Devotees and well wishers of ISKCON: For the complete list of the nonsense Laws stated in the Iskcon Law Book, please visit the website . Once you go on the website, you must click on the left side column that says “View the Book” then select the second choice that says “PDF (883.3 K”). Then go on Page 5 of the actual PDF article, and on Point 6 “Iskcon Spiritual Masters (Diksa & Siksa Gurus” ) beginning from Page 59-69 is where the GBC has written many nonsense laws regarding the Guru.

Page 56 on “6.5 Guidelines”, Points 6.5.1 – 6.5.1. 3 is particularly most ridiculous and from where we have quoted most of the laws in the “Itsgone Joke Book “article. They contain nonsense titles such as “When a fallen Guru must be rejected” “Takes on Demoniac qualities”, When Not to reject a fallen guru”, “When a Suspended guru may be rejected” “ Rejection of a Fallen Guru” “Hopelessly entangled in Sense gratification” etc etc.

Page 54 (Points 6.4.5 – 6.4.5) contain topics of “Sanctioning, Warning, Probation & Removal of Gurus etc. Page 55 also contains further topics on the”Guru becomes hopelessly entangled in sense gratification” etc

Page 50 is where it is mentioned on the “Qualifications of a Guru” Point No. 3 “Must have not had a falldown within 5 years”

Page 55 Point is where the Law against Rtvik is mentioned “Posthumous Rtvik Doctrine”, Page 62 is where the Law of Reinitiating is mentioned.

Enjoy Yourselves !