Month: December 2013

Braja Bihari – the Cause of the Turley Lawsuit Against ISKCON

Balaram Dasa: New evidence has come to my attention on the role Braja Bihari plays with regards to the covering-up of child abuse within ISKCON. This new evidence illuminates Braja Bihari’s role in the Dhanudhar Swami case and how his endeavours to protect Dhanudhar Swami precipitated the Turley Class Action suit against ISKCON. It must be understood that the survivors of the abuse in our Gurukulas would never have taken the drastic action that they did in commissioning the Turley Class Action Suit against ISKCON if the GBC had not bent to the influential pressure that Braja Bihari placed on...

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From The Archive: Braja Bihari’s Obstructionist Role in ISKCON

Gurukul Alumni – Vrindavan: After the article by Vrindavan das revealing the activities of the Vrindavan Gurukul, we were pressed to bring up some other points in addition to his. By now you must be aware of the well documented role that Braja Bihari has played in protecting the child abusers and the corrupt devotees in official institutional positions in ISKCON. The following article clearly demonstrates the man’s character and disposition to protect the guilty with lies and deceit at the expense of innocent children and the truth. We say that Braja Bihari stands guilty of obstructionism, protectionism, neglect...

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