FEBRUARY 25,1980

1. GBC Members

1. That Jaga-Jivana Goswami become a full-fledged GBC member.
2. That Mahamsa Swami become an acting GBC member.

2. Old Business

1. That within three months all ISKCON owned properties will be properly registered as per Srila Prabhupada’s will. Srila Bhagavan Goswami will personally follow this up by calling the GBC members by phone after three months, if written reports have not been received in New Mayapur, France by that time.
2. That Viraha Prakash Swami and Pramana Swami along with their followers in Venezulea and Dominican Republic are officially suspended from ISKCON until such time as they give up their false position as initiating Gurus, and their demand to be GBC members, and accept the GBC authoriity. They will, in the meantime, be permitted to purchase Srila Prabhupada’s books from the BBT.
3. That Jayapataka Swami and Jayatirtha Maharaja will compile a vaisnava calendar with appropriate notes and commentary.

3. Zones

1. That Adi Kesava Swami will be GBC zonal secretary for
a)NE USA, Carribean, Guyana, Surinam, ( NE USA=Moire, N.H.,Vermount, Mass, R.I., Conn., W.S., Eastern NY state, NY city, E.Penn.,)and Santa Dominga. Co-GBC for West Africa.
2. That Sriman Atreya Rsi Das Adhikari is appointed as GBC of and co-GBC of Bhaktivedanta Institute.
3. That Sriman Balavanta Das Adhikari is appointed as zonal GBC of Miami Gainsville, New Orleans, Mississippi Farm, Atlanta Tennessee Farm, SE USA including Florida, Georgia, N.Carolina Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama.
4. That Srila Bhagavan Das Goswami is appointed GBC (zone) of South Europe (Benelu, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Canary Islands.)
5. That Sri Bhaktiswarup Damodar Swami is appointed GBC of Manipur, Burma, Maga ,Arunachal Pradesh, Mizorom and co-GBC of Assam and Tripura and Meghelaya.
6. That Srila Bhavananda Goswami is appointed GBC of Central India, Vrndavan, Utter Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan.Co-GBC of Sri Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir, and Michigan.
7. That Gopal Krsna Das is appointed as the Zonal GBC of Canada, West India (Bombay, Ahmedabad Temple). The co-GBC for: 1) New Delhi, 2) Chandigarh, 3) Mauritus.
8. That Srila Hansadutta Das Swami is appointed the zonal GBC for North Western USA (Portland, Seattle, and Berkely), the South East Asian nations of Hong Kong, China, Korea, The Phillipines, Tailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.
9. That Srila Harikesa Swami is appointed the zonal GBC of Scandinavia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech., Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, USSR, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Buhrain, Dubai, UAE, Muscat, Oman,etc., Co-GBC for all other Middle East lands including Turkey.
10. That Sriman Jagadish Das Adhikari is appointed the GBC Minister of Education.
11. That Srila Jaya Tirtha Das Adhikari is appointed UnitedKingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Kenya, Sudan, Ethiopia, Gomalia, Djibouti, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Mozambique, Zimbabwe-Rhodesia, South Africa, South West Africa, Tanzania and Marianna Islands. Co-GBC for Michigan and North India including Hariyana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu-Kashmir, Delhi,and Chandigarh, Mauritus.
12. That Mahamsa Swami is appointed the Zonal acting GBC for Andhra Pradesh, including Hyderabad and New Naimisharnya Farm.
13. That Panca Dravida Swami is appointed the Zonal GBC for Mexico, Central America, Panama, Columbia and Equador.
14. That Rupanuga Das is appointed GBC for Washington DC, Virginia and Western Maryland.
15. That Satsvarupa Das Goswami is appointed zonal GBC for Baltimore, Gita Nagari, Norfolk Virginia, Durham-Raleigh area of North Gatolina and part of Pennizylvania and New York states (as decided at Jan.80 N.American meeting).
16. That Tamal Krsna Goswami is appointed GBC of Texas, Oklahma, Arkansas, Kanoes, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.
17. That Jagajivan Das Goswami is appointedGBC for Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Uruguay.
18. That Hari Sauri Das is appointed GBC of Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Papua, New Guinea and New Calendria.
19. That Jayapataka Swami is appointed Zonal GBC for West Bengal, Bihar, Sikkhim, Bhutan, Orrisa, Andamans and Nicobar, Seychelles, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Pondicherry, Kerala, Goa, Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives and Laksadwip Islands.Co-GBC for Sri Mayapur, Thailand, Assam, Meghalaya and Tripura.
20. That Rameswara Swami ia appointed zonal GBC for Southern California, South Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Western Sosakora, Colorado Arizona, New Mexico, El Paso, Orata, Hawaii Islands, Japan Islands.
21. That Kirtanananda Swami is appointed GBC for New Vrndavana, Cleveland, Columbus, Eerie and Pittsburg.
22. That Hrdayananda Goswami is appointed GBC for Brazil.
23. That Brahmananda Swami is appointed co-GBC for West Africa including Angola, Zaire Congo, Gabon, Camaroon, Central African Republic, Nigeria, Nigor, Chad, Togo, Ghana, Ivory, Coest, Liberia, Mali, Sieora Leone, Guinea, Zambia, Senegal, Maurikania, Upper Volta, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia.


1. That a Parlimentary standing committee be appointed consisting of Jayapataka Maharaj, Jaya Tirtha maharaj, Adi Kesava Maharaj, Balavanta Das A.,and Jagadisa Das A.
2. That the first resolution of 1975 be placed as the preamble of the constitution of the GBC.
3. That although the GBC body has inherent jurisdiction in all matters of GBC affairs, it shall delegate its authority in particular areas as far as practical and necessary to the following parties:
a) Committees established for that purpose.
b) Office bearers of the GBC.
c) Individual GBC members.
4. That the following be added to the GBC rules of order.
That the Vice-Chairman of the functions shall be particularly responsible to assist and remind the GBC standing committees for the implementation of their delegated duties.
5. That the following amendments be enacted to the standing orders:-
a) That section 6L shall read:
“send reminders to any member of ISKCON and/or any GBC member to ensure that stipulations of the annual GBC manifesto or laws, where relevant, are followed by the concerned party, on a quarterly basis or as often as necessary”
b) That a section 3 (10) shall be added:
“To review agenda to decide which proposals shall be decided by the whole body or by a delegated committee”
c)That section 3(2) shall read:
“To frame a constitution, rules, laws provisional orders and suggestions for the society that comprise an annual manifesto, or to add to them or to alter or rescind them and record than in the minute books”
6. That a GBC Parlimentary Standing Committee shall be formed,according to the general guidelines and will have the following powers:
a) To recommend new legislation for improving the functioning of GBC committees, respect of Parlimentary Organization.
b) To review Parlimentary Committee proposals from individual members on behalf of the GBC and to make recommendations regarding the same, as well as suitable changes and amendments.
c) To edit, when necessary, resolutions, so that the meaning is clear and in keeping with parliamentry procedure, before publishing.
d) That the previous and current resolutions which are of an enduring nature shall be added as “laws of ISKCON”and shall be classified in categories for easy reference. All future resolutions of an enduring nature shall also be called “Laws of ISKCON”
That there shall be a constitution of the GBC which shall give a brief outline of the basic structure of the GBC with a preamble stating its basic nature. The existing GBC standing orders shall now be known as the GBC rules of order.
8. That resolution which are temporary, non-enduring in nature, shall be called provisional orders, and shall be published annually as a manifedto as destinct from the GBC rules of order and the “Laws of ISKCON”. Provisional orders of the GBC shall not be sent out as a yearly manifesto by the GBC secretary.
9.That each standing committee’s Chairman shall submit a written report to the GBC body at the outset of the yearly meeting as to the work, program, and participation of the committee during the previous year.
10. That the following be added to the GBC rules of order.
GBC officers:

The GBC officers for each year shall in addition to individual responsibilities act as a GBC committee under the chairmanship of the chairman and conjointly be responsible for the defective implementation of the “Laws of during the whole term of their office. Other functions shall be:-
a) To meet periodically during the year for effective implementation of their duties.
b) To organize tthe coming year’s agenda for the annual GBC meeting.
c) To review performance of of GBC and ISKCON during the previous year, give a report to the GBC body on progress and suggestions for the future under the heading of “old business” on GBC agenda.
d) To visit different zones, and especially troubled areas, for the implementation of their duties, and to improve love and trust in ISKCON. (Ideally all the GBC zones should be visited by at least one officer during the year.
e) To sacrifice some the time usually spent for his individual respoisibilities for the society’s work.
f) To conjointly manage only funds which may be allotted for the GBC’s work.
g) To remind members of the society in general of their obligations under the “Laws of ISKCON”, and to remind the GBC members in particular of the GBC rules of order, for their convenience in carrying out the same
h) Other things as may be delegated by the GBC from time to time.

11. That the following procedure for nominating officers of the GBC shall be added to the “rules of order” of the GBC.
That the GBC election procedure shall be as follows:
a) The Chairman will call for nominations, when the agenda for election of GBC officer comes.
b) A member shall be entitled to nominate one person for a post.
c) Each nomination must be seconded.
d) No one can nominate or second someone if during the period of nominating that officer, he has previously nominated or seconded someone else.
e) No member can refuse nomination without the majority approval of the GBC.
f) After a motion to close the nominations has been seconded and passed or after no further nominations are submitted the chairman closes the nominations.
g) By the secret ballot each member including the chairman casts his vote for the candidate of his choice. The candidate who draws the majority of votes shall be elected.
h) In case no one nominated has a majority the candidate with the lowest number of votes shall be eliminated and a fresh polling done. This shall be continued until one candidate draws an absolute majority.
i) In case of draws no two persons shall be eliminated if by that action a third party wins the election uncontested.
j) Each election follows the same procedure, and fresh nominations are called.
k) That the “Order of business” shall be added to the GBC “rules of order” and followed by the GBC body in its annual meetings (A change in the agenda orders requires a special majority vote).
The “order of Business” in the annual GBC meeting shall be
a) Performance of Hari Nama Sankirtana by members.
b) Invocation-Chairman reads a short passage from Srila Prabhupada’s works.
c) Attendance and establishing of quorum.
d) Nomination and election of GBC Chairman for the year.
e) Nomination and election of GBC Vice Chairman for the year.
f) Nomination and election of GBC Secretary for the year.
g) Reports by the GBC committees obliged to submit yearly reports to the GBC body (if not given earlier).
h) Agenda – reacting the agenda and assigning the members’s motions for consideration by:
1) A GBC committee
2) The whole GBC body
(Note:At this time an adjournment motion should be allowed to permit the committees to meet)
i) To consider admissions to the GBC body and to assign Zonal and ministerial duties to GBC members.
j) To consider the member’s motions in the folllowing sequence:
1) Old business review
2) Parliamentary procedure and organization motions
3) Privilege related motions
4) Sannyasa recommendations
5) Sankirtana(book)motions
6) Sankirtana(general)motions
7) Financial and manpower motions
8) Other committee recommended motions
9) Committee appointments
10) Any other business

k) Adjournment/obeisances to all Vaishnavas

`13) That the following be added to the GBC rules of order under “The secretary and his functions”‘
“He will prepare duplicate copies of the current year’s GBC recognised committees, their officers and members and distribute the same to the members”.
That the following shall be added to the GBC rules of order under the heading:
(4) “The chairman and his functions”
(e) delegate responsibilities to the vice chairman and secretary for implementing the GBC rules of order etc.
15) That a booklet of the ISKCON Constitution, GBC “rules of order” and the “Laws of ISKCON” shall be printed, with amendments added, yearly, at Sri Mayapur BBT, under the GBC parlimentarians’ supervision, and that funds shall be allotted for this. Each GBC and Temple President shall get one copy, extras for a fee. (This motion rescinds the previous motion on indexing resolutions yearly, but not that the secretary will send out yearly minutes to the GBCs)
16) That the GBC is the supreme authority in the management of The International Society For Krishna Consciousness and the direct manifestation of His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada, it is only proper that just as was done when Srila Prabhupada was personally present, the present individual GBC members should be required to submit a comprehensive report of their activities , in writing, to the entire GBC at least once a year in Mayapur. Copies should be given to all members, and should be bounded and left in Mayapur. As the GBC body is in truth the supreme authority then the individual GBC should humbly submit a report of their activities . These reports should not only outline their preaching successes and failures but also their economic situation and related plans. The purpose of this will be to broaden the knowledge of the individual GBC members of other zonal activities, thus giving him more ideas for further expansion, and at the same time make him accountable for his activities.

5. Privilege.

1) That the names of devotees who have left or leave the Movement be recorded in the local Temple’s official society minutes,which must be duly notarized.
2) That, according to the desire of Srila Prabhupada an oath of allegiance should be signed by each GBC, regional secretary, and temple officer.It must be notarized. The oath shall be as follows:
“I solemnly pledge that while an officer of The International Society For Krishna Consciousness, I will abide by all the orders of the Governing Body Commission of that society as well as by the society’s spiritual precepts, namely:1) No illict sex 2) No intoxication 3) No meat eating 4) No gambling and all other principles as outlined in the Nectar Of Devotion. I further agree not to involve the society or any of its members in any activities contrary to the above mentioned principles. I also understand that all of the society’s funds and properties (including personal band accounts, possessions of any other article acquired by the society under my direction) shall accrue solely to the society should I either resign or be relieved of my post and that I shall, at that time have no claim over them whatsoever”
This is to be enforced by the GBC secretary.
3) That removal of a GBC member from the body shall be enacted by a 3/4 vote and such a removal will only be considered because of spiritual terpitude. When such a motion is being considered, the commission shall remember Srila Prabhupada’s words:
“First try to rectify,and if the man cannot be rectified then you may remove”
4)That the 4000 dollars in contention between Mayapur and Bombay, which was the subject of a 1979 GBC proposal will be resolved by an investigation by Jagadisa Prabhu as an Ad hoc committee of one.
5)That the Hyderabad Farm Project as an independent registered Trust, or any similar ISKCON affiliate, must have a majority of ISKCON active trustees as established by Srila Prabhupada in order to qualify for aby financial assistance from ISKCON, or its affiliate Trusts. That the All India GBC Committee shall recommend replacements and the ISKCON Venkateswar Krishna Goraksha Trust shall nominate new trustees from these recommended in order to qualify for financial assistance etc.
6) That Bhakti Chaitanya Swami be noted in our official records as having been removed from the membership role of The International Society For Krishna Consciousness.
7) That Bhakti Chaitanya Swami be removed from his position as the GBC.
8) That the previous GBC resolution which required that young girls wait until 16 years old to be married to be rescinded.

6. Preaching and Organisation.

1) That Rupanuga Prabhu be appointed as the Minister of grants to oversee and assist the procurement of grants from governments and other sources for developing rural communities in third world countries recommended.
2) That monthly newsletter will be sent out to all temples listing all zones and temples in alphabetical order, giving details of all book sales and including interesting articles concerning developments of preaching fields in various zones. Financial information will be given in the BBT newsletter as is already done. No points system will be used.
3) That these proposals be included in a GBC discussion to establish a firm philosophical understanding and commitment of the moral and ethical requirements of ISKCON regarding all aspects of SKP activity and other general behaviour
4) That each GBC man in America prepare by the time of the annual NA GBC meeting. A BBT order for books to be distributed by his zone over the next six months or year. The BBT will plan its annual and semi-annual printing to fill the orders thus placed and will charge the temples a 100% mark-up on the cost price (including pre-production costs, if any). Once the order is placed, as in any other contract, both sides will be bound to carry out their sides of the agreement. All orders will be reviewed at the annual NA GBC meeting. In the event that the GBC man and the managing trustee of the BBT can’t agree upon terms in the event of reduction of a contract, the issue will be decided by the annual NA GBC chairman and two other outside GBC men. If book orders from individual zones are considered to be insufficient by the managing BBT trustee then he can request a review by the GBC chairman and two other members.
5) That an all ISKCON office of Public Affairs be established with Mukunda Das Gaura Vanacari as Minister of Public Affairs. He and his office will a)assist local GBC’s in developing their public affairs programs and b)oversee the collection and distribution of international public affairs materials. Rupanuga Prabhu will be his GBC supervisor.
6) That the parliamentary committee when composing the constitution of the GBC include, in defining the duties of the GBC members, their obligation to support Srila Prabhupada’s international priority projects such as Sridham Mayapur etc.
7) That Srila Hrdayananda Maharaj be appointed to carry on the work of translating the Srimad Bhagavatam.
8) That a GBC committee be formed to work with Swarup Damodara and other BI members, in order to insure that the BI’s annual goals are actually becoming realized. The goals, to be presented at the GBC meeting, should then be reported on the following year to the GBC in Mayapur. Also the BBT trustees should review and approve the annual budget for the BI each year in Mayapur. That Atreya Rsi is appointed co-GBC of BI in place of Adi Kesava Maharaj.

7. Sannyasa.

1) That there be a two year moratoriium on the creation of new Sannyasis.
2) That Hari Sauri be given Sannyasa this year in spite of the moratorium. It is noted here that despite the GBC approval Hari Sauri deferred the decision for the moratorium and prefers to wait two years to set an example for the other Sannyasa candidates and to lend weight to the GBC decision.

FEBRUARY 26,1980

1. North America GBC meeting

1) That in N.America no GBC man will allow the sankirtana parties of his zone to carry out sankirtana activities outside of his zone without the express permission of the host GBC.
2) That Srila Kirtanananda Swami will return a sum of money (to be mutually agreed upon) to Srila Hansadutta Swami pending Srila Hansadutta Swami’s acknowledgement of resolution number one (above).
3) That a subcommittee be formed to investigate the methods where by our fund raising activitiees in N.America may be carried out in a legitimate way which will not aggravate public opinion unnecessarily and which will, at the same time, provide adequate financing for our maintenance needs as well as our book distribution program. The GBC fund raising committee will establish a nation wide business that each temple can participate in to ginance their respective programs.
4) That as the North Ametican GBC has already created the GBC legal committee for the purpose of coordinating legal Sankirtana activities, the North American GBC should extend this committee the power to coordinate and supervise legal matters in regard to taxes.
5) That all fund-raising activities in NA that are considered as on related businesses should be separately incorporated and should comply with guidelines given by GBC legal committee.
6)That VEDA is recognized as bona fide, eligible for ISKCON and GBC support. Any other such organizations must be approved by the office at the Minister of Grants, the criteria for acceptence include government recognition,etc.

2.New Vrndaban emergency meeting.

1.That an all-India management board be formed to direct the management of India preaching. That committee will be composed of Jayapataka Swami, Bhavananda Goswami, Jaya Tirtha Maharaja, and Gopal Krsna Prabhu, and Bhakti Swarup Damodar Swami.


1) That Meghalaya have co-GBC’s of Srila Jayapataka Swami and Bhakti Swarupa Damodar Swami.
2) That the middle East zones of Harikesa Swami and Atreya Rsi Prabhu shall remain as they were in 1979.

4. Parlimentary

1) That a standing commitee shall be formed as a “privilege committee” consisting of a minimum of five and maximum of seven GBC members, appointed by the GBC body for a three year term. The jurisdiction of the privileges committee shall be:

a) The privilege committee shall meet once a year before the annual GBC meeting to perform the ordinary business of recommending GBC privilege related motions as assigned to it by the GBC chairman.
b) On the order of the chairman of the GBC or by a GBC resolution to that effect, the privilege committee shall act as arbitrators to settle disputes between GBC’s if and when other attempts have failed.
c) At the yearly meeting of the privilege committee cases of default in the proper observance of GBC rules or ISKCON laws by a member of ISKCON can be considered if presented in writing sponsored by a GBC member.

The powers of the privileges committee shall be:

a) Ordinary annual recommendations on privilege motions shall be given to the GBC.
b) When commissioned by the chairman or by a GBC resolution to make a finding on an issue within the jurisdiction of the privilege committee, their finding shall be binding on disputing parties, though a party may appeal to the GBC body. In the case where the GBC body refuses to hear the matter, the decision stands.
c) To elect officers for a three year term, according to the GBC rules for committees, to keep minutes, etc.

2) That the privilege committee shall consist of:
Rupanuga Prabhu, Balavanta Prabhu. Srila Kirtanananda Swami, Srila Satsvarupa Das Goswami, and Jagadisha Prabhu.
3) a. That no GBC can have his zonal area changed against his will without a 2/3 majority vote.
b. That resolutions regarding admissions as a member of the GBC shall be enacted by a 2/3 majority vote at the annual meeting.

5. Mayapur development

1) Resolved that each aspect of the Sri Mayapur Development scheme be categorized and assigned to individual GBC representatives who will adopt those particular aspects as their personal responsibilities and as it were as extensions of their zone. In presence of these resolution the following
areas have been assigned to the following GBC members:

a. Samadhi art work -Rameswara maharaja
b. Selection of master craftsman} -Gopal Krsna Prabhu for samadhi artwork for N.India}
(Note:Gopal Krsna Prabhu will take charge of selection of the best and reliable Indian craftsmen and art works manager for the samadhi construction)
c. Arranging for personnel for } samadhi construction site-in-charge } -Jaya Tirtha Maharaja
Architecture and planning -Kirtanananda Swami and Bhavananda Goswami
e. Hospital project -Jayadwaita Maharaja
.BBT printing project -Bhagavan Maharaja
g. Spiritual Sky Incence factory -Jaya Tirtha Maharaja
h. Food production(papadams and acars) -Jayapataka Maharaja
i. Commercial development -Ateya Rsi Das
j. Dioramas factory-FATE -GBCs(Ramesvara Maharaja and Jaya Tirtha Maharaja)
2) Resolved that all manpower requirements not entering into any of the above categories will be filled through a general manpower committee consisting of Jaya Tirtha Maharaja, Ramesvara Swami, and Adi Kesava Swami. This committee will attempt to arrange required manpower from the society for the Mayapur Project. They will not be restricted only to their zones for this purpose.

6. Miscellaneous

1) That the executor’s committee shall select officers’ and submit reports annually to the GBC vice-chairman.
2) That three discussion groups will be held on the afternoon of the 26th, 27th, and 28th on the subjects of:

plan for saving the world ( includes topics: world war and forum development),
2. preaching and sankirtan development,
3. relationship between the initiating gurus and the other GBC men. These meetings are to be attended on a voluntary basis by the GBC men.

3)The North American GBC members sub committee is directed
to hold a mid-year meeting (at the opening of Srila Prabhupada’s Palace)to discuss the preaching practices in the USA).

FEBRUARY 28,1980.

1. From Temple President’s meeting.
1) a. That the GBC appoint a qualified devotee situated in a North American temple to co-ordinate the annual Gour Purnima Festival with the temples outside India on a worle-eode basis. Such a devotee should be free to devote considerable effort to making the annual festival as well organized as possible.
b. Resolved: That the Kirtiraj and Danavir Das are appointed on committee with Srila Jayakapataka Swami, Gopal Krsna Prabhu, Srila Bhavananda & Prabhupad Krpa Goswami (Hari Sauri).
2) That Hari Sauri Prabhu kindly reconsider his decision to take Sannyas. The presidents felt that his taking Sannyas would be of the greatest importance to his zone. Note: Hari Sauri Prabhu accepted.
3) Presidents :- That each temple increase its donation to the ISKCON Food Relief Fund by 50 dollars until a N.American GBC or temple president’s meeting when, if passed, it applies to all contributing temples. IFR committee will come up with scale of increase.
4) Resolved: That all temples should try to at least send one representative along with as many men as possible to the Mayapur Festival to resist weakening of ISKCON
5) That the minister of public affairs takes personal responsibility that all temples receive all official ISKCON News letters. Agreed, but not as GBC proposal.
6) At the earnest request of His Divine Grace Jayapataka Maharaj, twenty-one temples decided to buy one acre each of Mayapur land at the cost of $1500 per acre.
7) Meeting ended.
Chairman – Alanath Swami.
Vice-Chairman – Lokanath Swami.
Secretary – Vegavan das.

2. Insurance Proposal.
1) Resolved: That the GBC recommemds that all the temples take advantage of insuring their properties and vehicles through a common insurance company, if, it will save money and improve their coverage and service. ISKCON, Chicago will co-ordinate one such program.
2) Srila Hansadutta Swami shall be the GBC of Thailand for this year.