Subal Dasa – USA: What do you expect from “devotees” like Panca Gauda Dāsa? Look at Panca Gauda-the part-time Vṛndāvan Temple President, who for much of his time as TP is hitting streets of New York cheating the innocent public by asking for donations for a Charity that does not do what they claim they do. A charity set up by his old benefactor Kirtanananda Swami AKA Bkatipada to raise funds under false pretenses.

How can a street hawker be a Temple President of Śrī Vṛndāvan Dhama? How can a man who can justify in his mind that he can make thousands upon thousands of dollars for himself by cheating people on the street be a spiritual leader of one of biggest and most important Temples in ISKCON? He makes a living by making people believe he is going to give the money he takes from them to charity when he really pockets most of the money for his family and his family businesses.

Oh sure he does occasionally give a small book to the unsuspecting public as if his sins of cheating people will be forgiven by handing out a devotional book or two.

As you all know the ‘Pick’ is an old ISKCON illegal money making scam which has made devotees a very good income for decades. The ‘pick’ is not sankirtana in any shape or form. Sure Temple devotees do this to raise money for the Temple and some grhasthas do the pick for their upkeep and to give the Temple a share but the pick on the street for your own profit while collecting under the name of come bogus charity is cheating.

However, many devotees wanting to make a buck by the pick do so under a Fake Charity or Not For Profit NGO, as in the case of Bhaktipada. No matter which backing system is used you cannot get away from the fact it is illegal and it is cheating the unsuspecting public who believe their money is going for charity or to feed the poor and starving. Panca Gauda makes a fortune by cheating people of their hard earned cash, using it (cash that he obtained by immoral means) for his private business ventures and to maintain a very affluent rich lifestyle on his home estate in Alachua Florida.

Even his own wife is calling him an ‘enthusiastic gambler’ which says it all. His wife should know for she knows full well how much risk he takes to get ahead in the business world, how much debt they have. She knows how much he gambles with their money both by getting it in by defrauding the innocent public and secondly by investing it in their many money making schemes. She also knows that risk taking or gambling and the pursuit of money also lends itself to increasing lusty desires and the ‘risk taking’ which goes along with it.

Money, women and Rock n Roll is the breeding ground for disaster and Panca Gauda has it all. He is not only an enthusiastic gambler he is an enthusiastic drummer and this rock n roll lifestyle is perfect for such a man.

Her faithfulness in supporting her husband is legendary and he does not deserve such a noble and loyal wife and mother of his children. But then again she lives the lifestyle of one of Alachua’s Rich n Famous. After all is said and done I think the family headed by Panca Gauda is more interested in making money than anything else so how can it be expected Panca Gauda can see the land a cow stands on being more lucrative financially than the cow itself? There is little or no money to be made by a cow or her products which is only a burden yet the land itself is very valuable asset to the businessman.

In Vṛndāvan land is of high demand as a commodity for sale and resale. The idea the land belongs to Krishna is long forgotten by the residents or businessmen who covet it for their personal financial gain. Now that Panca Gauda is teamed up with the Land Developer Scam Artist extraordinaire Abhirama das (John Sims), Krishna’s and the cows land is a very high priority for them to focus their greedy little eyes on. Cows are the least of their concerns when the dollar is dangled before their lusty eyes. Krishna is dangling the carrot of cash money before their eyes and these two lusty dogs are eager to run after it as a dog runs after a bitch on heat and they could not give a damn for who or what stands in their way – man, girlfriend, wife, cows, Prabhupada or Kṛṣṇa Himself…

Panca Gauda is a successful businessman with a large portfolio of actual business concerns in full operation but his friend and mentor Abhirama has nothing. Everything Abhirama does is a scam and he has no interest in seeing anything to its completion he is only interested in grabbing as much money from investors before he moves on to another project. Individually these two are very different businessmen but together they can be a devastating force to a dharmic institution which has been proven in their time spent so far.

With Abhirama’s ability to sell sand to the Arabs and Panca Gauda’s experience in starting and running business ventures and the leaders and followers of the International Society for Kṛṣṇa Consciousness turning a blind eye, the cows have no hope whatsoever.

But, the biggest disappointment is Gopala Krishna Maharaja, and the rest of V.E.B. buffoons who are the ones dangling the carrot of the land to anyone of their underlings who have enough greed and some propensity to go along with their demoniac plans, like spineless weasels. Gopala Krishna Mahārāja is the one who wears the spiritual pants in this relationship yet he will never come to their spiritual rescue for he is lost in his own avaricious dreams of world domination or at least get as much of everything that he can lay his greedy little hands on before he is buried in his privately owned proposed huge Mausoleum (Samadhi) behind the MVT in Vṛndāvan Dham.

But in the end, the things that are most dear to Krishna, namely (his cows) are being forcefully cramped on only two acres of land. (Out of existing 11, that were bought for the cows), while the rest of the land lies barren awaiting urban development so that the greedy ones can make some money out of the whole deal.

The GBC get to destroy whatever remains of Śrīla Prabhupāda’s assets, greedy businessmen devotees get to get cash rewards on their land dealings, rich Indians from the Manor and other places get to own an apartment in Vṛndāvan and the cows get kicked out of their land.  All this with future promises they will move the cows on some big, big, plot of land somewhere, far… far.. away, where they promise they will start to care for the cows really nicely – somewhere out of site out of mind. Sounds like a nice fairytale, but sadly only a fairytale…

What it also sounds like is some devotees are going to make a hell of a lot of money on the proposed new land acquisition!

Cramming cows into one quarter of their land to make it appear like the cows have no land is nothing but a lie. The GBC could very easily tell the Temple to give the cow’s access to all the land but they refuse. Why they refuse you may ask? The answer can only be that if the cows had access to the full land it would be harder to kick them out.

Now it serves their need to keep up the appearance of a tiny goshala crammed full of cows which makes a better impression for donors than cows spread out on the full land does. How many years will the cows be denied of their land, while the GBC desperately fight tooth and nail to get someone to develop it? Time and time again their plans fail and in the meantime the cows suffer unnecessarily.

These people do not see Krishna’s cows they see land that can be developed for money. They claim that the cows will be better taken care off far away from the Temple rather than closer to the Temple.

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high

There’s a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby

 Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue

And the dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true

How will it be possible for them to care for them when they are somewhere out there, totally out of sight? …the answer is simple. THEY WON’T. THEY NEVER DID AND THEY NEVER WILL.

The extra 8 odd acres of land which the cows could be very much more comfortable and looked after if they had access to it was always meant to be empty. The GBC always intended to use it for property development.

The Gurukula cabal of the Jewish staffed leaders like Danhurdhara swami, Bhurijan and Braja Bihārī, has always coveted that land for the Gurukula for their rest and recreation facility and to have MVT apartments built to make more and more money, which is still on the table by the way with Greedy Gopala Krishna Mahārāja who still wants to see this proposed use of the cows land happen…

The out of sight out of mind idea will suit these Gurukula gurus who would prefer to be left alone with the money making scam of English medium Indian school to fund their retirement villas… They care less for the cows and their needs or what Śrīla Prabhupāda instructed and Kṛṣṇa does not figure in their greedy dreams whatsoever. Gopala Krishna Mahārāja will go along with anything that means that he can lay some claim or get some name and fame from so long as he does not appear to lose anything from the deal.

Why are we offering prayers every day, before we take our meals every day and this is how much Śrīla Prabhupāda taught us to value mother cow:

namo brahmanya-devaya go-brahmana-hitaya ca

jagat-hitaya krishnaya govindaya namonamah

For the cowherd men and the cows, Kṛṣṇa is the supreme friend. Therefore He is worshiped by the prayer namo brahmaṇya-devāya go-brāhmaṇa-hitāya ca. His pastimes in Gokula, His dhāma, are always favorable to the brāhmaṇas and the cows. His first business is to give all comfort to the cows and the brāhmaṇas. In fact, comfort for the brāhmaṇas is secondary, and comfort for the cows is His first concern. Because of His presence, all people would overcome all difficulties and always be situated in transcendental bliss.

[SB 10.8.16]

Why? Why, daily offer those prayers when Śrīla Prabhupāda’s Goshala the home of Krishna’s cows is being threatened by lusty dogs in the guise of devotees acting and dressing as loyal followers of Prabhupāda????

If these people care for cows then they will give them full access to their land and better facilities NOW.

SB 1.16.4 – Purport: “… The king, being the representative of the Lord, has to execute the will of the Lord duly. There is no question of self-aggrandizement. Thus as soon as Mahārāja Pariknit saw that a lower-class man in the dress of a king was hurting the legs of a cow and a bull, at once he arrested and punished him. The king cannot tolerate insults to the most important animal, the cow, nor can he tolerate disrespect for the most important man, the brāhmaṇa. Human civilization means to advance the cause of brahminical culture, and to maintain it, cow protection is essential. There is a miracle in milk, for it contains all the necessary vitamins to sustain human physiological conditions for higher achievements. Brahminical culture can advance only when man is educated to develop the quality of goodness, and for this there is a prime necessity of food prepared with milk, fruits and grains. Mahārāja Pariknit was astonished to see that a black śūdra, dressed like a ruler, was mistreating a cow, the most important animal in human society.

The age of Kali means mismanagement and quarrel. And the root cause of all mismanagement and quarrel is that worthless men with the modes of lower-class men, who have no higher ambition in life, come to the helm of the state management. Such men at the post of a king are sure to first hurt the cow and the brahminical culture, thereby pushing all society towards hell. Mahārāja Pariknit, trained as he was, got the scent of this root cause of all quarrel in the world. Thus he wanted to stop it in the very beginning.”

SB 1.16.5 – Purport:   “Śaunaka and the ṛṇīs were astonished to hear that the pious Mahārāja Pariksit simply punished the culprit and did not kill him. This suggests that a pious king like Mahārāja Pariksit should have at once killed an offender who wanted to cheat the public by dressing like a king and at the same time daring to insult the purest of the animals, a cow…”

Gopala Krishna Mahārāja is only interested in getting control of as much of Śrīla Prabhupāda’s property and as many disciples as he can before he dies. He doesn’t give a damn about the cows, their land or the Temple he only cares for how much he can control them and put his stamp on, foolishly thinking this will give him some credit and make him more famous. He, his disciples, haves purchased a block of land at the ‘backside’ of the MVT where he intends to build a huge opulent mausoleum for his burial in Vṛndāvan as he desires to be worshipped long after he is dead and buried. Just like Kripaloo Mahārāja has built his opulent mausoleum/Samadhi in Vṛndāvan for his personal worship and aggrandizement.

Abhirama is so greedy that he is eternally seeking ways in which to scam people out of their money with the multitude of business proposals that spring from his mind but for how long will this greedy Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous WANNABE man be able to avoid his disgruntled investors before he ends up rotting in some Indian jail worse than the one the cows are now in, or he will be on still the run from his many defrauded creditors. He cares little for the cows and only what money he can make selling apartments to rich Indian life members from the manor or around the world.

Panca Gauda on the other hand is only interested in his family and how wealthy they can become, he is as interested in cows and their protection as much as he is interested in the weeds on the Goshala land. He too is in it for the money. His lifestyle is cheating people on the streets for money and he goes to Vṛndāvan to see where he can cheat people for money what does he care for the cows? He really cares for money, women, banging away on his rock n roll drum kit and nothing much else.

All three of them combined are interested in cows as far as they can throw them and they certainly want to throw them as far far away from the cow’s home as they possibly can so they can slice their land up in their various money making schemes.

The above three we can be sure do not care about the cows but what about the Cow Protection Minister himself Balabhadra Dāsa who knows very well about the situation about the cows in Vṛndāvan for many years and he has never done anything about protecting them. What use are these people?

Despite testimony from numerous old God Brothers, like Devisakti Devī Dāsī ACBSP, Dvijavara Dāsa ACBSP, Bhatisiddhanta Dāsa ACBSP, Gunanavar, Dāsa ACBSP etc stating Śrīla Prabhupāda’s plan for the cows here in Vṛndāvan, from their own personal experience as they were present at the time. Testimonies such as found here and here or heartfelt stories such as from a young girl devotee from Russia.

So how much does the Temple President of Vṛndāvan really care for cows???

What can we expect when the main players are Panca Gauda and Abhirama when you take into the picture their presence in ISKCON Vṛndāvan which reveals their true inner nature and intention?