Cons – The Pros and the Cons. A whole society for people who are against ISKCON – the Conners, ISKCOners.

For that is what they are. Let’s not be sentimental about it. Either you are Pro Prabhupada or you are Pro Choice! If you think that you know better then do it yourself. SOMEWHERE ELSE. !!!!!

I am sick of hearing ‘O ISKCON is not the same anymore.’ They are right! It is not the same because of these people changing everything that they can get away with.

Where will we be in ten years time if we are thinking like this now?

All the devotees who are loyal to Srila Prabhupada should stand up and be counted. The ‘pro choicers’ should be asked to leave and form their own movement or be humble and accept Srila Prabhupada’s way.

Govinda das

(revised by author)

Originally published: November 2010