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Misleading Statements of Divinity and Shaktyavesa Avatar Status

In order for the present GBC and gurus to maintain their potency to convert/recruit non devotees and to maintain the recruit’s or follower’s loyalty and service there has been an escalation in the propagation of the ideology that an ISKCON guru is a ‘divine’ representative of Lord Krsna. This ideology has been largely propagated by the ISKCON Apologist, the gurus themselves and their fan club disciples/followers. This type of false propaganda naturally gives rise to a ‘fan club’ mentality amongst the disciples and followers which has its own momentum in creating the myth of divinity of the guru.

There are several variations on the divinity myth that is being propagated by the institution or intentionally allowed to circulate amongst the neophyte devotees are as follows:

1) The shaktyavesa avatar myth – that Krsna has sent the guru or senior devotee to aid Srila Prabhupada.

2) They are jiva baddha who, by the proclamation of their disciples and followers, have already attained their siddha deha. Therefore they have come to their elevated status via being a saddhana siddha via the appearance of chanting sixteen rounds, odd attendance at the morning program and speaking about elevated subject matter.

3) That they are jiva baddha who received their (top secret) siddha pranali from either the sahajiya Babajis of Radhakund or Govardhana.

4) That you can only have a relationship with Krsna if you have diksa initiation by an ISKCON appointed guru.

No matter which myth is in play they are all alluding to the gurus being on the same spiritual platform as Srila Prabhupada. This ultimately affords them, in the eyes of their followers, the right to make any changes / engage in any behavior or activity whether it is; criminally, sexually, materially, philosophically, ethically or morally deviant or not. This is even though there is no sastric or historic basis for this speculation.

Another vital aspect of the divinity myth of the ISKCON appointed guru is the emphasis that the guru places on elevated subject matter such as rasalila etc. Many gurus and senior ISKCON devotees speak on these high subject matters to their disciples and followers even though we never find Srila Prabhupada speaking and writing at length on these subjects to his disciples or followers/enquirers. This subject matter is considered highly confidential and the qualification of the speaker and listener needs to be suitable to hear such intimate details either individually or in group. There is no restriction on reading this matter except that it is better understood if the reader is qualified or has it explained to them by a truly self-realized soul.

Thus to ‘preach’ at this level to followers or disciples when one is not on the appropriate spiritual platform is considered sahajaism. To speak on this subject matter from the platform of siksa or diksa guru within the ISKCON Society infers that one is ‘not’ on the same platform as Srila Prabhupada but on a higher platform.

This begs the question who is this person who is speaking such high and intimate pastimes of the Lord? They are either a pretender trying to make out that they are very advanced in Krsna Consciousness or they are in fact seemingly a more elevated soul than Srila Prabhupada. It infers that their mission is greater or more intimate than that of Srila Prabhupada. Perhaps they are incarnations of Ananga Manjari the little sister of Srimati Manjari?

This is an excerpt from the article Is the GBC Representative of Srila Prabhupada

Krsnacandra Dasa