Vrindavan Dasa – USA: The argument of the Protection of children in ISKCON is an ongoing saga that has ranged from the open slather and rampant abuse that went on in the seventies through to the mid to late eighties. Then the Principals who were in it up to their necks formed Child

Protection Teams in each school which were made up of teachers and the principals themselves so they could efficiently cover up the whole mess. Then they formed the international office and appointed one of their own Dhira Govinda. The rest reads like a novel full of intrigue and cover-ups and fall guys. The last director is Tamohar who just happens to be the GBC chairman of north America, Principal of the school in Alachua, On the board of Alachua Temple and of course the head of the International child protection office. Wow is that neat and tidy! No conflict of interest there as far and I can see???!!!!

There is no use in reforming this CPO office, close the damn thing down! It will always be the tool of the usurper GBC and Gurus. Look at all the people connected to all our schools, the education ministry of ISKCON, the GBC and CPO and read Mukunda dasa’s letters and you will know why this will never work.

Forget about it. All you need is local Child Protection Panels made up of actual parents in the community. Their responsibility is to liaise with child welfare and Police in their local area and report any alleged cases to the Cops. ISKCON is not above the law. The law will be more ‘just’ than ISKCON GBC or Ministerial departments.

These are our children’s lives and futures and ISKCON has proven time and time again that they don’t give one single damn about our kids or us. This is a police matter and leave it at that!

So stop ranting and raving. If there is a police case let the police deal with it or we will deal with years upon years of suffering from prolonging the agony of trying to deal with institutional ISKCON.

All we have to do is have the guts to call the police when a child is being abused. That is what every other person does. Dial 911. End of story.

Vrindavan das