Krsnacandra Dasa – Vrndavan: The effort of FISKCON to grow and develop an International Vaisnava Society under the auspices of His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada is never meant to succeed. FISKCON leaders have no intention to make it work. Their intention is to break it to pieces with various schisms, divisions and ‘isms’ with the aid of the bogus Rubber Stamped Guru Franchised Camps which are in actual fact miniature FISKCON Franchises. The GBC organises itself with corporate stratagem and controls the camps with mundane business and kabbalistic mystic pop psychology while the gurus provide the manpower.

Their strategy is to divide the devotional community and to get them fighting with each other, for in this social milieu there is no peace, no peace means; unhappiness, confusion, doubt and restlessness which leads to unsteadiness of service. The constant movement of unhappy and dissatisfied devotees means no permanency. No permanency of residence, the breakdown of the family, multifarious camps and schisms means disunity, weakness and impotence of the members of our Vaisnava society. A divided, fighting, impotent and emotionally/spiritually weak society means little or no organised resistance to their agenda. Perfect social milieu for the Demon Kali to rule… Think about it.

In the Narayana Maharaja’s Camp (NMC) we are now witnessing a rapid deployment of the exact same corporate strategy that has taken FISKCONites 33 odd years to implement in Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON corrupting it into FISKCON.

Very soon they (the NMC) will have a Braja Bihari style FISKCON Resolve in place. Radhanath Swami’s Multi tiered Counselling Programs, Jayapataka Swami’s Cell based Nama Hatta Program and the Gopal Bhatta strategic planning scheme in place.

Their camp will be up in arms and there will be divisions and schisms just the same as we have had in ISKCON, as the very same type of people who are in ISKCON are also in NMC and they are hell bent on destroying bhakti yoga and replacing it with a modern corporate liberalist kabbalistic mysticism of the new age guru mumbo jumbo.

It took 33 years to break apart Srila Prabhupada’s ISKCON but it will take far less to breakdown the NMC which lacks the infrastructural base of ISKCON.

The NMC will soon look forward to…

Unqualified cold impersonalistic bureaucratic leadership, urbanization, disunity, unhappiness, impotence, apathy, child abuse, family troubles, no future for their children, no future for themselves, karmi schooling, paying for services and educational programs and so on.

Their solutions will be structured bureaucratic corporate process and behaviour modification programs. Their leaders will stop listening to their people as they have no truthful answers for them and will quickly erect and maintain a wall of silence. The Apologists will begin to act and explain the situation advising tolerance and forgiveness or if resistance is persistent then the age old adage of ‘that is your interpretation Prabhu’ will be brought into play.

Changing the word of Narayana Maharaja or his instructions may have already started. Most of the instructions and plans do not come with direct quotes or instructions from Narayana Maharaja himself but his alleged representatives. Sound familiar?

All of this is the perfect breeding ground for Kabbalistic Mystic New Age Pop Psychology!

Peace / Love / Forgiveness / Harmony / Song / Dance / Joy / Workshop / Seminars / Retreats!!!!

Fill their lives with new age mundane sentimental mumbo jumbo and the angry mob will soon be pacified…

The harbinger of FISKCON’s type assault on the Narayana Maharaja’s Camp is already in place. His name is David Wolf AKA Dhira Govinda and he has wasted no time in taking his ‘bag of dark arts’ over there to sucker in the innocents who need Vaisnava association but instead they will be cheated by these demons in the guise of Vaisnava’s (Putana), these ‘wolves in sheep clothing’, who will offer them succour from the breast of the Demon Kali in the form of Pop Psychology. Rest assured he will also be raking in the dollars!

You will also begin to see individuals rise to prominence and fame within the NMC who will champion this new age pop psychological process in order to gain followers. Individuals who otherwise have no spiritual shakti or knowledge and instead rely heavily on sahajiyaism.

The use of Pop Psychology born of the impersonal Humanistic Social Sciences to intervene in our devotional community is the most heinous form of abuse perpetrated by the leaders of FISKCON. To replace the process of ‘anartha nvritti’ which, in the Vaisnava sense, is accomplished with deep loving spiritual relationships between devotees and in its place use cold clinical process, is not conducive to the growth and development of Krsna bhakti and the creation of a healthy Vaisnava Society.

The Vaisnava solution to personal problems is to open one’s mind and heart to a more advanced devotee in confidence and together solve the problem but ultimately the problem is with our chanting and purity to the spiritual master. So long as one is disobedient to the spiritual master by not listening to them there will not be advancement in Krsna Consciousness.

The fact that the senior devotees are attendees and advocates of mundane secular pop psychological process does not bode well for their acceptance as senior Vaisnava’s. It is actually quite laughable really to think that our senior leaders are attending such low class materialistic programs what to speak of running them!

To reveal one’s mind or open one’s heart to strangers in either small or large groups is the process for training businessmen and random dysfunctional strangers and most definitely not for our Vaisnava Society. Especially if those running the program are so called professionals and/or facilitators whose methodology of achieving their objectives can more accurately be described as ‘confrontational and coercive’ as opposed to non threatening and responsive.

To place a person through a systematic behaviour modification process no matter what words you use to disguise it is wrong. It is more wrong when placed in the setting of a society of Vaisnava’s.

A devotee’s heart has been softened by the development of their Krsna consciousness and must be protected from the abuse and misuse of ruthless clinically minded materialists and their cold corporate behaviour modification process. Any revelation of one’s past or significant event in one’s life needs to be treated with love and intimacy that is not found in a confrontational group setting.

FISKCON has successfully turned a devotee’s welfare and pastoral care into cold corporate humanistic process which has nothing whatsoever to do with the development of a Krsna conscious society based on the auspices of His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada.

Any problems are dealt with via departments that are similar to secular community service agencies such as ISKCON Resolve / International Child Protection Office. Any devotee experiencing emotional or social problems are helped via ‘agencies’ / structured secular counselling programs or by self-help groups or programs, all of which are staffed by secular trained (usually paid) professionals or in most cases individuals who have no training or skills in the respective fields that they are employed. Many if not all of these bodies seek only to protect the interests of FISKCON and do not provide any ‘real’ welfare for the general devotee.

The Satvatove Institute, run by ex – International Child Protection Director Dhira Govinda, is a prime example of institutional FISKCON using a peripheral (catchment) entity to attempt to control naïve and troubled devotees. An agency; whose clients have to pay very high fees for treatments even though the problems that the clients face were mainly caused by the ISKCON institution itself. For those whose problems stem from before they were devotees, this process serves as a normative process to make them feel that the institution cares for their wellbeing.

The methodology of the treatments that the Satvatove Institute has to offer has no standing in the professional community and the quality of the so called healing from these processes is profoundly questionable at the very least. However the blurbs they give about their ‘transformative educative process’ do not even hint at the practical application of their program that can only be termed clandestine and barbaric.

Transformative learning is the brain child of Jack Mezirow who developed his Humanistic Theory which is more or less similar to Transactional Learning Theory. The only difference is that people like Wolf have taken this theory and turned it into a coercive behaviour modification process and packaged it off as New Age Personal Development Seminars and are raking in the big bucks.

However, the so called Transformational learning process has been degraded into what could be termed as a ‘coerced or forced extended encounter session’ or ‘confrontational extended group therapy session’ which is the hallmark of the Landmark Educational groups from which the Satvatove projects hails. The Landmark system was investigated in France when a session was covertly recorded.

Although Mr Wolf claims to be ‘spiritually’ based in comparison to their mother project the “Landmark Forum” which he claims is more mundane in its fundamental principles, how different is it really? His claim of being spiritual is in what sense? The Judaic Kabbalahic impersonal sense, which is the basis for all so called New Age Mystical Brahmavadi spiritual transformational programs? They use word jugglery to make participants believe that what they are offering is Krsna Conscious but it is really connected to the New Age Kabbalah Mystical process of religious syncretism.

The participants who have a type of public ‘cathartic event’ feel liberated from their painful past but how deep can change be that has been elicited after going through a public humiliation so called therapeutic process? Is change so easy? How many drug addicts have revealed their minds and past to countless therapists and friends but the change is not permanent. It is like releasing steam from a pressure cooker. Sure they learn some life skills to better deal with relationship issues in the future but how many actually use them. Where is the long term follow ups?

How can it be possible that Mr Wolf has his “Spiritual” program in a locked down basement in Sri Vrndavan Dham while having the Sex Pistols blasted out on the loudspeaker system “I am an Anti-Christ, I am an Anarchist!” or dancing to ‘Hava Nagila Hava!’ How can this be construed as being spiritual??

“Satvatove – In the ancient Sanskrit language “sattva” means enlightenment or goodness and “tove” resonates the same meaning in Biblical Hebrew.” In Mr Wolf’s own website he explains the connection between the Vedic and Hebrew term he uses to name and explain his system.

Then there is the question of the qualifications of the numerous assistants and facilitators who operate the processes being inexperienced and professionally unqualified. Many of whom are new graduates from the process themselves and lack the life skills and experience to effectively deal with problems and any emotional issues that present themselves when people are being processed.

The type of unethical severe behaviour modification process that the Satvatove Institute offers in total will never be demonstrable to or accredited by the professional bodies such as the American Psychological Association or the American Sociological Association.

If ISKCON is going to lead its members into the realm of secular systems then they must at the very least provide accredited programs and professionally trained and experienced people in order not to provide a ‘poor services for poor people’ approach to devotee care.

One would have to seriously question the motives of FISKCON to include the Satvatove Institute in its framework no matter how peripheral. The fact that Dhira Govinda’s Satvatove Institute Program is being accepted into many ISKCON communities around the world (and now NM’s Camp) who encourage their community members to attend these courses, displays our upper echelon’s level of spiritual advancement. Which is evidently no more than a corporate executive or junkie who is engaged in materialistic life.

As for the members of our Vaisnava Society please remember that you get what you pay for or you get what you pray for.

Better to nicely chant Hare Krsna and associate with actually advanced devotees who will not cheat you and read His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada books daily and try to understand them.

Yours in the service of Srila Prabhupada

Krsnacandra Dasa