The GBC officers for 1983 are:

Harikesa Swami : Chairman
Tamal Krsna Goswami : Vice Chairman
Rameswara Swami : Secretary

MARCH 16, 1983


1. Bhagavan Goswami,Rameswara Swami and Mukunda Goswami are added to the 500th Anniversary Committee.
2. That according to Srila Prabhupada’s last expressed desires there shall be no more than 25 full members of the governing body commission at any one time.
3. That Jayatirtha is removed as a member of the GBC.
4. The GBC body accepts Mahamsa’s resignation as a member of the GBC.
5. That Adi Kesava Das’s position be changed to acting-GBC on indifinite leave of absence.
6. That Giriraj Swami will remain as acting-GBC member.
7. In voting for full GBC membership whichever is “stronger” criterion [either 2/3rds vote of total membership, or 3/4 th’s vote of those present] will be used.
8. That Bhakti Tirtha Swami will be an acting-GBC member.
9. Jayapataka Swami is appointed co-GBC for the Southern USA Zone.
10. That proposed zonal changes in North America be submitted to the members of the N.American GBC Committee at least two weeks in advance of that meeting to assure careful consideration of such changes.
11. That Hrdyananda Goswami and Panca Dravida Swami be co-GBC for Venezuela.
12. Bhagavan Goswami and Bhavananda Goswami will be co-GBC for Suaabhir Swami as a laison for the GBC body.
13. The GBC officer’s committee will be the GBC authority for Mukunda Goswami,the Minister of Public affairs, in emergencies,
14. Tamal Krsna Goswami will be GBC for Korea.
15. Bhagavam Goswami will be trustee for ILMT replacing Jayatirtha.
16. Bhagavan Goswami will be chairman of ILMT for the year 1983-84.
17. That Prabhupada Krpa Goswami,Rameswara Swami and Bhavananda Goswami shall be co-GBC for New York,New Jersy and Connecticut.
18. That Satsvarupa Goswami be GBC for New England, except Connecticut.
19. That Jagajivan Swami coordinate telex and shortwave communications within ISKCON,and that he publesh a derectory of ISKCON telephones and telex numbers,with the help of Satyanarayan Das.
20. That ILMT will write a paper for all ISKCON centers explaining the importance of the life membership program as Srila Prabhupada envisioned ir, to be posted in all centers.

MARCH 16,1983.

1. Members of the parlimentary committee shall be:
Giriraj Swami, Jagadish Goswami, Jayapataka Swami, Rupanuga Prabhu, and Balavanta Prabhu.
2. Members of the privilege committee shall be:
Satsvarupa Goswami, Kirtanananda Swami, Tamal Krsna Goswami,Jagadisa Goswami,and Rupanuga Prabhu.
3. During a vote about any GBC member present, the person who is the subject of the vote shall have the opportunity to hear any discission about him.
4. Jayapataka Swami will prepare a paper on suggested procedures for GBC standing committees to follow.
5. [amendment of existing GBC rule secction II.sub-section C, re:duties of GBC secretary]
2. He will prepare duplicate copies of the resolutions of the GBC meeting, including up-to-date lists of GBC committees and their officers for the year. A list of all ministers of ISKCON shall be published every year in the ISKCON manifesto.
13. delete
14. re-number as 13
15. provisional orders from previous years which are still valid as the matters are still current and pending shall be written in an addenda to the annual manifesto as long as they remain current
6. That zonal assignment authority hal been delegated to individual GBC’s
a. Balavanta Prabhu
East Tennessee.
b. HDG Bhagavan Goswami England.Scotaland.Wales,France,Benelux,Italy,Spain,Portugal,
Israel, Greece,Canary Islands,Luxenbourg,Tahiti,Iceland,South Africa,co-GBC with HH Giriraja Swami for Mauritius.
Co-GBC with HH Bhakti-Tirtha Swami for Kenya,Ethopia,Uganda.
c. HDG Bhavananda Goswami
Utter Pradesh,Madhya Pradesh,Rajasthan,& Vrndaban.
Co-GBC with Jayapataka Swami for Mayapur and Calcutta.
Co-GBC with Ramesware Swami for FATE,Detroit.
Co-GBC with Ramesware Swami and Prabhupada Krpa Goswami for New York,New Jersey,and Connecticut.
d. HH Giriraja Swami.
Acting – GBC for Pakistan
Acting co-GBC with Gopal Krsna Goswami for Maharastra.
Acting co-GBC with Bhagavan Goswami for Maurituis.
e. HDG Harikesa Swami.
Scandinavia,Germany,Austria,Switzerland,Eastern Europe,USSR,Argentina.
f. Jagajivan Goswami.
Peru,Bolivia,Chile and Asuncion(Paraguay).
g. HDG Kirtanananda Swami.
Ohio,West Virginia,Indiana,Kentucky,Central Africa (assisted by Bhakti Tirtha Swami
h. HDG Pancadravida Swammi
Mexico,Guatamala,El Savador,Honduras,Nicarahua,Costa Rica,Panama,Columbia,Equador,Belize.
Co-GBC with Hrdayananda Goswami for Venezuela.
i. HH Prabhuppada Krpa Goswami
Australia,New Zealand.Indonesea,New Guinea,New Caledonea.
Co-GBC with Bhavananda Goswami and Ramesvara Swami for New York,New Jersey and Connecticut.
j. HDG Rameswara Swami.
Southern California,South Nevada,Utah,Wyoming,North and South Dakota,Colorado,Arizona,New Mexico,Hawaiian Islands,St.Louis,Chicago,Japan,Memphis.
Co-GBC with Bhavananda Goswami and Prabhupada Krpa Goswami for New York,New Jersey,and Connecticut.
Co-GBC with Bhavananda Goswami for FATE.
k. Rupanuga Dasa.
Co-GBC with Jayapataka Swami for Georgia,Louisiana,Mississippi,Tennessee,N.Carolina,Smokey Mtns., Nat’l Park,S, Carolina, and Alabama.
l. HDG Satsvarupa Goswami
Philadelphia,Washington DC,Gita-Nagari,Norfock,The Durham-Raleigh area of N.Carolina,Eastern Pennysylvania,Guyana,the Carribean,Surinam,Santo Domingo,Ireland,N.Irelannd,New England (except Connecticut).
m. HDG Tamal Krsna Goswami
China,Hong Kong,Macau.Taiwan,Texas,Oklahoma,Arkansas,Nebraska,Iowa,
n. Vasudeva Dasa
o.HH Brahmananda Swami
West and part of Central Africa including Angola,Zaire,
Congo,Gabon,Cameroon,Central African Republic, Nigeria, Chad, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali,Sierra, Leone, Guinea, Gambia, Senegal,Mauritiana,Upper Volta. -assisted by Bhakti Tirtha Swami.
p. HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami co-GBC with Atreya for North Africa
Acting co-GBC with Kirtanananda Swami for Central Africa,with Bhagavan Goswami.Ethiopia,Uganda,East Africa and with Brahmananda Swami for North West Africa including the countries of Western Sahara,Morocco,Mauriatiania,Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Senegal, Mali,Gambia,Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Sierra Leone,Liberia,Ivory Coast,Upper Volta,Niger, Sudan, Chad, Ghana, Togo,Benin, Nigeria, Djibouti,Cammeroon,Equatorial Guinea,Central African Republic,Sao Teme & Principe, Gabon, Congo, Zaire, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Burundi,Tanzania, Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Bostwana, Swaziland.
q. Atreya Rsi Dasa.
Middle East (except for Israel),Sanfrancisco,Co-GBC with Bhakti Tirtha Swami for N.Africa,Morocco,Egypt,Algeria,Libya
Tunisia,and Afghanistan.
r. HDG Gopal Krsna Goswami.
Maharastra,Gujarat,Delhi,Chandigarh,Harayana,Jammu and kashmir,Himachal Pradesh,Punjab,Canada,Seattle.
Co-GBC with Jayapataka Swami for Goa,and with Bhakti Swarup Damidar Swami for Hyderabad temple.
s. HDG Jayapataka Swami.
West Bengal,Orissa,Bihar,Sikkhim,Tamil Nadu,Karnataka Kerala,Laksadvipa,Nicobar,Andaman Islands,Bangladesh,Bhutan,
Nepal,Thailand,Vietnam,Laos Cambodia,Pondicheri.
Co-GBC with Rupanuga dasa for Georgia,Lousiana,Mississippi,
Tennessee,Nothern North Carolina,Smokey Mtns,Nat’l Pk.,and
co-GBC with Gopal Krsna Goswami for Goa and co-GBC with
Bhakti Swarup Damodar Swami for Assaam,Tripura,Meghalaya and the Hyderabad Farm,co-GBC with Bhavananda Goswami for Sri Mayapur and Calcutta.
t. HDG Bhakti Swarup Damodar Swami
Manipur,Nagaland,Arunachal Pradesh,Burma,Tirupati.Co-GBC with Jayapataka Swami for Assam,Tripura,Meghalaya and the
Hyderabad Farm.ISKCON Minister of Higher Education.
Co-GBC with Gopal Krsna Goswami for Hyderabad Temple.
u. HDG Hansadutta Swami.
Berkeley,Portland,Phillipines,Malaysia,Singapore,Sri Lanka.Co-GBC for Venezuela with Panvadravida Swami.
v. HH Jagadisa Goswami.
ISKCON Minister of Education.

MARCH 17,1983.

1. That the North American GBC committee organize a multi pronged action against the US anti-cult movement as follows:
Legal action against false Newspaper articles,
TV,Radio,etc.Text Books,Deprogrammers,
and affirmative cases in general
: Distribete Prasadam
: Distribute books and maggazines related to this issue
: Organize lobbying to state legislatures,Religions,
medea,schools and colleges,civic groups
: Vigorous edgense whenever lawsuits are filed against
The NA GBC committee will meet and resolve this during this Mayapur Festival.

MARCH 17,1983.


1, That temples in the USA and Canada be responsible for raising the minimum number of BTG subscriptions to insure the healthy growth of the BTG.
2. That all arthors within ISKCON submit their proposed New-Book projects (intended for mass distribution) to the BBT trustees for their blessings at the annual Mayapur meeting.
3. That BBT publications shall only be sold to customers (for their book distribution) who are not attacking ISKCON Institutions or what ISKCON stands for. Any former member of ISKCON who preaches against ISKCON shall be legally disenfranchized and BBT publications shall not be sold to them in quantity by ISKCON members.
4. Annual awards will be presented in Mayapur for outstanding services in the area of Sandirtan in the following areas:
a- most successful zone
b- most improved zone (maba-large,large,
c- most successful temples medium,small)
d- most improved temples ( ” )
e- top 10 SKP devotees

The award winners will be determined each year by the N.American BBT.
5. That HH Krsnadas Swami work with HDG Bhakti Swarup Damodar Maharaj in India.
6. That all temples in N.America (and elsewyere if desired) take up the Hare Krsna “Food For Life” program as outlined by Mukunda Goswami.We see this as a highly effective means to increase Prasadam Distribution and Book Distribution and for ISKCON to gain acceptance by the public as well as by government agencies.
7. That in North America,from now on,Gurukulas shall be developed first on a regional bases,and then from the regional schools local schools can be explained in a careful,methodical way.
8. That Lake Huntington Gurukul shall be funded by the combined efforts of all temples it services-by raising the tutions,and by taking the zones using the school as follows:
Rameswara Swami – $3800/month (for 10 children)
Sarsvarupa Goswami – $1000/month (for 3 children)
Hrdayananda Goswami – $2000/month (for 15 children)
Rupanuga Prabhu – $1000/month (for 4 children)
-that NY zone will pay for all future expansion.
9. That New Srimad Bhagavatam volumes shall be printed at a rate of one every other month for the next year (6 volumes this year)
10. That the Seattle loan will be paid off in five years to each of the creditors in monthly payments proportionate to the amount borrowed from each one.Floating interest rates will be applied.
11. That New Vrindavan will send names and address of its visitors to the temples or zones where the visitors reside.
12. That Satsvarupa Swami will coordinte the travelling Rathayatra scheduling and financial needs in North America.
13. That IFR collection Day marathons and monthly donation quotas be assegned to each temple and not to each country as is presently being done.
14. That Atreya Rsi Prabhu shall dedide the polidies for book distribution at the Sanfrancisco Airport and city.
15. That the Hyderabad New Naimasaranya farm project be accorded “International Project” recognition. That the GBC recommends to the BBT & MVT the allotment of Rs. 2 lakhs for implementation of irrigation development and similar essential pending works.This is in light of the extraordinary circumstances the project has experienced in the past year.
16. That the Ministry of Architecture be giveen the authority to recruit manpower according to standard ISKCON policies,and that men working for the ministry be considered as beloning to the ministry in the same way that other devotees are considered belonging to a certain Yatra or zone with respect to their moving to other zones and the regulations governing these matters. Whatever zone Surabhir Swami works in, he should work under the supervision and in coordination with the local GBC (eg:Delhi work should be done in conjunction with Gopal Krsna Goswami).
17. Giriraj Swami will address the temple presidents on the importance of fulfilling our committments to the life members.
18. Anyone domiciled outside India will allowed to become a life member in India provided thes Rs.1000, or 1/3 of the membership donation, be remitted to the Samadhi fund (or the int’l India contruction fund). As a credit tio the Book fund on behalf of the overseas temple.
19. The IlMT committee will be renamed the ILM committee and will exist independently of the ILMT as a GBC committee.
20.The ILMT will take direction from the ILM committee, and Jalakara Prabhu will function function under Srila Bhagavan goswami as his GBC for the ILMT.
21. At least 3 trustees should sign on the ILMt documents in England as follows: Srila Bhagavan,HH Brahmananda Swami,and Jalakara Prabhu.
22. Duplicate copies of the life member computer program of information lists will be kept with Srila Bhagavan in Europe and with HH Giriraj in Bombay.
23. The following have been approved to take Sannyasa order of life at the 1983 Gaura Purnima festival or any time thereafter.
1.Gaurnga Dasa -HDG Ramesvara Swami
2.Mahasrnga Dasa -HDG Jayapataka Swami
3.Sahasranghri Dasa -HDG Jayapataka Swami
4.Tapapunja Dasa -HDG Kirtanananda Swami
5.Nityodita Dasa -HDG Kirtanananda Swami
6.Mrgesha Dasa -HDG Pancadravida Swami
7.Romapada Dasa -to be finalized by local NY
GBC committee.

24. That the following be put on the one year waiting list to be given sannyas in 1984.
1.Gaura Mandala Bhumi Dasa-HH Prabhupada Krpa Swami
2.Sivananda Sena Das -HDG Kirtanananda Swami
3.Lakshmi Nrsimha Dasa -HDG Ramesvara Swami
4.Raghunatha Das -HH Jagadisa Swami
5.Mananidhi Das -HDG Satsvarupa Goswami
6.Chederaj Das -HDG Kirtanananda Swami
7.Bhaktimarg Das -HDG Glpal Krsna Goswami
8.Amoghalila Das -HH Giriraj Swami
9.Mahavidya Das -HDG Bhagavan Das Goswami

25.That the following be put on the two-year waiting list to be given Sannyasa in 1985:
1.Atmavidya Das -HDG Jayapataka Swami
2.Mahavisnu Das -HDG Jayapataka Swami
3.Sankarsana Das -HDG Tamal Krsna Goswami
4.Krsna Caitanya Das -HDG Gopal Krsna Goswami

MARCH 18,1983.

1. That no SKP collectors mention the “Hare Krsna Food For Life” program as the program they are collecting for on sankirtan for ar least one year,in order to firmly astablish the “Food For Life” program without any mispresentation.
2. That the Bhaktivedanta Memorial Committee arrange to rent Srila Prabhupada’s apartments at 26 Second Ave., NY,and also the store front,if possible.
3. Every GBC member should submit proof of having implemented the 3-trustee principle on each property in his zone to Balavanta Prabhu within three months of Gaura Purnima,1983.
4. Any GBC who has not implemented the 3-trustee principle due to legal of technical difficulties must meet with Balavanta Prabhu to conclude the last possible arrangement by the next year at the latest.
5. Balavanta Prabhu will visit Europe during the year to help implement the property principle there.
6. Whereas the GBC has reason to believe that proceeds from the sale of the Gainesville temple have been wrongfully used for purposes other than a new temple for the Deities, the privilege committee is to investigate the responsible persons involved,and how the debt to Sri Sri Gaura – Nitaiis to be repaid.
7. The procedure for appealing to the privilege committee of the governing boky commission is:

Section 1.Jurisdiction of the privilege committee (pc).

1. All disputes arising from the activities of ISKCON.Such matters shall includes disputes between temples,zones,businesses,individual members of the society or any other ISKCON entities including but not limited to corporations.
2. The PC shall also have jurisdiction over many complaints alleging wrongful behavior on the party of any ISKCON authority of member.
3. Under appropriate circumstances,the PC may,at its discretion,hear complaints or grievances brought by members relative or guardian of an ISKCON member against any ISKCON authorityv,member of legal entity.
Section II : Method of petition.

1. Persons seeking to appeal disputes or grievances
to the PC shall initially present such matters to the GBC with immediate jurisdiction or his own GBC representative,such GBC secretaries shall attempt to reach a solution and being unable to do so shall refer the matter to the PC chairman or if the complaint is not satisfied with the action taken by such GBC member, he may then appeal directly to the PC chairman.
2. GBC members having disputes or grievances witb other GBC members, whether or not such matters arise directly or by reference from other members of the society or members of the public, shall first approach such other GBC member and attempt to reach a solution to the problem,if unable to do so, the complaint may then petition the chairman of the PC for a rresolution of the dispute.
3. All such petition to the PC chairman,whether from GBC members or members of the society or the public shall be in writing and fully delineate the facts from which the dispute arose,the issues involved, and any pertinent arguments the complaint wishes to make. All GBC members and any complaints
wishing to approach the PC chairman.All such answers must be full,candid,in writing,and timely replied.Such persons must also co-operate fully with any physical investigation. The PC shall shall at itsw discretion undertake,failure to do so will result either in dismissal of the complaint, default or whatever disciplinary action the PC may deem appropriate.

Section III :Responsiblities and powers.

1. The PC must undertake to hear and resolve all legitimate controversies brought before it.However the PC cannot initiate any investigation or inquiry unless a complaint as described above has been filed.
2. The GBC body,through its chairman,may initiate and investigation by the PC at any time and PC shall undertake such assignment.
3. Except in cases of assignments from the GBC chairman,the PC chairman shall determine the the merit of any complaint filed with the PC and shall timely notify the GBC Chairman and all interested parties of his decision in writing. If a complaint is accepted by the PC chairman, the PC shall investigate and resolve the problem in a timely fashion.All such action shall be initially reported to the GBC chairman and then to all parties involved. All such reports shall be in writing.
4. The PC shall have authority to issue letters of discipline, make reports to the GBC body and make recommendations to the GBC body for the assersment of fines,removal of authority or other desciplinary action. The GBC shall give special considerationto any such recommendation which will be the product of careful and objective investigation and thought. The PC shall have the authority to assess costs, in proportion or in whole,against any party before it.

Section IV :Method of appeal from the privilege committee.

1.Any final decision of the PC or its chairman may be appealed to the GBC body by written notices to the GBC chairman. Such notice must be tendered to the chairman at least 30 days prior to the next annual Mayapur GBC meeting.
2. Decisions of tthe PC shall nor be overturned unless the appealing party shall bring forward new evidence unavailable at the time of the PC investigation and/or sound arguments such that the GBC body becomes clearly convinced of the wrongness of the PC chairman.
3. The PC, with the approval of the GBC chairman, may require of the appealing party,to tender and appeal bond which may be forfetted at the discretion of the GBC should the appeal prove unsuccessful.

8. That Atreya Rsi Prabhu shall accept responsibility to pay bacj the outstanding debts to the life members in the Middle East unless he can convvince them to otherwise disolve them.
9. That Giriraj Maharaj shall investigate the charges on the latter of complaint regarding the Badrinath tour.He shall submit a report to the GBC officers within one month,especially covering the accounts for the tour,and the present status of Gaursundara Dasa.
10. For the next three years,HDG Tamal Krsna Goswami was enacted chairman of the privilege committee, and HDG Satsvarupa Goswami the secretary.
11. That Jagadisa Goswami and Bhakti Swarup Damodar Goswami set up curriculum for secondary education. They must inform in writing the education committee and prepare a workshop ffor the devotees in general.
12. That each Gurukula in a developed country should contribute $1340 ($1340 x 16 = $21,440.)and each Gurukula in a third world country should contribute $ 670 ($670×7 = $4690) towards the curriculaum budget of $26,o65 for the year April’83-Marcg’84.

Developed-Counrty Gurukuls Third world Gurukuls

Italy Bhaktivedanta Village Mexico
France Lake Huntington Columbia
England Sweeden Mayapur
Dallas New Vrindavan Vrindavan
Denver Australia Assam
Gita Nagari New Zeland Manipur
Vancouver San Francisco Tirupati
E.Canada Mississippi Farm Hyderabad? Ghana? Knoxville?
13. [Amemndment to existing resolution on extending initiating Gurus]
Initiating Gurus In ISKCON-
That all GBC are candidates to become initiating Gurus with the requirements that they receive the blessings of 3/4
of all members of the GBC present,or 2/3 of the total GBC (whichever is greater) to begin their initiating role. The procedure for receiving the blessings shall be exclusively followed during the GBC annual meeting,and at no other time.
A. Procedure for GBC members:
1. All GBC members are candidates for apointment as initiating Guru. When a sitting initiating GBC Guru shall personally endorse a candidate their will be a preliminary ballot to consider his appointment as initiating Guru,according to the following preliminary procedures:
a. GBC members shall be given an opportunity to withdraw themselves from consideration
b. Thereafter,the GBC members whose names still stand for consideration or the endorsing GBC shall have the option to make a brief preliminary explanation to the GBC body.
2. After the prelininary explanations,if any,each GBC member may write the name(s) of any GBC member in whom he feels completely confident to extend his blessings for him to be initiatig Guru interms of the needs(individual and collective)and qualifications established by the GBC in its published papers.
3. The officers of the GBC shall count the endorsements of at least 1/2 of the full GBC by the above ballot shall be interviewed by the GBC for final consideration . Those with less endorsements shall wait until the following year for reconsideration. The number of endorsements that an individual received shall be kept cofidential.
4. Thereafter a full deliberation of the voting members will ensue. Those persons who receive the blessings of 3/4 ths of the GBC present shall be considered fully approved candidates for initiating Guru.
5. After the fully approved candidates for initiating Guru makke necessaryy oaths according to the GBC rules in this regard, they shall be garlanded as an initiating Guru on Gaura Purnima day in Sri Mayapur by the chairman of the GBC or his representative. Thereafter, the individual full GBC who are initiateing will be reponsible for recommending new candidate for initiating Guru from the godbrothers within their zone.These names must then receive the blessings of 3/4 th’s of the GBC present at the annual meeting for them to begin their initiating roles. The procedure for nomination and receiving the blessings of t he GBC are as follows:
B. Procedure for non-GBC members:
1.A full initiating GBC member may be put forward the name of a godbrother in his zone for whom he feels completely confident as being qualified and for whom he feels adequate need and cause wxist to nominate him for being accepted as as initiating guru in ISKCON. The GBC member shall have a right of giving a preliminary explanation at this time.
2.There after ,the sponsored individuals named be placed before the GBC for consideration following the same procedures as for the GBC candidates.

14. A committee of Srila Tamal Krsna Goswami and Atreya Rsi Prabhu shall audit the annual festival budget report.
15. The duties of ISKCON Mayapur – Vrindavan committee are delineated that the existing ISKCON festival committee shall have the following powers and responsibilities:
1. To directly manage.coordinate,and organize the annual ISKCON Sri Mayapur – Vrindavan festival (as were as other principles festivals in India having international dimension) and all Pandals,pilgrimages and programs related there to .
2. To schedule the annual ISKCON Sri Mayapur-Vrindavan festival.
3. To arrange for the finances of the festival through fixing and collecting indivifual festival fees, donations and by other methods and to manage the finances making allotments according to budget.
4. To establish detailed programs during festivals for bringing the ISKCON would community closer together and to increase the communication of Krsna Consciousness ideas and understanding amongest the participants as far as possible, including seminars, processions,award ceremonies,classes,etc.
5. To develop new facilities for the festivals as required.
6. To submit to regular reports to ISKCON law to the GBC and the members of the temple presidents meeting.
7. To establish,journals,periodicals,pamphlets,manuals,etc., as required to further the objects of the committees.
8. To appoint sub-committees,secretaries,cultural secretaries,coordinating secretaries,and all other officers.
9. To have local temples participating in the festival program to act as agents of the committee duruing the period of the annual festival.
10. To confer awards,prizes,and certificates,etc. to deserving parties.
11. That the GBCs of Sri Mayapur and Vrindavan are ex-officio permanent members of this committee.
12. That the regional secretaries of temple presidents of Sri Mayapur and Vrindavan on their assignees are permanent invitees to the committee.
13. That other committee members shall be elected every three years.

16. The new schedule for the annual India festival will be that the Vrindavan festival immediately follows the Mayapur festival,and thereafter there may be other festivals scheduled.
17. That all GBC members attend both the Mayapur and Vrindavan festivals.
18. That the GBC accepts the following resolutions establishing how an ISKCON member can be expelled from the world – wide society:

Resolution of Expulsion.

“where as some members of the society who has previously been in good standing have subsequently deviated from the ISKCON standard and whereas,such members by their bad condut and character may damage the good name of the society,the GBC body may ,by a 2/3 vote of the members present expel any member of the International society for Krsna Consciousness provided that

a.The member is openly deviating from the fundamental tenants of the society’s teaching
b.The member is openly and flagrantly antagonistic to the GBC or other ISKCON authority
c.The member is engaged in illegal activities.In an extreme case,the GBC,by a 2/3 vote of the members present may issue a notice of non-participation. If such a notice is issued against an expelled member,such member shall not,in so far as possible, be allowed to participatte in the functions of ISKCON.

MARCH 18,1983.

1. That the title “Founder-Acarya” [and “Founder”] can be used only in reference to Srila Prabhupada.. Srila Prabhupada’s name must be prominently displayed with his title “Founder-Acarya” on all printed materials, signs,buildings used by ISKCON letterhead, and for all ISKCON projects.
2. That all ISKCON sannyasis must carry their Tridanda for a minimum of ten years,including initiating Gurus.
3. That at every ISKCON temple there must be a Vyasa asana for the temple’s initiating Guru(s) and their pictures must be displayed, [on vyasasana and alter] and regularly offered Guru-Puja.

MARCH 19, 1983.

1. That ISKCON is appreciative of the wonderful contribution of HDG Kirtananananda Swami Bhaktipada and New Vrindavan have made to the Krsna Consciousness Movement by constructing the Prabhupada palace.The GBC was heard a personal request by Srila Bhaktipada to allow the present system of dressing Srila Prabhupada in the palace to continue.Although the system does not necessarily represent the consensus opinion of the body, our or respect to Srila Baktipada it has been decided to not change it.
2. This form of worship cannot be performed anywhere else in ISKCON.
3. There should be no change in the system of Deity worship as established by Srila Prabhupada. In all matters of New Deity worship which Srila Prabhupada has not established or given special instructions, the GBC must be consulted.
4. [An amendment to existing law(IL.6.11)]
That every year the presidents of the IFR donor temples shall make one day as their temple IFR day, and have and IFR marathon collection.The funds collected shall be donated in addition to their ordinary monthly allotment. (Note: This repleces zonal IFR day which is unwieldly).
5. The duties of the IFR committee are explained as follows:
1. To promote,coordinate and organize Krsna Prasadam distribution programs all over the world under appropriate titles.
2. To directly manage and supervise the ISKCON third world (ie., India. Asia, Africa, etc.) prasad distrinution program known as ISKCON Food Relief as established by ISKCON’s founder acarya.
3. To raise funds and collect donations on behalf of IFR programs in general, and specifically to recover donations from ISKCON temples or affluent nations like USA,Canada,Australia and EEC nations. This shall be on a regular basis of monthly allotments calculated according to temple size, which shall be annually adjusted by the committee according to prevailing would conditions andd requirements.
4. To regularly update and review the list of donor temples adding new temples and reassigning allotment quotas according to an individual temples size,etc.
5. To submit annual reports to the GBC and semi annual reports to the committee members.
6. To publish IFR newsletters reports etc.
7. To issue annual results,and when desired,to confer awards to deserveing parties.
8. To approach Governments for food related monations in consultation with lecal zonal authorities.
9. To withold kenations to distribution centers who do not comply with local zonal authorities.
10. To empower officers of subcommittees with specific powers and responsibillities to implement any of the IFR programs as required.
11. That PA Minister be exofficio member.
6. (zonal correction)
The co-GBC for Andhra Pradesh are HDG Jayapataka Swami,HDG Gopal Krsna Goswami,and HDG Bhakti Swarupa Damodar Goswami.
7. The co-GBC for North Africa are HH Brahmananda Swami and Atreya Rsi, assisted by HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami.

MARCH 20,1983.

Approved Resolutions of Temple Presidents

1. That the past years chairman of the temple president’s meeting attend the final GBC meeting in Mayapur when the president’s are read to the body.
2. That the new officers of the remple presidents meeting be present when the presedents resolutions are read to the GBC body.
3. [Amended to TLX directory resolution]:
That as far as possible,telex machines be installed and maintained in large and maha large temples.
4. [Amenement to “Founder,Founder Acarya resolution]
The title “Prabhupada” be included on all printed materials,signs,etc.and only be used by Srila Prabhupada.
5. That the addresses of any visiting persons from any communist countries be sent to Guru Gauranga Das at the Zurich temple or to the Hong Kong temple. To such visitors, no information should be given about ISKCON preaching in Communist countries (devotees names etc.)
6. That an ISKCON Acarya should not initiate anyone outside
of his zone without first discussing that person’s situation with the local leaders,including the GBC.
7. That in pursuance of Srila Pabhupada’s vision of American wealth and Indian culture to conquer the world, non-income-producing devotees, ie.,cooks,pujaris,and especially mrdanga and harmonium players and kirtan leaders be sent to America on a regular basis,and that this can be discussed for immediate implementation at the 1983 Mayapur festival.
8. That the temple presidents pay for a photocopy machine for the Mayapur festival.
9. [Amendment to “healthy growth of BTG” resolution]
A siminar concerning BTG distrinution be held during the Mayapur festival.
10. [Amendment to Bhaktivedanta Memorial Trust resolution about preserving Prabhupada’s rooms]:
The following three devotees are added to the BMT committee: Puru Das,Adridharan Das,Kirtiraj Das.
11. That a representative from each continent as well as the presidents of Mayapur and Vrindavan be added to the festival committee.
12. That the festival committee approved by the temple presidents at their annual meeting be added to the 500 th anniversary celebration committee.
13. That there will be North American temple presidents meeting in Washington,DC in July,1983.